Do You Ever Get Bored Of Blogging?

In the cab home from her basketball game yesterday (they won), my daughter Emily asked "Dad, do you ever get bored of blogging, tumbling, twittering?" I chuckled and handed her my post from yesterday to read (on my android).

The truth is I never get bored of writing. It is something that came relatively late in life for me. I started writing when I started blogging in 2003. I was 42 years old. It's a hobby, something I do to entertain and educate myself and I enjoy it very much. I love putting the puzzle that are my thoughts together every day.

But an unintended consequence of this writing hobby is that I've developed an audience and a public persona. I didn't set out to do that. But it happened. And now I've got a responsibility to serve the audience and manage the public persona. At least I feel that responsibility.

The "work" I referred to in my post yesterday is that responsibility.

I never get bored of "blogging." At least I don't get bored of the writing part of it. I do get bored of maintaining an audience and a public persona. That can get old and lead to ruts like the one I got in with Twitter last year. But all it takes is some great feedback (notes in Tumblr, RT and replies in Twitter, and comments on this blog) to get me over that. The ability to get immediate feedback on my thoughts is a magical thing and at the end of the day, it is what keeps me going day after day.