Two Kickstarter Projects You Should Know About

I backed a couple Kickstarter projects this week and I thought you ought to know about them.

The first is from Josh Harris. Yes, the Josh Harris who was one of NYC's most notable entrepreneurs in the mid and late 90s. The Josh Harris who threw killer parties, did the Quiet and We Live In Public projetcs, and the Josh Harris who was the first person I ever met who did podcasting and videocasting on the internet. Josh wants to build an Internet Television Network called The Wired City. Here's the video introducing the concept.

The Wired City is an extension of everything Josh has been working on over the past fifteen years and is exactly the kind of super creative project that Kickstarter is perfect for. If you'd like to back this project like I did, click here and go for it.

The second one is from Brian August. He wants to build an augemented reality app for the iPhone that will allow users to document their stories of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in NYC. Here's his video:

Brian's project has 17 days left and he's closing in on his target. If you'd like to insure this app becomes a reality, click here and back it.