MBA Mondays Is On Vacation

Happy July 4th Everyone

I'm taking a break to celebrate the July 4th holdiday with friends and family. We'll be back next Monday with the next topic in our Financing Options For Startups series: Convertible Debt.


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  1. tyronerubin

    Enjoy!! Will give me some time to brush up on the previous MBA monday’s, thanks as always. 

  2. CJ

    FREE POST!  iPhone sucks! Android Rox!  LOL – Happy 4th Everyone!

    1. Tereza

      I think you were supposed to spell that “sux”.Off to the pool!  xoxoT.

  3. paramendra

    Happy 4th. 

  4. Tereza

    Actually — what’s Fred gonna say about convertible debt?”Hi, my name is Fred and I hate convertible debt.  Tawk amongst yaselves.”:-)

  5. Rand Fishkin

    Happy 4th of July Fred! I have to admit, I was kinda hoping to read a post here, but probably better that you’re taking a vacation. If you’re struggling for topics to post around, I had a bunch of questions in this post:… and would certainly love your feedback.

    1. fredwilson

      great postif you do decide to raise money, i would strongly suggest you put the moneyinto more product people, more engineers all leading to more product

      1. Rand Fishkin

        Yeah – I think we’ve got a number of question marks around specific uses for capital, but product/engineering folks thankfully is one of the more obvious and easy ones. Thanks!

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    Happy 4th of July everyone