Content Shifting

I'm giving a talk at Read Write Web's 2Way Summit next monday and tuesday in NYC. My talk is on content shifting, something I blogged about in January of this year. Here are some examples of content shifting from that blog post:

I found this amazing artist yesterday on SoundCloud named James Vincent McMorrow. Here's his new record called Early In The Morning. I'm listening right now on my laptop, but I really want to listen on our Sonos system.

I saw that the Black Keys played SNL last night. I found the video on YouTube and sent it to Boxee so I can watch on the big screen.

I heard some great music on Sirius XMU in the car yesterday afternoon. I want an easy way to get it from there onto

I saw the DOJ court order to Twitter regarding Wikileaks yesterday onTechCrunch/Scribd. I want to get the document on my iPad so I can read it on the couch in the family room.

 I want to showcase a dozen or more examples of this kind of content shifting in my talk on Monday. I'm planning on putting the talk together over the weekend. I've love to get examples from the AVC community to include in the talk. Please leave them in the comments.


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  1. Dave W Baldwin

    Very good.  Here I would like to mention XYDO… the best end run is to expand ‘Your Interests/Group’ where you can get the quick scan/report.Also, since it is Friday, I’ll add this:You/readers have put up with my bitching regarding lack of creativity/originality.  Came across this trailer by accident:…This could be good   😉

  2. RichardF

    article/blog on web to Kindle via Instapaper.QR code to web

    1. Fernando Gutierrez

      Or Instapaper (Or Read It Later) in general. I use it a lot when scanning news in the phone and prefer to read them later on a computer.

      1. RichardF

        Instapaper is awesome.  It’s my content shifting weapon of choice.  Love how it syncs across pc, kindle, ipad, iPhone.  Marco needs to ensure he broadens that so that all the platforms don’t dilute it with their own versions. 

        1. Fernando Gutierrez

          Yeah, but there is no app in Android and third party ones are not great. I’musing it less because of that.

          1. RichardF

            he needs to address that because Apple are going after his market in IOS 5

  3. Noam Makavy

    Here’s one for you:”Someone was trying to pitch me in an elevator but I was busy so I asked him to e-mail me his pitch”. 

    1. fredwilson

      did i do that to you?

      1. Noam Makavy

        I was just making a joke.

    2. RichardF

      lol….maybe there’s a new use for soundcloud.  Record a 30 second elevator pitch and email the link or print the url on a business card

      1. Donna Brewington White

        not bad

        1. RichardF

           how about QR code to playing on soundcloud app on phone.

      2. fredwilson

        my partner Albert did exactly that at SXSW

        1. RichardF

          Off the soundcloud topic but on the topic of content shifting  – you should try embedly with twitter,  it’s a Chrome extension that shows the web pages of inserted links and allows you to instapaper them straight from Twitter.

          1. fredwilson

            I use it everywhere I can. Twitter should implement this. I beg them toregularly

          2. RichardF

            Definitely – amazed it’s not on the roadmap

  4. Ed Freyfogle

    A good example is the success of apps like that make content shifting dead simple.A similar case could be made for Dropbox as the tool that finally made it super simple to get my content where and whenever I like

  5. Wells Baum

    Here’s 3: (1) I didn’t want to take the time to email myself a photo and upload it into my blog’s server so I just Tumbled using my mobile phone to do all three directly and instantaneously.    (2) I didn’t have time to find a pen or type on my iPhone so I took my SoundCloud recorder out to record.  Notes later. (3) The Drudge Report app failed to load so I just went to the website on my mobile phone.  So much quicker, not everything needs to be apped!

    1. fredwilson

      dictating notes to soundcloud. that’s sweet. did you ever see the movie night shift… ?  michael keaton’s character was constantly doing that sort of thing with ideas that he had

      1. kirklove

        “Hold the phone! Why don’t they just FEED the tuna fish mayonnaise!?”

        1. fredwilson

          yeah, that was a classic

      2. Wells Baum

        Thanks, I’ll check out the flick.Ideas to go!

  6. LIAD

    1. Read pdf’s on iPad having being downloaded on iMac and synced via dropbox2. Watch movies on ipad being streamed and converted in real time from iMac using Air Video3. Using (synced) browser bookmarks to shift web content between devices

    1. fredwilson

      i love reading pdfs on my ipad

      1. William Mougayar

        Then you need to download the iBooks iPad App. It lets you store pdf’s on a library shelf-like display.

      2. Prokofy

        I have to deal with so many pdfs in my jobs. There isn’t anything that reads them well. Does the ipad read them better, i.e. do they page through and search faster/cleaner? That might be motivation to get an ipad.

        1. fredwilson

          its the best device for reading pdfs i’ve found but it is not perfect

  7. JimHirshfield

    On TV trailer for movie –> netflix queue.Last razor –> Amzn shopping cart

    1. fredwilson

      how do you do that “last razor” thing? i constantly struggle with that because i don’t have a computer, tablet, or a phone near my bathroom

      1. JimHirshfield

        It’s a wish, not a reality. And I guess that’s why the preset delivery on a set frequency is the better model for this kinda thing. Not squarely on topic really, so sorry about that.

      2. RichardF

        it’s called a wife  (joke, before Tereza and Donna bust me)

      3. Prokofy

        Don’t worry, Fred. Soon there will be spimes everwhere (ask Joi Ito and David Orban). You know, RFIDs on everything and everything completely wired and connected. You won’t have to make a note of your “last razor,” your razor will already talk to the Internet as it runs out and already fill your shopping cart and already have it delivered.

        1. fredwilson

          i can’t wait for that!

  8. Alex Murphy

    Hi Fred -I think of this as Web 3.0 the “Multi Channel Web Experience.”.In retail, there is a premium put on customers that buy in more than one channel (ie online and in the store) and I think the same is true for online / net centric companies.  Getting users that engage on a website AND on a mobile device, on a mobile device AND on boxee, on FB AND on Twitter AND on their site etc creates a much more solidified relationship.  My favorite example is Skype.  Going from your desktop to your phone to a different computer on a skype client is seamless.  It would be great to take a song that is playing on Pandora and have it “shift” to my phone.Another example is that of notes / docs.  I would love to be able to transfer my active doc from my computer to my tablet etc.Hope your talk goes well.   

    1. fredwilson

      i think netflix has done a good job with this

  9. Lee

    Watch Pippa Middleton at the royal wedding on phone in the cab home. Open the front door – there she is  cooking chilli wearing only an apron!

    1. RichardF

       LMFAORumour has it that Harry’s opening line of his best man’s speech was:”Your Royal Highnesses, Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen…Pippa call me”

    2. fredwilson

      british humor!

  10. Andrew Bornstein

    I find a lot of Vimeo videos I’m interested in while surfing the web at work.  I click “watch later” and watch them at home on the Vimeo app for Roku.  Youtube better watch out, I rarely watch any similar content on youtube because the quality is so poor.

    1. fredwilson

      i didn’t know there was a vimeo app for roku. thanks for sharing that

  11. Jan Schultink

    Content shifting is addictive, but also a huge distraction to get any (creative) work done. I try not to get tempted into these 1000s of inviting headlines that get fired at you constantly during the day, but keep a specific time slot to dive in and read it then or never.The equivalent in the 1990s would be trying to do work with 15 monitors with cable channels on at the same time in front of your desk…

  12. kirklove

    Personally I use exfm’s Noted feature exactly like a time-shifting device. It’s perfect for audio I come across on the web.

    1. fredwilson

      cool, i’ll showcase that 

  13. paramendra

    Content shifting, time shifting. 

  14. Dan Thornton

    I download podcasts onto my Nokia N900, and then when I’m in the kitchen, use the FM Transmitter to broadcast it to my Pure radio (Or to the car stereo if I’m driving)

    1. fredwilson

      that’s great

      1. Dan Thornton

        It’s one of the sole reasons for owning a Nokia smartphone considering the Symbian/Meego/Windows Phone 7 confusion and the history of UIs which serve to frustrate rather than enable 🙂

  15. Dan Lewis

    I’m working on a presentation.  Lots of slides.  I have it in dropbox, not just so I can work on it, but so I can practice delivering it.  I’ve gone though it on my work machine, my home machine, my ipad, my blackberry (disaster btw).  It’s been huge.

    1. fredwilson

      dropbox is great. i’ll feature it

  16. Art Draftsberg

    My favorite book sits in my bag right next to my Kindle, I wish I could get it one there without paying, a la “icloud itunes”. 

  17. Max Chafkin

    If someone sends me a PDF, I’ll forward it to my Kindle and read it on the train.

  18. awaldstein

    Biggest gotcha is when distribution and media content are locked together.Networks like HBO for example.I can move most anything to the big screen off the web. Moving from the big screen to 2nd and 3rd screens is still an issue. And will be so as long as distribution is built on a closed revenue model.Changing but still a mess.

    1. ShanaC

      Do you know how many people I know are illegally downloading George RR Martin’s tv show for that reason (note to self, get on waitlist for the new book coming out)

      1. awaldstein

        Case in point Shana.Financing development through locked distribution like cable, especially for the TV world is a tough one. Big money at stake. Defense is the networks offense in a most cases.

        1. ShanaC

          A lot of people wonder why I skip a lot of tv – essentially this the reason.  I’m not going to get hooked into a show to get much benefit of only 5 previous episodes on Hulu, and most people don’t stream enough on netflix to make it worth it to pick up.I think the ultra-defensive posture will only hurt them in the long term.

      2. Guest

        I had not heard the new book was coming out Shana. Need to find out when now – thanks for the information. I only recently discovered the greatness of that series – and I watch the HBO series too. It is great stuff, brings me back to the old D&D days of my youth.

        1. ShanaC

…July 12, already up for pre-order…I really want to know what happens to Jon Snow already

          1. Guest

            Thanks for the info. I still need to finish the 4th book – Storm of Swords ( I think that is it cannot remember off hand). Jon Snow has been a fun character to watch through the books thus far.

  19. ShanaC

    I have a paper subscription to the economist.  I always end up reading articles that I am interested in online, through Facebook Links…(and occasionally twitter).  I keep thinking how many times that happens to me with Atlantic Monthly as well….Although I get Vogue, I tend to like looking at the Satorialist (silly life goal, to also be on the Satorialist) and refinery29….I own a tv.  I never watch tv on my tv…it is just more efficient to use Hulu and Netflix.I really don’t  have much in the way of music on my computer.  I end up listening to classical and really bad pop through a zillion different ways of getting music (I actually wish one way would become more dominant)

  20. kenberger

    Boxee has 1 of the killerest examples, although they’ve let it languish a bit.’add to boxee’ is so useful. There is so much video content out there, clips of interviews and such, that I’d love to see but can’t afford to in real time.When I’m home eating dinner is when i’d normally put on some tv. Much rather watch this feed. Maybe it contains Steve Job’s WWDC keynote, Paul Graham’s office hours from the recent Techcrunch Disrupt conf, and a Jon Stewart new lampoon sketch. These are all things I don’t really need to see, but make for great, rich content during entertainment time instead of watching network shows.The issue right now is capturing the content. If Boxee (or someone else) could get that feature to work on most any page that contains a video, from my computers and mobile devices, they’d have something amazing. Technically should be simple.

    1. fredwilson

      i agree Ken. Boxee’s watch later bookmarklet is good but needs some love

  21. Fernando Gutierrez

    Evernote, in serveral ways:I record voice notes with my telephone when I can’t write and then access them on my computer whenever I need them.I take pictures of my meals and they upload automatically to a notebook I share with my girlfriend… she probably never looks at it, but it helps me to be more disciplined :)The obvious one of just taking notes and getting them everywhere.

    1. fredwilson

      evernote is a great example

  22. William Mougayar

    For content to “shift”, the user should have a variety of methods to make it shift. Content is anywhere. It should shift from anywhere to anywhere. It’s in the cloud. The new iOS 5 features where the browser will be loaded with Twitter/social media off-ramps will facilitate content sharing/shifting.Instapaper and Dropbox are also good examples, and we took this concept even further. We have the “Personal Stream” where you route content to it, almost from anywhere and it can be made private or public.Ways to shift content in and out:- Email it to a secret address & it gets automatically routed there (similar to Instapaper’s method, but you can route it to several destinations, not just one)- Favorite it on Twitter and it gets routed- Star it or put it in a Google Reader folder and it gets routed- via a bookmarklet on any web page, and it gets routed- have a very specific alert & it gets routed for you to read later- search for anything and push the results into your personal stream (e.g. for that TC article)- then re-share any part of that content on social media and social networks with one-click, or email your curated collection to others

    1. Robert Thuston

      I’m fascinated with the concept of a personal stream where content can be curated, made public, private. People talk about signal vs noise where algorithms are built to find signals. I think something like personal stream where people can gather their own signals and share seamlessly will be an important development in the future.

      1. William Mougayar

        Thank you. Agreed. Give us a whirl, and would love your feedback.

  23. Denim Smith

    What about our own accumulated content?  I believe all of our personal content will be docked in the cloud very soon, if not already, so the ability to shoot content out to other platforms, hardware, products and services and pull it back in (remove) as the app du jour’s change and especially over the long term as our preferences naturally change and hot new products are introduced.  + we will be managing petabytes over the next few decades.  Complete control, management and maintenance over my own personal content over the long term with privacy, social, and open/public all baked in with the user in control.  

    1. Fernando Gutierrez

      You can already do that quite easy/cheap. I have a really convenient setup:-Email in the cloud, Gmail and Google Apps-Files in Dropbox (now limited to 100GB, but I guess that will change in the future, there are other solutions with more storage)-All other things (links, notes, web clips) in EvernoteWhen I bought my last Android phone I had access to all my info on the go minutes after the battery was charged.

      1. Denim Smith

        But will that be sufficient to not only manage, but also keep organized over the next few years let alone decades (+ analogue & historical content + anything not yet created/ invented).  I’m more thinking about families – particularly how the new born digital families today are taking 1000’s of family photos, videos, private journals/ diaries, + social nets, etc.There has to be better and more succint options than what Google Chrome offers in this recent commercial ‘Dear Sophie’  –> which is a great commercial btw.

        1. Fernando Gutierrez

          I really think it can be done. Not perfect yet but getting there fast. You can add many things to improve it: some Google Storage (you can buy up to 16TB!), Backupify (search and backup online services), Flickr, a music service, Vimeo… you are gonna need bandwith, but you are gonna have your content where you want when you want it.

          1. Denim Smith

            Thanks Fernando.  I think much improvement is stillneeded and Main Streetstill has no real option — your examples still require some heavy lifting andtech savvy to tie together and keep control while organizing in a meaningfulway. + it assumes people are using the same products you refer to – when mostpeople are spread thin across products based on historical decisions/optionsand comfort and/or are locked-in and as we all know, the leading companies andplatforms haven’t played nicely together.  It also doesn’t address therisk that these (mostly free) products are around in 5/10/30 years, they aren’tacquired, pivot, fail or change their ToS, PP, or anything else that wouldrequire you to pull back your data/ content in tact with metadata, etc includedand preserve the integrity and organization of your content.  I am actually almost finished building the product I speak of — about a week+away from unveiling to the public – and it is ultimately a family content/lifemanagement platform but individual accounts with some unique twists.

          2. Fernando Gutierrez

            That sounds great. Please update when you launch and  count with me if you want a beta tester. Just followed you on twitter.

    2. fredwilson


  24. Robert Thuston

    I like the idea of shifting potions of content… Part of a podcaste, part of a document, part of a video… This enables a little content curation when shifting…I’d like to be able to capture portions of a podcaste from my car and shift to my computer, capture portions of a video from YouTube (1 minute from an hour speech, etc.) to make one point and share on twitter, etc, capture part of a document, book, long magazine article to do the same.

    1. fredwilson

      i want that too

  25. Mark

    I’m not so sure how much this fits, but I want a watch that buzzes me for priority alerts I specify. Like an email from a particular person, a direct tweet to me, if my server is freaking out, or maybe when someone I know from a list is within 500 feet of me.

    1. leapy

      would that be all, sir? 😉

      1. Mark

        An ice tea would be nice, actually. 🙂

  26. jpwoodland

    While on the bus (with an active internet connection) I scan Zite and RSS for articles I want to read and send them to Instapaper.  I can then read them when offline on the subway.I use the “add to Boxee” bookmark a lot, though I haven’t done a good job catching up when I get home.That’s the problem with content shifting – the queue gets very long!Side note, anyone know why the Boxee bookmark doesn’t recognize videos on TechCrunch?

  27. rbrke

    The Al Jazeera app.   I may not agree with a lot of their content but it is the only News app that I know of that streams live.  It became my go to outlet during the Arab uprising, not only for their coverage but because I couldn’t get live streams anywhere else. When I cook in the kitchen or I’m in bed I put it on.  Also, while the Apple TV may be just a slick Netflix streamer, the photo screensaver has unlocked all the photos “trapped” in my computer that no one (used to) ever see.  

    1. William Mougayar

      If you’re mentioning AJE, then there’s France24 which also has a great iPhone App, with live streaming.

  28. Chris Sutton

    I’m watching the NBA finals on my dvr, an hour behind real time. I want a twitter feed that is synced up to the time of day on the recorded program.

    1. fredwilson

      that’s a great idea. i’ll pass this onto the twitter team. i imagine there are others who would like that too

      1. Matt A. Myers

        Same for conference videos from live streams, etc..

    2. Liz

      I’m not sure how this would work. Delay all of your Tweets for an hour? Or only from some users? Only ones that mention basketball? This would require granular control that seems a distant concept for Twitter platform. You can’t even prevent seeing RTs of users that you’ve blocked. It might all change with photo-sharing but Twitter seems adverse to entering into issues of scanning content beyond generating regional trends.

      1. Chris Sutton

        Think of it as a replay of any given timeline. The service could specify a time to begin the replay and a timeline you want to replay. Conceptually I think it’s pretty straight-forward. The biggest hurdle I see from an experience viewpoint is making it clear this is essentially a read-only service, since replying to tweets from hours ago as if they are real-time would cause confusion when out of context.

  29. Dave W Baldwin

    The content shift is very important re opening the door to tomorrow.It comes down to companies trying to force you to own thier products in order to shift from one vehicle to the other.  This comes via slowness on their part(s) and the resulting reaction… or just straight out strategy.If you are going to produce product related to shifting, my advice is looking at ability of going long.  That will be the only way to gain customer volume that can take advantage of finding/storing/recall/share and so on… no matter their vehicle.From comments, there is a lot of “I want” pertaining today’s product line.  If you’re going to play, you’re better off knowing a little of tomorrow.  Remember the number of items you’ll want to shift will grow along with capability of the clouds.  Today, we are looking at ‘relinking’ stories from a limited number of sources… tomorrow people will be wanting to take part live.

    1. Paul Smith

      Monsoon multimedia went long when they gave their Vulkano DVR device 1080i component video inputs.Now I can use my Evo to schedule to record Dexter from afar.Later I can download it to my PC in Palo Alto in unencumbered MP4 format.WiDi on the laptop moves it to the big screen without encountering anyone’s device restrictions.

      1. Dave W Baldwin

        Big cheers to Monsoon!!!!  You have to bear with me Paul, for I live in Charter land.

        1. Paul Smith

          Only a big feature like that could rescue their device from its own nearly unusable UI. But getting protected content (that I paid for) out of my cable box in HD is worth dealing with the cro-magnon interface.

          1. Dave W Baldwin

            Go to movie trailer I posted first this morning… Rise of the devs…

    2. Paul Smith

      On the other hand, the first version of Windows Media Center Edition I tried wouldn’t let me play a DVD if the screen resolution was over 480p. That’s going short.

      1. Dave W Baldwin

        Right… That is why your dev needs to look long… Then the other guys can do their part 😉

  30. Paul Smith

    Use Grooveshark on Android and bluetooth on the car stereo to have an unlimited music library in the cloud and on the road.

    1. fredwilson

      i do that with rdio. but whatever the music service we use, this is the classic use case

  31. Steven Kane

    I’d like to shift the face i saw in the mirror 20 years ago to my mirror today;)

    1. fredwilson

      i like the one you have right now steveit has wisdom, age, and kindness on it

  32. leigh

    My 2 1/2 yr old son watches Netflix on “his” ipad.  We turned on blueray player menu where he saw the Netflix logo on our TV – he walked over to the table under the TV stood on it and tapped the TV in order to turn Netflix on (as he would on the ipad) and then looked at me and said”Mommy Netflix broken”

    1. William Mougayar

      Priceless. Need a picture of that.

    2. fredwilson

      yet another reason why the iPad might be the device that controls the TV. that’s what kids expect

      1. leigh

        don’t live in the US but my understanding is that Comcast has an ipad app that controls the TV interface (vs. my having to use a remote control) and it’s hugely successful.  

  33. William Mougayar

    Incidentally, I just received an invitation email from @showyouapp:twitter (creators of VodPod) where you can find/share videos “from any site, with anyone, on any device”. Sounds like a video-Instapaper with additional features a bit similar to the ones I mentioned from @eqentia:twitter 

    1. Showyou

      By the way, here’s the video that shows “Watch It Later” with Showyou. That new feature in the app is all about content-shifting — by time and also, crucially, by device.

  34. Kate Huyett

    agree with many of the below and wanted to add a surfaces videos that are shared by your Facebook friends or Twitter contacts – you don’t feel obligated to watch them at the moment they are shared because they are then easier to find later.Some that are less obvious but still powerful:- Noteleaf – calendar reminders that send you the online profiles of the people you are meeting.  The content (their profile) is delivered to you at the moment you need it (right before the meeting) rather than when you set up the initial meeting.- Tumblr’s like feature and Twitter’s favorite feature – both allow you to bookmark content/links/etc that you want to revisit later without retweeting or reblogging.- Foursquare’s to-do list is a form of content-shifting in a sense – “I don’t want to do this/act on this tip now but I will in the future.” (Similar to this is, which has a more explicit time-shift aspect to it: “bookmark places you want to remember”- To the extent you think about the discovery phase of e-commerce as content, you could also make arguments for Svpply and Pinterest as well

  35. William Mougayar

    Oh, I just passed 1000 comments on AVC (1005 to be exact). Fred- if there was a 1000-comments Club, does @disqus:twitter give you that stat?

    1. fredwilson

      no idea, but congratulations!!

  36. William Mougayar

    Here’s a new example which no one has probably heard of yet, because the beta was launched last evening at DemoCamp Toronto. Developed by my friends at XtremeLabs,, it’s a cloud-based presentation sharing app. Kind of a webex, without the web baggage, i.e. peer to peer.You upload your PDF, and share a unique url with the participants. Participants can be on an iPhone (Android & BB next). You control the slides, and when you advance, the slides advance on their device (or web). So, Fred: you could upload your RWW slides in pdf, and go create a room ID e.g.… and we can all watch your slides in real time (they are adding voice next)

    1. leapy

      I want this. NOW! 🙂

      1. William Mougayar

        Download it on ur iPhone or register. I’ve used it already

    2. Donna Brewington White

      wow, that’s cool

  37. JimHirshfield

    Oh, just thought of a great one: Chrome-to-Phone. It’s an add-on for the chrome browser that lets you send the web page (or map) to your android handheld. And it will launch the handheld’s browser or maps app, etc instantly. So, for instance, look up listing on desktop, send to mobile and head out.

    1. Fernando Gutierrez

      Yes, that’s a great one. Also, you can do it the other way withandroid2cloud.

    2. fredwilson

      i have it and i love iti will showcase that one Jimthanks for the inspiration

  38. Matt Kopecki

    As pointed out in Ben Brooks’s great article Apple’s Magnum Opus…”Documents you’ve written, presentations you’ve prepared, spreadsheets you’ve made — your iWork apps can store them in iCloud. Which means you can view and edit the same document, in its latest state, on all your devices. And since iCloud automatically updates any changes you make, you don’t even have to remember to save your work.”Apple has nailed it (the idea at least, but I’ll bet they can pull it off too). To be able to take a document I am working on with my iPad and jump to my Mac having the document up-to-date and the cursor in the same position without pressing an extra button is unbelievable.

    1. fredwilson

      i wonder if this will work on all apps or just apple apps

  39. John McGrath

    GitHub has changed my life. It lets you shift code across your own machines, but the real magic is that you can easily share and collaborate with complete strangers. It’s a profoundly new way of working, and I can’t imagine it not eventually infecting other forms of creativity.

  40. leapy

    OFF TOPIC. I just noticed that Disqus has turned off displaying a long list of reactions at the base of the page. I can click if I really want to see them. Great move!

  41. Dfrancese7279

    My friend Chad is a tastemaker and is often my conduit for discovering new artists/bands.  He is my Facebook friend.  Facebook is hardcoded into Spotify.  Once I click on his profile name in Spotify, all of his playlists populate and with 1 click, I can “Subscribe” to any of his playlists (i.e. the new “Beach Fossils” album)Content Shift #1:  Once I click “Subscribe,” the “Beach Fossils” playlist then appears in my list of playlists Content Shift #2:  I want to listen to any song in Spotify’s catalog (or my own playlists) at home but I don’t want to use my laptop.   Instead, I’ll use my Sonos system.  Spotify is integrated into Sonos. Content Shift #3:  I want to take my music in the car with me on my roadtrip today.  I have Spotify Premium and have made my playlists available for “Offline” listening.  So I can plug my iPhone into the the car and listen to my music. Content Shift #4:  I don’t typically have the need to “own” the actual MP3 music files; i like streaming much better.   But say I want to make a mixed CD for a friend, I can buy MP3s in “bundles” on Spotify then transfer to the CD.  (and Pricing of the mp3 works out to be cheaper than iTunes)

    1. RichardF

      thanks for switching me on to the Beach Fossils.It would also be cool if I could shift from your Disqus comment directly to playing the Beach Fossils on Spotify (or adding them to my playlist)

    2. fredwilson

      that’s great. i do a similar thing on rdio with my sister in law. she is on rdio. so am i. i see all of her favorites on my sonos via the rdio app and on my android in the car on the android app. this example will make it into my presentation. thanks again.

    3. Liz

      I think you’ve hit on the primary obstacle: system integration. I think the technical hurdles can be overcome but this kind of cross-platform content sharing requires a level of cooperation between companies that seems antithetical to competitiveness. Isn’t this one reason why there are so many systems for cell phone carriers that are incompatible in the U.S. but not in Europe and Asia where they have agreed upon standards?It would be very convenient if this transfer of any content between any platform could happen. I’m just not optimistic that terms can be reached among some of the big players.

  42. Steve Poppe

    Hey Fred. Content shifting is aligned with a newmedia behavior I’m mapping called “fast twitch.” Most marketers liketo talk about touch points, but media consumption today is more about twitch points– points at which consumers look for a better, clarifying source. Followingthat trail and getting consumers closer to a transaction is the new challengefor marketers. Content shifting is an important component of fast twitch. Can’twait to hear more. Have a great talk Monday. Keep Read Write alive!

  43. bdotdub

    While the Android and iPhone browsers are great and getting better, some content just isn’t meant to be viewed on a mobile phone, such as a github repo page or 37signals. I built to solve this issue by content shifting something from my phone to my desktop browser. Sort of a reverse instapaper.

    1. fredwilson

      i do a very lame version of that. i forward the email and attachment to my assitant

      1. bdotdub

        I’m not sure if you saw this, but there was a content shifting project coming out of MIT :…It supposed to seamlessly push and pull content between your desktop and your mobile (looks like its working on android only so far)

        1. fredwilson

          cooli need to check that out

  44. iperelman

    If you need additional time-shifting use cases, you may want to look at Voxer. We stream audio live (Walkie Talkie functionality), but all audio messages are also available for a later review (Voicemail functionality). goal is to make voice communication simpler and more useful. The first step is time-shifting and content-shifting will follow soon.One of my favorite content shifting use cases is google voice. I redirect my incoming phone calls to both my mobile phone and my computer(s). Many times I get a call when I’m in front of my laptop/desktop and my phone is anywhere else, so I just answer (or ignore 😉 it directly from the machine I’m working on.

    1. fredwilson

      i hadn’t thought of google voice as content shifting but i can see why you suggest it is

  45. Eric Scherer

    Have a look on this Cisco video…An illustration of liquid media. Eric 

  46. iamryfly

    I am a huge advocate of content shifting.  Big companies like Amazon are doing this successfully with Kindle and hopefully their Cloud Player will take the same approach.  Smaller companies like Instapaper, make it a joy to read your favorite articles on a number of different devices and screens.With Apple’s recent announcements I feel that their content shifting is further widening the gap between open and closed.

  47. orenraboy

    i am late to the party… but how about a way to record anything you are hearing via a microphone, stream to the cloud where it gets transcribed and indexed. then search for anything from past conversations and replay it?

  48. Brian

    Hate to play Debbie Downer here, but a lot (but not all) ofthe content sharing you see today may not be economically sustainable. I thinka lot of people are using the equity valuations we see in the social networkingas the sole justification for some content sharing even though there is no economicvalue creation, at least yet.It’s all fine and dandy right now, but I think there are alot of people (both content creators and technology enablers) that aren’tgetting paid fairly right now. This content sharing has to make economic senseand provide a real ROI.For example, what happens if Facebook starts demanding compensationfor the billions of eyeballs it refers to other websites, such as YouTube.Whoever figures out how to syndicate all this content acrossmultiple devices is going to be filthy rich. If someone like CBS figures outhow to create a syndication model for all its content across all these contentaggregators, it could in turn use that knowledge to create a syndicationbusiness that could dwarf the actual CBS network.

  49. Prokofy

    The urge to content shift is the beginning of crime.

  50. Marg Paradiso Bouse

    Better late then never, but here’s my comment. Hubby went an analog/digital combo route when he bought a slingbox.  He now has complete access to all of our channels on the verizon cable system via his android phone — and he can either watch it there, or he hooks up AVOut to the TV or projector system and we watch it (albeit a little grainy) in our vacation home in FL which has only basic cable…