The Easy Trade

I am on a flight from NYC to San Francisco. I paid for business class but I am sitting in the way back of coach, right next to the rest rooms. Why, you might ask, would I trade a business class seat for the very back of the bus?

Simple. The power outlets in business class aren't working and they are working fine in coach. My macbook's battery doesn't give me 6 hours of laptop time, so I need power to work the entire way from NYC to SF. With wifi on most of the flights from NYC to SF these days, working from coast to coast has become a key part of my routine.

I personally think power in every seat and wifi on every plane ought to be the law of the land, but I don't make the laws. I hope someone who is reading this does. And I hope United gets the power working in business class before my flight back to NYC.

#Blogging On The Road