Gmail Performance Issues

I've been suffering from Gmail performance issues for the past several weeks. I click on a mail message and I get the "loading" message for ten, twenty, or thirty seconds. When I hit send and archive, it can take thirty seconds or more (sometimes a lot more) to complete that process.

So I've taken to having three of four tabs open in Gmail and switching back and forth to keep going while one process is hung up. I thought my issues were my own. I have a 13gb mail file and run a number of Gmail add-ons. I figure that my mailbox size is too big. Or one or more of the add-ons are causing the issues. So I suffered in silence.

But I've been reading other blogs talking about the same things. Here's a post from last week from Gabriel Weinberg that got my attention. Maybe my issues aren't my own. I am curious what all of you have been experiencing.

It's interesting that within a week of Gabriel's post, Google contacted him and moved him to a different server and now his performance issues are resolved. I'm raising my hand for the same treatment.

I want to be clear that I am not bashing Google for these performance issues. I think the value proposition that all the webmail providers offer is amazing. It can't be easy to operate services like this with tens of millions (or way more) at scale without the occasional scaling issues. But I am eager to find out if my issues are my own or if they are Google's. And if they are Google's, I am eager to see if this blog post works out as well as Gabriel's.