One of my favorite Firefox extensions is download them all, you visit a web page that has mp3s on it and in one click, you can download all of them.

But that requires a bunch of additional steps. I have to then add the files to itunes and doubletwist libraries and then synch with my iPod and google phone.

Our friend Dan Kantor, creator of the awesome Streampad service that powers fredwilson.fm has come up with an even better idea; create a library in your browser and autofill it with the songs you come across on the web. The service is called Extension.fm and it is only available for Chrome right now and is invite only (but I’ve got 50 invites).

Here’s a video that shows how it works:

My favorite feature of Extension.fm is it allows you to play the last fifty songs in your tumblr dashboard as a playlist. That is something I’ve wanted to do for at least a couple years now. I’m doing it right now as I write this post. A total game changer for me. Thanks for doing that Dan!

If you want an invite, leave a comment and a way to reach you, email, twitter, etc. The first fifty requests in the comments gets an invite. No direct emails please because I need a way to calculate the first fifty so we have to keep all the requests in one channel.

I hope you like Extension.fm as much as I do.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. mhmazidi

    please invite me 🙂

    1. fredwilson

      pls send me an email and i will send you back your invite code. you can email me via the “contact” link on the upper right of the blog

  2. Julian Gordon

    I really like the look of that and would love to try it out. Any chance Fred?

    1. fredwilson

      i need a way to contact you

  3. ErikSchwartz

    Looks cool. I too would love an invite. @eriks

  4. Nico Lumma

    sounds cool. would love to try it out. 🙂

  5. johnmccarthy

    Hi Fred. Would like an invite @johnmccarthy

  6. reece

    FYI For persons #51-infinity: I went to extension.fm last week and requested an invite code. I was on in a couple hours.

    1. fredwilson


    2. Mark Essel

      With respect to person infinity, can we buy shares in Dan’s work?

  7. Quintin Sykes

    Would love to try it. Thx Fred.@bank_daddy

  8. JohnO

    Looks great, please send me an invite! @twubster

    1. fredwilson

      can’t dm you so either follow me or send me your email address

      1. JohnO

        now following you.

  9. Morten Josefsen

    Would love an invite. Thx Fred. @mgjosefsen

  10. Ken

    I would love to try it,

    1. fredwilson

      i need a way to contact you. twitter dm or email

  11. Patrick

    Sounds great…please hook me up. If it could calculate present value of investments and the time value of money we’d have a killer app. patrick at patrickjoiner.org

  12. Ken

    (@khirsh2009 if my email wasn’t visible)

    1. fredwilson

      i can’t dm you on twitter. please follow me or send me an email

  13. Scott Milling

    Looks interesting, I would like an invite as well @scottmilling

  14. Rik Wuts

    Nice, would love to try out! twitter.com/rik_wuts

  15. Joshua

    This sounds great. Please invite me as well. Josh:joshcherry at yahoo dot com

    1. fredwilson

      that email address bounced

  16. sharathkaza

    Would like to try this one out.

    1. fredwilson

      i need a way to contact you

      1. sharathkaza

        Hi Fred,My email id is sharathkaza at gmail.comThanks

  17. Chef Molly


  18. eichorsmith

    Please invite me

    1. fredwilson

      i need a way to contact you

      1. eichorsmith

        Sorry about that, I first had my email with the comment and then the sign upto disqus may have obscured it.

  19. Peter Fleckenstein

    Fred, extension.fm looks awesome. Would love an invite – twitter: @fleckman

  20. varming

    I would LOVE an invitation!

    1. fredwilson

      i need a way to contact you

  21. Mark Essel

    Brilliant.Every automation creates another opportunity for us to enjoy negative spaces (open time).Does it work on mobile?

  22. (notnixon)

    Looks very cool Fred. I’d love an invite. I’m @chrisnixon.

  23. Mark

    I’d like to try that. It sounds interesting. Thanks, Fred.

    1. fredwilson

      i need a way to contact you

  24. Ayo Omojola

    Fred – please invite me; would love to try extension.fmAyo

    1. fredwilson

      i need a way to contact you

  25. Chris Kincade

    Sounds cool. If I’m not too late, I’d like an invite. @ckincade

  26. Guest

    I want to have a try. Send me the invitation here – lizunlong#gmail.com Thanks!

  27. Peter

    The tumblr feature is sweet! Would love an invite @sorgenfreillc

    1. fredwilson

      can’t dm you. please follow me or email me

  28. Michael Dizon

    just as piratebay is down. @mikedizon

  29. kskobac

    Fred, I’d love a chance to use Extension.fm ! I’ve had that same request to tumblr- it used to be easy to filter to just music posts on the dashboard and play them one after the other; they took that filter away and now its only an option on Boxee.. hoping to see it come back, but the Extension.fm seems like a great alternative! Please email kskobac at gmail dot com – thanks!

  30. Taylor Jacobson

    this will revolutionize my bollywood music habit. @taylorjacobson

    1. fredwilson

      can’t dm you. please email me

  31. bijan

    i also love how you can put in your last.fm credentials and it will scrobble as well.

    1. David Noël

      Aha! Didn’t see that, excellent.

    2. ShanaC


  32. John Frankel

    Please tweet to john_frankel. Nice.

    1. fredwilson

      can’t dm you. please email me

  33. monsur

    Wow, I’ve been wanting something like this for a long time! Can I get an invite? (@monsur on Twitter)

  34. Chris Pollara

    good looking out Fred this looks awesome – @cpollara – thank you

  35. Jason Kramer

    i’ll take one :)jasonakramer -at- gmail dot com

  36. Page Sands

    Hey Fred. I’d like an invite please.

    1. fredwilson

      i need a way to contact you

  37. Mike Freedman

    I’d like to give it a try @michaelfreedman

    1. fredwilson

      can’t dm you. email me please

  38. Edmund lee

    Invite please. Sounds very cool.

    1. fredwilson

      i need a way to contact you

  39. dxo


    1. fredwilson

      can’t dm you. please email me

  40. David Noël

    Been using it for a week and now and it’s awesome. Particularly like the way it interacts with the Tumblr Dashboard = continuous playing and you can reload the page or close the tab and it keeps playing. Very nice work.

  41. steveodom

    I’d like an invite. @steveodom

  42. Rex Hammock

    If you still have any invites, I’d like one – [email protected] . Thanks.

  43. whitneymcn

    I’m a little blown away by the fact that one extension has had a significant impact on my browser usage.I had Chrome installed, but rarely ever started it; now it’s always open for ExtFM, and I do my music browsing in Chrome so that music is added to my library. Because I’m doing my music browsing in Chrome, I end up doing more and more of my other browsing in Chrome…an interesting shift.

    1. Dan Kantor

      It helps that Chrome is fast as hell too :)Seriously, I can’t use FF anymore. I really hope they grab back the lead. Loving the competition.

      1. ShanaC

        This can only be good long term….there really wasn’t a super competitive browser environment recently. So this is good if you think of innovation of features (and security…)

    2. David Noël

      Switched to Chrome entirely when I got my new machine and it’s really great. So fast.

  44. Dan Epstein

    I’d like to try this out. Would appreciate an invite if you still have one. Thanks.@orderTopia

    1. fredwilson

      can’t dm you, please email me

  45. Doug Kersten

    I’d like one. @doke01

  46. Nick Giglia

    That looks very interesting – I’d love an invite if you can share. You can reach me on Twitter – @nickgiglia

  47. Cameron Koczon

    Hey Fred, I’d love an invite.

  48. Steve

    would love to try it out. @saridder

    1. fredwilson

      can’t DM you. please email me

  49. willcole

    Fred – would definitely like to check this out. @willcole

  50. stuartgoldfarb

    If any left, invite please to @stuartgoldfarb. Thanks so much.

  51. sean green

    Does this support hypem.com? Would absolutely love an invite: @seangreenukThanks!

    1. fredwilson

      can’t DM you, please email me

  52. Hendrik Dacquin

    Yea I am interested!

    1. fredwilson

      i need a way to contact you

  53. ccarella

    Fred, I love music and find a lot of new music via you.I’d love to check this out. You can find me on twitter as @ccarellahttp://twitter.com/ccarellaThanks!

  54. Jesse Middleton

    It’d be awesome if I could snag one — @srcasm

    1. fredwilson

      @srcasm – you just missed the cut. you are the 51st request. sorry about that. i’m told if you go to http://extension.fm and request an invite, you’ll get one within 24 hours

      1. Jesse Middleton

        Thanks Fred! I received it last night from them so I’ll get to try it outtoday.

  55. wim wixel

    interested too!

  56. Tony

    Hi Fred, I’d love an invite. @tonyglover Many thanks

  57. Chris Tringham

    Love to get an invite;ctringham at gmail.comThanks a lot Fred

  58. Tereza

    Arggh did I miss it?Snooze/lose.If they give you extras:@[email protected] you kindly 🙂

  59. theschnaz

    This looks promising. I like how light it feels.Last.fm (discovery) + spotify (music library) has been great for me lately. I’m excited to see how extension.fm affects this mix.

  60. David Robinson

    I’d love an invite if you have any left, Fred. I follow you on twitter so if you do you can D me.Cheers,D

  61. Gregg Smith

    i’d love an invite, Fred. @gwittsmith.Thanks

  62. charlessmith

    Have to say I’m loving extension.fm, which made me switch to chrome and has also turbo’d by discovery of new music. great stuff as usual from Dan.

  63. Jason Horowitz

    A little slow on the draw here – I love StreamPad, so am sure that Extension.fm rocks! If any invites left, reach me at @jasonhorowitz on twitter.

  64. Mike

    Sounds like a great idea @mike_ivey

  65. Mike V

    If there are any left, that’d be great — @veytsel

  66. daryn

    I had built a desktop version of something similar using AIR for my own use, and this is 101% better! :)Extension.FM is what has me finally using Chrome. Both are still a little rough around the edges IMO, but promise to be increasingly awesome over time. BTW, the Extension.FM site says it works on Mac and Windows, but it also works like a champ in Chrome on my Ubuntu Desktop.

    1. monsur

      Same here. I actually wrote a command line app that acts like a spider for music from my favorite blogs. But yes, this is a thousand times better!

  67. im2b_dl

    makes me think about personalized soundtracks for content/viewing. Just interesting to think about.. unfortunately chrome makes me nervous as Google is getting too big/pervasive.

  68. Tim Myles

    Looks like fun – if they’re still up for grabs, I’ll nab one – @blueburn97Cheers Fred!

  69. Abhay Vardhan

    I would like to have an invite

  70. Florent Peyre

    if there’s still way to get an invite, i’m @florentp on twitter. i’m using dan’s streampad on my blog but was looking for something like that for a long time. thx!

  71. NICCAI

    82 comments – that’s more than 50 right? What about people on the west coast? 😉

  72. Joe Lazarus

    Dan hooked me up with an invite a week or two ago. It’s quickly become my favorite browser plugin and, as a result, I’m about to switch to Chrome as my default browser. It’s that awesome. It reminds me of Songbird, which is a great service, but never worked for me because it required use of a dedicated browser.

  73. blake41

    I’d love one. @blake41 or blake41 at gmail dot com

  74. Doug Covey

    I’ve enjoyed fredwilson.fm and what you’ve done to share your musical interest. The music industry is fragmented and to your point:”But that requires a bunch of additional steps. I have to then add the files to itunes and doubletwist libraries and then synch with my iPod and google phone.”ExtensionFM appears to streamline “the process”, what are your thoughts on the future of music management systems.

  75. saadshamim

    If its available for Chrome on OSX then I would like to try it.

  76. Ulrich Voß

    @ulrichvoss would love to be invited as well.

  77. Alex Stillwell

    Hopefully 86 comments doesn’t mean 50 invites have been sent out. @sllecks please!

  78. Richard Jordan

    88 comments in, so we’re probably all gone, but if not I’d love one – @richarddjordan or [email protected]

  79. roblevin12

    WOW this looks great. I struggle with the same issues as you. Downloading is the easy part. Getting things where I want them is the time consuming task. I’d love an invite if you still have any left, i can be reached at [email protected].

  80. Anurag Jain

    sounds great. I would love an invite if it’s still available.

  81. ShanaC

    May be my first extension….

  82. jimmeredith

    And I too would ber very happy to have an invite…thanks!

  83. Peter Fleckenstein

    Fred, I just got an invite directly from extension.fm. Pretty sure I was one of the 1st 50. If so, please give my invite to another person.Thanks for letting me know about Extension.fm – It rocks!

  84. ryanh

    Fred, if you have invites left, please pass one to @ryanhuff. Thanks!

  85. andrew holz

    I got an invite in one day from the website too.Its definitely a good way to do discovery but I would really like the ability to 1-5 start the songs within the interface. That would let me follow up looking for more music by the new artists I found with the service.

    1. Dan Kantor

      Andrew – what do you mean by start the songs within the interface? Do you mean the full page player? You can double click on any song or right-click and choose play.

  86. Seth Lieberman

    Holy shit this is awesome (direct request for invite took 12 hours). Google couldn’t make me a chrome user, but Dan just did.

  87. paramendra

    FredWilson.fm? Now, that sounds like a vanity URL. 🙂

  88. andrew holz

    I also got an invite very quickly from their site.Using it I love how it enables discovery. Its far superior to queue up a list from various sites and give them a try. I would like to be able to give them a rating (maybe 1-5 stars) as I listen so I can note the things I like and want to search for more of.

  89. suesol

    Pure Genius! I’d like a feature though that allows me to favorite a track, so while I’m multi-tasking I can quickly tag it, so i can come back to it later to listen, purchase, etc…

    1. Dan Kantor

      That is definitely in the plans.

  90. MikePLewis

    would love an invite. Thanks Dan (and Fred)

  91. Jia Wu

    I don’t know if you still have invites now, but my email is: wujia0130 at gmail.com. Please send me one if you still have. Thanks.

  92. John Pasmore

    please send invite johnpasmore at gmail dot com

  93. BetterListen

    This looks great. Embarrassed to say have not yet tried chrome but that is about to change. Just requested an invite from the site. This could part of a solution for mp3 management for my mp3 customers. Cant wait to kick the tires.

  94. VicSarjoo

    Hi Fred.Thought you might find this study on Jimmy Hendrix & his left handedness interesting.Eclectic lefty-hand: Conjectures on Jimi Hendrix, handedness, and Electric Ladylandhttp://www.informaworld.com…

  95. James O'Connor

    The functionality based on the video looks incredible. I like that just by browsing pages with songs, it loads them into the player. I don’t know if this service is a full fledged game changer, but I can relate to the feeling of wanting something to work a certain way for a while, and when it finally does, it feels like the heavens have opened up. This does look like a large incremental step though. I haven’t gotten access to use it yet, but one of the most powerful things I find in using Lala (my current music service of choice) is the social aspect. I love being able to see what my friends have recently listened to so see if it’s something that I would also enjoy. Or I can suggest something for them to listen to in return. If Extension.fm built the social aspect into the functionality, at least for me, there would be no contest… at least until the next latest and greatest came along.

  96. Cameron

    Hey if anyone has an invite they’d be wiling to let go, I’d greatly appreciate [email protected]

  97. fredwilson

    can’t DM you. please email me