Something I Want To Be Able To Do

I love coming across a quote, a tweet, an image, a video, a link and being able to quickly share it with my friends on Facebook or my followers on Twitter and Tumblr. Its a big part of what I do on the web everyday.

I listen to a lot of music. In our car, in our home, in cafes and bars and restaurants. I want to be able to take out my phone, shazam the music to identify it, get the mp3, and post it to and possibly some or all of the social services I use. And I want to be able to do that as easily and quickly as it is to use Instagram.

I am in my car listening to SIRIUS XMU and I've heard three tracks in the past ten minutes I would do this with.

I know there are rights issues standing in the way of something like this. But more and more artists, particularly the emerging artists I hear for the first time when I am out and about, are posting their music to services like Soundcloud.

I don't know if Shazam and like services have APIs but I know that Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Soundcloud do. It might be possible to build this. If you do, I will be your first user (if you build it for Android).

And yes, I did write this blog post on my Android in my car listening to music waiting to pick up my son.

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