No MBA Mondays Today

I've spent the past two days in airports and on airplanes. I was hoping to write my MBA Mondays post for today on the flight yesterday. But there was no wifi or power. I punted and watched VCU beat Kansas (yay) and Kentucky hold on and beat UNC.

I had the same plan today. Had power but not wifi on our flight to Mexico this morning. As we were bouncing around in a storm over the gulf, a distinct odor of electrical burning enveloped the cabin. The flight attendants made a manic attempt to find the cause of the odor, while the pilot made a quick decision to turn left and land in Tampa. The good news is we landed safe and sound. But we are stranded in Tampa until this evening.

I could write the MBA Mondays now, but I'm frankly not in the mood. I'll hang with the kids, play some cards, and hopefully board a plane this evening to Mexico.

So I'll finish the series on M&A Issues next monday.

#MBA Mondays