Of all the things we have done at USV this year so far, the thing I am most proud of is the work of Gary Chou on our USV Jobs page. Gary wrote a bunch of code that hits the Indeed jobs service (Indeed is a USV portfolio company) and finds all the open jobs across our entire portfolio. The code then parses through the jobs, finds out where the jobs are, what kind of job it is, what the job title is, etc. And then all of the jobs are published and sorted on

Right now, 24 of our 32 active portfolio companies are hiring. There are 557 jobs open across 27 cities and several continents. I am proud of Gary's work on this service and I am proud that our firm is helping to facilitate that kind of job creation activity.

All of us at USV constantly get emails from people who want to work in our portfolio. We love getting these emails because our companies are always in search of great talent to hire. Often these emails come via an introduction from a trusted relationship. And often they come in unsolicited. But they almost always come without much context. So it requires a fair bit of work to take that initial email and turn it into a good lead for our portfolio companies.

Our hope is that can change that. If you want to work in a USV portfolio company or if you have a friend or contact that wants to do that, a visit to before you send the email can help a lot. There's a big difference between an email that says "I'd like to work in one of your portfolio companies" and one that says "WorkMarket is looking for a QA Engineer and I know of a really good one I'd like to intro you to."

We are all hoping that will result in a lot more of the latter and a bit less of the former. And if you know of a great QA Engineer in the NYC market, please send me an email.

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