Flying Blind vs Flying With Instruments

I don’t fly airplanes. But I imagine that flying them without instruments would be challenging at best and terrifying at worst.

Some friends came to visit me the other day. They have recently bought a failed business and are going to relaunch it. The business had spent a small fortune on radio and TV advertising before it went under. They asked me if I thought they should return to the airwaves. I told them “hell no” and my reasoning was that you can’t measure it. It is like flying without instruments.

I suggested they only invest in advertising and marketing that they could test, measure, and then scale what works. And that is Internet advertising. Not just search, but the whole ball of wax. Search, display, video, social, affiliate, and of course, audio.

Speaking of audio, here is a short video created by our portfolio company Targetspot showing how Internet audio can be measured. If my friends do want to go back on the airwaves, I’ll make sure they watch this and buy internet audio versus old school radio.