End of Year Music Posts

It is a tradition here on AVC to do a top ten albums of the year post. I've been doing it ever since I started blogging back in 2003.

I will do that again this year. A number of readers have been emailing and tweeting me wondering where the post is. I plan to do it when I'm on vacation next week.

But this year I am going to do a few more music posts. In honor of the end of the decade, I will also post the top ten records of the decade.

And in a nod to the fact that the single is the new album, I will also post my first ever top ten tracks of the year.

It turns out that the post chrstmas week is the biggest music purchasing week because of all the iTunes gift cards in stockings and under trees.

So I'll time the posts this way:

Sat, December 26 – Top Albums of the Year

Sun, December 27 – Top Tracks of the Year

Mon, December 28 – Top Albums of the Decade

So don't spend all of your iTunes stored value until you read these posts this weekend. There's gonna be some good music on them.

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