My partner Albert is a hacker. We didn’t invest very much in development platforms before Albert joined us (Twitter being somewhat of an exception) because we couldn’t eat our own dogfood. Albert changed all of that for us. He can not only evaluate development platforms but he can use them and provide feedback to the team.

Over labor day weekend, Albert hacked together a web app he calls Preditter. As he explains in this blog post, he built Preditter on top of three of our portfolio company platforms, Twitter, MongoDB, and Twilio.

If you want to make a prediction about a football game this weekend, just tweet the prediction to your followers and add @preditter to the end of the tweet. I just did that. Here is the tweet:

Jets over Ravens on monday night @preditter @garyveeThu Sep 09 13:26:08 via web

Let’s do Albert a favor and test Preditter out. And let us know what you think.

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