Is The Mobile Phone Our Social Net?

This is going to feel like a continuation of yesterday's post which was a continuation of last week's post. But it is what I am thinking about so it is what I am posting about.

I love what @Bryce wrote about mobile on his blog yesterday:

By their nature, these phones were born social. They were built from the ground up to connect us. First with voice, then with text. Now, they’re packed capabilities like photos, videos and a wave of native and web applications. We’re just beginning to catch a glimpse of what a powerful and disruptive force they can be. Not just to incubent handset manufactures and telcos but to social movements and government regimes. 

I’ve made clear my belief that we’re in the midst of a massive global reinvention. Not just a shift from analog to digital, but a shift from centralized control to distributed systems. From isolated single user experiences to a global social fabric. These mobile devices are the of Gutenberg presses of our generation. This is not a bubble, this is a revolution.

Social web services were also "born from the ground up to connect us" but it sure seems like phones are more natural, more fundamental, and more important.