AVC Redesign

We are starting work on a redesign of AVC. The current design has been in place for a year or two and we'd like to update it a bit. The "we" is yours truly and Nathan Bowers, a member of this community who has been helping me with the design work on AVC for a few years now.

We put a heat map on AVC last week and learned that the main column is where the action is, most people ignore the right sidebar. But people do seem to engage with the header and the "tan box" at the top of the right sidebar.

Both Nathan and I read AVC and other blogs on our iPhone and Android browsers and we've noted that a single column of text is a powerful model for the reader. While I don't think we'll get all the way there on the web (that is how AVC reads on iPhone and Android now), we are going to try to get close.

I suspect it will be a few weeks to a month before the new design launches. If you have any specific requests, please let us know in the comments.

One thing I'd like everyone's opinion on are full posts vs read more links. Brad Feld just updated his blog design and he's gone for a paragraph or two and then a read more link. If you read TechCrunch, you'll be familiar with this approach.

I've never liked to do it that way. I don't truncate AVC's RSS feed and I don't truncate the posts on the main page. It seems like more and more blogs are moving to this design. My instinct is to stick with the full posts at AVC but I'm interested in all of your views on this issue.

That's it. Please share your thougths.