The Women Entrepreneur Festival

We_logo_5 The Gotham Gal is involved in an event in late January called The Women Entrepreneur Festival. They are doing it with and at NYU's ITP program.

I love the idea of calling it a "festival." This is a celebration of women entrepreneurs. Exactly what we should be doing to showcase role models and make the point that women are just as good at starting companies as men are.

They also came up with an innovative format. They have four groups of entrepreneurs; social, media, design, and green. Each group has a bunch of women entrepreneurs and at least one male entrepreneur. In the morning each group will do "show and tell" so you can see what each of them has built. In the afternoon, the groups will go on stage again to talk about their sectors and the role that women play in them.

It's great to see ITP getting involved in something like this. ITP is one of the secrets of the NYC tech startup scene. It is a program that focuses on the intersection of design, media, technology, and communications. It is all about the things that makes NYC's startup sector special. And it was started by a women entrepreneur, Red Burns. So it makes so much sense that they are hosting a festival for women entrepreneurs.

The festival is limited to 150 participants due to space limitations. You can apply to attend here. Acceptances will be made on a rolling basis. If you are accepted, it costs $50 to attend if you are a student and $200 to attend if you are not a student.

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