InSITE is a group of business and law school students from Columbia and NYU who provide free consulting services to startup companies. I’m a big fan of InSITE for a bunch of reasons but particularly because it is one of the few programs that I am aware of that operates across school networks here in NYC. We need more of that.

Once a year, I spend an hour and a half talking to the InSITE group and then we go out for beers afterward. It’s a fun night and I really look forward to it. We did that on Wednesday night of this week. 

The talk was recorded and I’ll embed two videos that capture my talk which lasted about 15 minutes. We did about an hour of Q&A and all of that was captured as well and is available on InSITE’s YouTube channel.

Here’s the first part of my talk where I talk about the venture capital business.

Here’s the second part of my talk where I talk about sectors that I’m excited about and a bit about NYC’s role in the tech/startup world.