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I posted about our portfolio company Outside.in earlier this week. In the past month, they've closed a big new financing, secured an important strategic partnership with CNN, and they continue to ramp their hyperlocal content network, which is a top 200 internet network according to Quantcast.

The thing that makes all of this possible is a group of top notch software engineers and they are looking to hire a bunch more. This job posting explains exactly what they are looking for. But for those who need some more data before clicking on that link, here's a quick summary:

Our stack includes Ruby, Scala, C++, Javascript, Rails, Sinatra,
Solr/Lucene, message queueing, and Postgres/PostGIS. We build mobile
apps (iPhone, Android), Web apps, and API's. We're agile where it makes
sense, but mostly sensible, intelligent, clever and hard-working. We
prefer generalists who have lots of successes committing at every layer
of the stack.

We want you to have one or more of the following areas of interest and real-world experience:

  • Geo: Geographic data, geometric containment and mapping API's
  • NLP: Passion for text analysis and semantic extraction, with a particular eye towards balancing accuracy and throughput
  • Ad Serving, Monetization, Optimization and Exchanges: OpenX, DFP,
    Google Ad Manager, RightMedia, etc… revenue performance metrics and
    A/B monetization strategies

So, if that piques your interest, please click on this link and learn more. I can assure you its a great company to work for and the software engineering challenges are both interesting and problems worth solving.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. Mark Essel

    Semantic processing and ads looks like I may have more competition :), awesome!

  2. Mike McGrath

    Indicative of another change taking place in the workplace. Renaissance men (and women) that can adapt to change and bring in multiple disciplines of experience and knowledge will have a decided advantage. The days of myopic specialization are largely over. People can be more creative with solutions instead of seeing it through a specialists lens.

    1. Kiril

      They’ve always had an advantage (says the consummate generalist in a self-serving manner).Hiring is hard, and in startups, everyone needs to pull *a lot* of weight.Fred: wondering how many responses you get from a post like this. Doing a lot of job posting right now (Python/iPhone, in case anyone’s interested), so it’s on my mind. 🙂