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In a post a few days ago about People First, Machines Second, I suggested that could create a playlist that was the "best of" the "best of 2009" playlists. They've done it. Here it is. Enjoy.

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  1. cyanbane

    Good stuff.

  2. ShanaC

    I’m actually slightly annoyed with them, if you click on the link, you can’t see the total list. How do I know what I love so I can copy it to my own mysterious Pandora radio place? 🙂

    1. fredwilson

      they do that to comply with the terms of “internet radio” so they can pay the internet radio royalties that are 1/10 the on demand royalties. blame it on the labels, not 8tracks

      1. ShanaC

        Damn them labels. This is going to make life difficult for the labels longrun. As oddly creepy as this sounds, if they can’t track the fact that I’mconstantly sampling music and want it in multiple ways by just letting mehave easy access it to – how are they going to sell me the music (or rightsto music damn complicated Mickey Mouse Acts etc.) or to similar music. Ifthey streamline that ability, they can track all the other usefulinformation that is valuable to them- what I will like in the future.Stupid. Just plain stupid.

  3. Stephen Phillips

    Awesome to see you promoting new music all the time. There is a whole bunch of Best of 2009 lists out there now.’s was beautiful. Pitchfork, Rolling Stone and NME were also really cool. There are hundreds of Best of 2009 music blog posts indexed here as well..…So to add yet one more to the mix, here is the We Are Hunted 2009 chart. chart is based on an analysis of about 30 million tweets, 5 million blog posts and a few million torrents.The top 10 artists were..1. The XX2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs3. Phoenix4. Passion Pit5. Florence and the Machine6. Kid Cudi7. Frankmusik8. La Roux9. Girls10. Grizzley BearHappy New Year! stephen @ wearehunted

    1. Stephen Phillips

      Links I referenced.. Enjoy! Best of 2009…Pitchfork Top 100 Tracks of 2009…NME Best of 2009…Rolling Stone Best of 2009…