Techmeme vs Hacker News

My two favorite tech news aggregators are Techmeme and Hacker News. I visit both multiple times per day for a quick scan of what is going on in techland.

They are very different and you can see that in action this morning. 

Here is the above the fold Techmeme right now (9am eastern):

Techmeme above the fold

We might as well call Techmeme many days. Or or or Techmeme is obsessive about the top companies and top stories of the moment.

Here's the above the fold for Hacker News right now (9am eastern):

Hacker news above the fold

Way more stories above the fold. Way more diversity. Very geeky. But you get plenty of stories about non tech stuff and the stories move rapidly through the system. And not one story about Apple or Facebook in the top 20 right now.

I use both multiple times per day, but I really love what Hacker News is doing and I struggle with Techmeme which feels a bit like an echo chamber on many days.