Some Android News

As a self proclaimed Android fanboy, I thought I'd talk about a couple things I'm excited about in Android land.

1 – Android is seeing 500k activations a day and that number is growing 4.4% week over week. More users means a stronger platform and hopefully more and better apps. I've added at least a dozen awesome android apps over the past few weeks.

2 – We've got a new flagship Android handset coming out. I love my Nexus S but the new Nexus Prime seems even better. I love the idea of scrapping the menu buttons from the bottom of the device and replacing it with more screen real estate. I also love the idea of naming a phone after a transformer.

Over the past six months I have watched my wife and two partners move from Blackberry to Android. None of those decisions was easy and without some pain. But I think they are all quite happy with the decisions and the Android platform. The Gotham Gal couldn't imagine a phone without a physical keyboard so she is on the HTC G2. One of my partners is on the Nexus S and the other is on the orignal Nexus. I'm going to get him a Nexus Prime when it comes out.

It is fun being on a platform that is growing rapidly, improving with every software build, and attracting lots of new developers and applications.