Texting vs Tweeting

Last night I sent my friend Steve a text message. It was late and I didn't check to see his reply before going to bed. When I was working on my computer this morning, I remembered the text and wanted to see his reply. I thought to myself, "I wish I could just go to a website and see his reply and reply back."

That's the twittter experience bleeding into the text messaging experience. The beauty of twitter is you can send the message on your phone, get the reply on the web, and see the continuation of the conversation on your desktop.

Of course email works that way too and has for at least ten years. Twitter brought the model to short messaging. It will be interesting to see if SMS can evolve or if services like Twitter will replace them because of the ubiquity.

While I'm on the subject of Steve, he's launched a new web series on chefs and their signature dishes called BeyondTheDish.TV. I grew up eating veal schnitzel and this episode on Kurt Gutenbrunner's version is fun and informative. 

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