Great Bus Dev Job In San Francisco

Our portfolio HeyZap brings games and game play to places on the web you don’t usually find them. They are a fast growing company based in San Francisco. And they are looking to make a key business development hire.

Here’s a blurb from the job description:

You will be primarily in charge of identifying, initiating and building long-lasting relationships with some of the top online website publishers. You will play a pivotal role in marketing the Heyzap platform, growing our distribution network, and increasing our user base.  Heyzap works with Ning, Hi5, theChive, and a growing network of 290,000 websites serving millions of gameplays per month.

The job posting is here. If you live in the bay area, love games, and enjoy business development, you should give this job a lookover.


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  1. andyswan

    Since it’s a job post I’ll go off topic and post the top 5 @andyswan tweets of the summer:”Man those top 2% are so GREEDY! Now, how can we force them to pay for our stuff?””Now….if we could just get the war in Afghanistan to go as well as the war on business””Just sittin here trying to imagine John Adams, FDR or Reagan saying “don’t miss me on THE VIEW tomorrow morning at 9/8 central!””Repeat after me: Until unemployment is below 7% and your aunt is calling about a “business opportunity”, DEflation is the risk””Win.”

    1. johnmccarthy

      Thanks for the retrospective.

    2. David Semeria

      I just posted a comment with a link to a tweet, but Disqus canned it.

  2. Tereza

    Two words for you:Greg Mand.

  3. Tereza

    Critical question.Is anyone planning to meet up for drinks (or food) after Web 2.0 Startup Showcase tomorrow evening?

    1. RichardF

      Bit far for me! but to borrow your phrase “you go girl” – best of luck and I’m hoping we have an AVC representative up on stage tomorrow evening (apart from Fred)

    2. awaldstein

      Maybe…if I get back from SF in time.

    3. Dave Pinsen

      Shoot me an e-mail. If I can get back in time, I might be able to head in.

    4. Fernando Gutierrez

      I’d copy Richard’s comment, but in order to keep some variety I’ll add… You will you will ROCK THEM!

  4. Kyle Pearson

    Do regular AVC readers receive priority interview rights? 🙂

    1. markevans99

      Great question.

  5. Matt A. Myers

    Three men with their dogs want to go into a bar to drink: One with a Labrador, one with a Poodle, and another with a Chihuahua.One of men says, “…but we can’t get in with our dogs…”Another man has an idea. He puts on some dark shaded sunglasses pretending to be blind, and proceeds to go into the bar with his dog.The bartender tells the man, “no dogs allowed” with the response “but he’s my seeing eye dog.” The bartender lets him stay and order a drink.The second man enters with the same notice, “you can’t bring your dog in here.” The man with the dog responds, “but he’s my seeing eye dog.” So the bartender lets him sit down and order a drink too.The third man goes in with his dark sunglasses on, and approaches the bar. The bartender says “You can’t bring your Chihuahua in here.” The man responds, “What?! It’s a Chihuahua??”

  6. Fernando Gutierrez

    I’ll just leave an open question about wording in job postings:Why do so many companies try to disguise sales jobs as other things? I agree that bus dev positions are very different to sales in an established market for a big company. But at the end of the day, it’s about getting clients/partners aboard.I understand that when you say sales many people think about an used car salesman with a terrible tie. But the kind of guy that any startup needs (those who can sell a bucket full of sand in the middle of the desert… to a camel) isn’t afraid of being the sales guy (Keenan anywhere?!?). I’ve seen many people in bus dev fail because they spend much more time managing imaginary responsabilities no one cares about than out in the street bringing the money.BTW, HeyZap do say sales in the posting, but imho, they say it too shyly. When I read the posting I feel they need a rainmaker but they’d afraid to ask. Probably I’m talking too much without knowing (that’s never stopped me before!). But, anyway, I’m the only one more or less in-topic today!.

    1. Tereza

      +1How about “rainmaker”?Or….”someone who can squeeze water from a stone”?

    2. Evan

      Do you think it has something to do with the fact that Biz Dev jobs really need people who can think strategically about their own company so that they can come up with win/win propositions for potential collaborators? When you mention “sales” in a job description, you probably get an applicant pool that is more focused on hard selling instead of being able to tell a story about why they should do business with you.

      1. Fernando Gutierrez

        That makes sense. I agree that you definitely don’t want the kind of guy who is thinking on his commision before each meeting because then he would not pursue a lot of opportunities that can be interesting in the mid/long term. But the problem I find is that to avoid atracting the hardsellers you may attract only the powerpointers, who can imagine great partnerships but aren’t able to make them happen. You need both abilities, and that’s why great bus dev are rare and difficult to get.

  7. GiordanoBC

    Heyzap is doing awesome things and this is a great opportunity for someone with the right experience. I second Fred… if you’re in the Bay Area and have biz dev experience in the game space, you should apply 🙂

  8. project charter

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