I came upstairs to my office at 5:15am this morning with a simple plan. I was going to read through the comments to yesterdays post and select one and write a blog post.

5am to 7am is my writing/thinking time. At 7am, I head downstairs and wake the family.

It's 6:53 and I've just finished wading through the 344 comments/suggestions and doing my own liking/voting/replying to them.

Quora cannot hold a candle to this community when it comes to startups and technology and investing. You all are simply amazing. If anyone wants to know my secret sauce when it comes to investing, all they need to do is wade into those comments. It's a gold mine.

I promise I will get to blogging about the top five or ten liked comments. And I will aslo blog about another twenty or thirty topics in there that I particuarly liked. But my time for blogging is over today. Time to wake up the family.