Looking For A Killer Multi-Function Printer For The Home Office

We just moved into a new home and we are using the opportunity to say goodbye to some old trusty devices and add some new ones. At the top of that list right now is our laser printer. It's served us incredibly well for the last decade but it is time to move on.

We are looking for an awesome multi-function printer (print, scan, fax, copy) that is small enough to fit on a home office desk and works well in a networked environment.

Here are some specific requirements:

1) The max dimension envelope is 16" high, 20" wide, 22" deep

2) The printer must be accessible by everyone on our home network (we'll connect it via wired ethernet) and the scanned files should be stored on the network automatically.

3) I've always preferred laser printing to ink-jet printing but I hear that ink-jet has really improved recently. I'm open to going with ink-jet.

4) We need the ability to easily manually feed things like envelopes, cards, etc to the printer

I think those are the main requirements. Please let us know what you all think is the best multi-function printer out there for us. We really appreciate your advice and assistance.