Some New Stuff From USV

Yesterday we kicked off "office hours" for USV. We did it with this post on the USV twitter account. We got 68 responses in a few hours for 32 slots. So we've taken down the signup form (which is why the link in the tweet doesn't work). The first 32 responses will get priority but we will try to accomodate everyone who filled out a form in the coming months.

The idea for office hours comes from our friends at First Round Capital and Foundry Group. Both Josh Kopelman and Brad Feld have written about the benefits of "first come first serve" meetings with no filters and no qualifications. We also believe in a level playing field for all entrepreneurs and have been wanting to do this for a while now.

I'd like to recognize Gary Chou, the General Manager of the USV Network, for his work in getting this going. Gary's got a "can do" attitude and he's been putting together lots of new stuff for us and our portfolio companies since his arrival this summer.

Another new effort from USV courtesy of Gary and Christina is our USV Jobs twitter account. We try to tweet out a job or two every day. We get the feed of job openings from our portfolio company Indeed and then we curate it to highlight interesting jobs in our portfolio companies.

If you are interested in working in one of our portfolio companies and/or meeting with one of us for 15 minutes, I suggest you follow the USV and USV Jobs twitter accounts. Based on yesterday's response to office hours, we need to be doing more stuff like this. And with Gary and Christina's help we will.

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