Linking To Google Maps

I have a recurring issue with Google Maps that I'd like to get everyone's take on. Either I don't know how to use the service properly or there is a missing feature I'd like to see Google fix.

When I do a search in Google Maps, like "915 Broadway, NYC" (which is the address of Union Square Ventures), I get a result like this:

Google maps result

If you do that search, you'll see that the URL is still The web app does not return a new URL for that search.

You can click on the "link" field on the upper right of the page and get a popup of a long url. In the case of the "915 Broadway, NYC" search, that URL looks like this:,+New+York,+New+York+10010&sll=40.737143,-74.007627&sspn=0.007625,0.018389&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=915+Broadway,+New+York,+10010&ll=40.740933,-73.990002&spn=0.007625,0.018389&z=16

Not exactly the thing you want to cut and paste into an email or anything else.

So what I do is copy that URL (and there isn't even a button to make copying easy) and put it into the browser's URL field. I then let the Google Maps web app go to that URL and then I create a shortened URL with

That's a lot of extra work for something that I expect is a very typical use case for many people.

So here's the question. Is there an easier way to do this that I am just not seeing? Or should Google make this easier?

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.