Bidding Andrew Goodbye

I'm on vacation this week and trying to keep work to a minimum. And I've got a post up on the USV blog today bidding goodbye to our colleague Andrew Parker. So I simply going to link to that post.

It's an interesting post because in addition to talking about how great it has been to work with Andrew, I explain a bit about how we think about staffing our firm. If you have any comments, please leave them on the USV post.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. Morgan Warstler

    Yeah, I want the gig.

    1. ShanaC

      a lot of people want the gig, and the firm has grown more famous.Why do you want the gig is a better question…

  2. Dan T

    Karen – I like your side discussion idea. For some reason, it reminded me of “Coffee Talk with Linda Richman” from SNL. “Talk Amongst yourselves, the topic is . . . .”

    1. karen_e

      Exactly! I mean no disrespect toward Fred or Andrew. Since we’ve been instructed to comment on Andrew’s trek to my hometown (welcome to Boston!) on the USV site, this page wide open and available!

      1. ShanaC

        Yet no one is commenting. 🙁

        1. karen_e

          Earlier in the day’s comments, actually, I got some helpful responses to my query!

    2. Tereza

      Yeah. Tek Tawk.

  3. Jevon

    You scared me there, I thought someone had died.

  4. David Noël

    I really like the “post a comment with a link to your web presence”. We started asking this too in our openings and recently added 2-3 tasks for candidates to do when applying. Most recent one being for the Community Management Internship: get involved in 3-4 GetSatisfaction support forum topics, provide your favorite quote best describing how you feel about Community Management, send 2-3 links to inspiring blogposts about CM and Evangelism and a blog post or tweet that best describes who you are.It’s a great filter.

  5. awaldstein

    Since we are free associating..Fred, appears you are skiing from your tweets. I’m in Vail in a few hours. If you see someone that looks like my gravitar on the top of the Blue Sky lift, it’s most likely me.Foursquare connection….I finally met Shana through Foursquare at my local coffee shop. I checked in; she was there. Cool.

    1. Mark Essel

      Haha, that’s great.I have only met AVCers in person at the donors choose meetup. But I didn’t recognize most people (besides William Mougayar and Vladimir Vukicevic, I must have seen you there Arnold).

      1. awaldstein

        I was rushing to a call so didn’t have time to visit but it was cool.Foursquare is one of those apps I want to work. I keep using it and to see it actually move to usefulness and fun is well….terrific as I certainly buy into the concept of my life as a social game 😉

  6. Jerry

    errr.. no offense, but is blogging ‘work’? isn’t it leisure?

    1. fredwilson

      I wish it was

  7. kidmercury

    hey boss. check the comments in this thread. then check the original post. fredland can crowdsource andrew’s job. do the math on what andrew cost USV, fredland will be cheaper to execute, and probably a way to do it as a “good enough” substitute. badges, gameplay, and fredbucks are your tools for “managing” the crowd (i.e. getting what you want out of them).

    1. fredwilson

      Sometimes I need some help in real time. Nothing like walking over to the other side of the office

      1. kidmercury

        sounds good boss, i was just trying to suggest a web service that was mobile, playful, intelligent, and instantaneous, but if you guys want to commit blasphemy and disobey the thesis, that’s cool.

  8. karen_e

    Morning, Charlie! I sometimes have general comments or questions for the group that have nothing to do with the post du jour. We need a sideboard for other issues. I’ll throw my hot question out there now, just for fun … A few weeks ago everyone here was chattering about QuickBooks on the web for small business accounting – it clearly emerged as the tool of choice. Do you think it’s just as useful/appropriate for household accounting? If not, what is a better system? Thanks!

  9. kidmercury

    i dislike most animals, plants, people, and forms of matter. but i love quickbooks! so i think it could work for household accounting. some of the personal finance stuff might be better though. have you tried that’s popular, and i have friends who use it that think it’s great. i don’t use any of that stuff as i prefer “back of the envelope” analysis for personal finance (being a one person household that’s probably a lot easier for me than for many others).

  10. Mike

    I agree with Kid, and I’d only add that it all depends on the complexity of your finances. IMO “Quicken” is all you’d need if doesn’t have the functionality you’re looking for, b/c it’s geared towards personal taxation. If you’re running a personal business as well, then upgrading to the basic version of Quickbooks might not be a bad idea especially if you’re keeping track of a balance sheet.

  11. karen_e

    Ok, thanks all. I do remember that about Intuit & Mint. A few years back I had been a bit nervous about the data sharing issues, but the Mint site currently does try very hard to reassure its customers about security. I’ll give it a try, seeing if I can work with it in conjunction with my e-bank until Quicken’s features migrate over, which you note is likely to happen.

  12. Mark Essel

    Oh hey, I get to try out your beta today!

  13. fredwilson

    that’s a neat idea. a blank post if you will. we need a way to source at least some of the discussions onto the main page

  14. Tereza

    Sounds like a Quaker meeting. Not that i’ve ever been to one.Only thing, Charlie, is you won’t be able to say “I don’t know what to say” like you do down the hall at Jerry’s Monster cocktail party. ;-)(for the record i’m one of the ‘likes’)

  15. awaldstein

    Great idea Charlie.Kinda like an ‘idea wall’ but a conversation to ease out of the week.

  16. Mark Essel

    I like it, but we need some help separating it from the comments. Just it’s own live chat page?

  17. Tereza

    Probably not as fun, either. Adult Free Swim, or perhaps a Friday 4pm virtual Happy Hour sounds a lot more fun.

  18. Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry

    Love the idea of open threads. Daily might be too much though. Weekly?

  19. awaldstein

    Me neither.

  20. Mark Essel

    I want someone I know to want the gig.I don’t want the job. There’s too much building work for me to do 🙂

  21. Mark Essel

    Mike you don’t like animals plants people and forms of matter? Hehe