Posting Audio On The Go To Tumblr Via SoundCloud

I always love it when our portfolio companies work together to make something great. Today, Tumblr and SoundCloud are rolling out audio posting to Tumblr via SoundCloud. Here's what Tumblr's David Karp has to say about it and here's what SoundCloud's David Noel has to say about it.

There are a ton of great features (like searching SoundCloud right from the Tumblr music posting interface) but what I love most about this is that I can now capture sounds when I'm out and about and post them directly to Tumblr from my phone.

I did that today on the subway on my way back to the office. I recorded the subway announcement as we were pulling into the 23rd street station on our way to Union Square. Here it is:

Next stop: union square at Subway by fredwilson

And right from the SoundCloud android app, I was able to autopost it to my Tumblr. Within seconds, I had 10 likes on Tumblr. That's pretty cool.

You can also post to Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare from SoundCloud's mobile apps but Tumblr is the first social platform to allow for playing the audio natively in the service. I hope the others will add that because its so great to hit play and start listening.

Thanks Tumblr and SoundCloud for making something great that I've wanted for a long time.