The Meetup Trade

David Brooks, New York Times columnist, has a piece up called The Sandra Bullock Trade which talks about how fame and fortune are no match for a good marriage. I agree with David on that one and consider myself very lucky to have found such a wonderful person as The Gotham Gal to spend my time on earth with.

Brooks goes on to cite research about things that make us happy and things that don't. And of course, money doesn't make us nearly as happy as solid relationships. But I was a bit surprised by this finding:

According to one study, joining a group that meets even just once a
month produces the same happiness gain as doubling your income.

Our portfolio company is a bargain because you can join any group you want for free. It may cost you a small fee to attend the meetup but many of them are free to attend too. If you want to test this "joining a meetup group is better than doubling your income", go here and find one and see what you think.