Democracy In Action

Yesterday the President went to Baltimore and spoke to the House Republican retreat. I saw a bunch of tweets and headlines about it yesterday so I used the "add to boxee" bookmarklet and this morning I sat down and watched the talk and the Q&A session on Boxee on our big screen in our family room.

The talk is 20 minutes long and is worth watching.

But the Q&A is even bettter

Watching both videos is a big time committment and certainly is much easier on the big screen at home than on a laptop or desktop. But I'd encourage everyone to do this. 

I sure wish we'd see more of this kind of talk in Washington. Obama talked a lot about "post partisanship" when he was running for President but we've not seen much of it since then.

Both sides have very valid points of view in my opinion. And what I'd like to see is less posturing, less staking out positions, and real debate, dialog, and compromise. I don't know if any of that is achievable but yesterday's discussion in Baltimore sure gives me hope.