Tablet Day

Well today is the day we get to stop hyping and speculating and actually get to see the thing. I'm quite interested. It seems like the perfect device to mount on my elliptical trainer which I intend to do.

But yesterday, in a quick chat with Donna Murdoch, I realized that there's something else about the tablet that appeals to me. The tablet will have both wifi and 3G but it will not be a voice device. That's something I've been seeking for a while.

I used an iTouch in that way for a while but eventually tired of always needing wifi and opted to park it in our family room where it does a fantastic job of being a keyboard, mouse, boxee remote, and sonos remote. I now use the Google phone in pretty much the same way. I've put a second sim card into the Google phone, one that I never use for voice, and use it for mobile apps, mobile reading/browsing, and mobile email reading.

If I am going to carry two mobile devices, which I am doing right now, both don't need to have voice service. One can be my phone and the other can be optimized for other things.

It's still an open debate in my mind whether I want to lug around a big 10" device or the slim Google phone that fits in my pocket. I'll just have to get one and see. But if it turns out, as I suspect, that I'll prefer to lug around the Google phone, the Apple Tablet will fit nicely on my elliptical trainer.