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I posted about our portfolio company Outside.in earlier this week. In the past month, they've closed a big new financing, secured an important strategic partnership with CNN, and they continue to ramp their hyperlocal content network, which is a top 200 internet network according to Quantcast.

The thing that makes all of this possible is a group of top notch software engineers and they are looking to hire a bunch more. This job posting explains exactly what they are looking for. But for those who need some more data before clicking on that link, here's a quick summary:

Our stack includes Ruby, Scala, C++, Javascript, Rails, Sinatra,
Solr/Lucene, message queueing, and Postgres/PostGIS. We build mobile
apps (iPhone, Android), Web apps, and API's. We're agile where it makes
sense, but mostly sensible, intelligent, clever and hard-working. We
prefer generalists who have lots of successes committing at every layer
of the stack.

We want you to have one or more of the following areas of interest and real-world experience:

  • Geo: Geographic data, geometric containment and mapping API's
  • NLP: Passion for text analysis and semantic extraction, with a particular eye towards balancing accuracy and throughput
  • Ad Serving, Monetization, Optimization and Exchanges: OpenX, DFP,
    Google Ad Manager, RightMedia, etc… revenue performance metrics and
    A/B monetization strategies

So, if that piques your interest, please click on this link and learn more. I can assure you its a great company to work for and the software engineering challenges are both interesting and problems worth solving.

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