Pair Up

Last night I attended a meeting/dinner of many leaders in the NYC tech sector with the folks in city hall who work on economic development. We listened to a bunch of reports. One of the most telling was from Larry Lenihan of Firstmark who is managing an early stage venture fund focused on NYC tech companies. Larry explained that many of the best opportunities that come to them don't get funding because of the lack of a technical co-founder.

NYC has a wealth of business people with domain experience in many important sectors. But they seem to be having a hard time of pairing up with technical talent to form great startup teams.

Enter Pair Up. Pair Up NYC is an effort from InSITE, a group of grad students at NYU and Columbia who help startups. They've noticed the same issue and are doing something about it. Pair Up is a matching program between people who want to do startups.

I've tweeted out the link to Pair Up a few times, but I am writing this post to let everyone know that the deadline to apply for the first Pair Up program is tomorrow, March 18th. If you are looking for a cofounder and want some help, here's where you can apply.

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