Game Hack Day NYC

Back in february, I wrote about hackdays and in particularly music hackday. In that post, I said:

There's a great group in NYC called We hope we can leverage their network as well as locations like General Assembly and other coworking spaces around NYC to activate the hacker community in specific verticals to do more of this.

I'm happy to report that some of the same people who were involved in music hackday have been working on a new vertical hackday, Game Hack Day. It will be at General Assembly on the weekend of June 25th and 26th. If you want to participate in Game Hack Day, leave your email address here.

There are a number of ways to get involved. If you have a company that wants to demo your API and/or sponsor the event, you should go here.

If you want to volunteer to help put Game Hack Day on, you should go here.

If you want to write about or cover Game Hack Day, you should go here.

Gaming and Hacking seem so well suited for each other. Some of my favorite hacks from various hackdays I've been to were in fact games. So I'm really excited about this one.


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  1. William Mougayar

     It seems that gamification is part of everything now, almost. It’s a good thing.

    1. daryn

      Which brings up the question of what exactly a game is. Game dynamics are a part of life, and yes, in that sense you can “gamify” almost anything, but I don’t think that’s what a true game is. It’ll be interesting to see what hacks come out of the event, sounds like a blast.

      1. William Mougayar

        In the sense that gamification lubricates motivation, and motivation breeds innovation, it’s a good thing. 

        1. daryn

          absolutely a good thing, just saying that adding gaming aspects tosome other interaction does not make the overall experience a game.

          1. Dave W Baldwin

            @wmoug:disqus would say you can tell difference in levels of creativity.Moving that to the category of game, you can see if they have a forward moving idea/evolution/timeline that goes somewhere. That alone should be worth something.

  2. adamwexler

    Just spent time at SF Music Hackday a week ago — it’s amazing the impact a room full of hackers can have on each other.Fred, you’d probably LOVE my personal favorite hack from the event: … i’d describe it as the 21st century record store experience — instead of browsing by alphabetical, huesound organizes the records through a color wheel. all the creative types will totally dig it.I absolutely agree this could spread to other verticals and gaming seems like the logical next choice…

  3. reece

    that’s awesome.funny – at the last NYTM, we announced that we’re spearheading a “video hackday” later this year.  will be in NYC and already have some sweet sponsors lined up… anyone interested in helping organize, hit me up!

  4. paramendra

    General Assembly is smoking it. 

  5. ShanaC

     I need to send this to someone _ I lost a copy of my game that I designed to playtesting phase.  It may be interesting to see if anyone would pick it up at a hackday (alas, I am not passionate enough about that game in general)

  6. Raul Moreno

     Great event!

  7. Raul Moreno

     Great event!

  8. Guest

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    1. Sebastian Wain

      Ooops, a Disqus bug. I removed the comment on Disqus because it was for the Monday blog post. It remained as “Guest”

  9. Guest

    Fred, I saw this post yesterday and didn’t think I could do much since I am not a techie.  I decided to go ahead and use a domain name I own and spend a few minutes to make an effort and do what little I could.  There is a site If folks use the hashtag #hackertribe in tweets about their events it will be reported in stream on above site. Folks can go to a single site to check on various events. Simple I know. If people use it and find it helpful, I am happy to work with some folks and expand the functionality of the site to make it more powerful.

  10. Jarod Reyes is going to be at Music Hack day. This weekend we built an open-source human-controller for the iphone and we want hackers to jam on it with us at GHD. Check out what we built at TC disrupt in 20 hours.