A Day To Remember

Yesterday was a fantastic day.

I started out with a breakfast with an entrepreneur who is going to launch the web and mobile app he and his team have been building in the coming weeks. The excitement on his face was infectious.

Then I went to the kickoff board meeting for a new investment our firm made. The company is growing fast, the service has serious traction. Growing pains and big plans vied for everyone's attention.

Then I went to another board meeting for a company that has been around for between four and five years. We provided the initial capital to get it started. The business has grown to the point that all systems are working well, it's a real company with real revenues and profits right around the corner. We talked about the next big strategic moves we are going to make.

Then at 6:30, after back to back board meetings, I went to meet with the fourth of our portfolio companies in a single day. We talked about how to step on the gas wtih a business that is ramping super fast and busting at the seams.

Four portfolio companies. Each at a different stage. Each in a different business. Each with a different team. All doing great things. It's this ability to engage meaningfully with many interesting teams and busineses in a single day that makes the venture capital business the perfect job for me. I love it.

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