Cross Posting With A Single Comment Thread

You may have noticed that Business Insider cross posts a lot of the stuff that I write here. They are not the only online publication that does that but they are the most active one.

Today they cross posted yesterday's MBA Mondays post. But if you click through to that last link, you'll see that the comment thread (ie the discussion) that is running at the end of the Business Insider post is the same comment thread that runs at the end of the same post here at AVC.

I think this is the future. I'd like to see my content run everywhere that there is an audience that is interested in it. But I don't want to have to participate in multiple discussions about it. Using the same comment thread solves that problem.

Business Insider is using a simple hack to put the Disqus comment thread at the end of their cross post. But that won't be required for too much longer. I expect Disqus and any other serious comment system to allow this "multiple cross posts, one thread" approach to work simply and easily.

So if you want to cross post anything you read here, please do that. But also please bring the discussion with you. I appreciate it and our community will too.