I blog a song every day on my tumblog. At the bottom of the page on my tumblog is a banner which you can click and play every song in reverse chronological order. And I've gone one step further and created a website called fredwilson.fm where you can have that experience immediately once the page loads.

But this approach requires the publisher (me) to provide that stream for you. What if you find a page full of music that you want to play and there is no banner at the bottom? Enter ex.fm.

ex.fm (short for extension.fm) is a chrome extension that allows you to play all the music you find on a web page in reverse chronological order. Once you add it to chrome, you simply click on the ex.fm logo on the upper right of the chrome browser and you are listening.

ex.fm offers a lot more. The founder, Dan Kantor, was one of the team members on delicious and naturally you can bookmark (they call it note) a song and add it to your collection on ex.fm. And, of course, you can play a person's noted songs. Here's my friend Bijan's noted songs. Bijan is an investor in ex.fm. I am not, yet. So this is not a "pimp my portfolio" post. It's just a "pimp the things I love" post.

I find ex.fm works best on tumblogs. So visit a great tumblog, like this one, or this one, or this one and run ex.fm against it and sit back and enjoy.

#My Music