Fifty For Fifty

It's August, the month I was born, fifty years ago.

To celebrate this milestone, The Gotham Gal (who turns fifty six weeks after I do) and I are going to raise $50,000 for classroom projects focused on family via Donors Choose.

I've just kicked off this campaign by closing out a project by an LA teacher called The Family That Reads Together Stays Together. That's exactly the mindset we want to encourage with this campaign. Schools can only do so much, we need families engaged and involved, and we need to help teachers get them involved.

So we've curated a giving page full of projects that bring families and classrooms closer together. We are going to keep that page full of projects for the next month and our goal is to raise $50,000 for these projects this month. Sometime today, I will start running a widget on the right rail of this blog that looks sort of like this one below. It will stay there all month reminding everyone to consider contributing to this campaign.

The Gotham Gal is in on this campaign. Longtime readers know that I do this sort of thing at least once a year at AVC, but this is the first time The Gotham Gal and I will do a cross blog Donors Choose campaign. I'm excited about the opportunity to collaborate on something like this with her and the community at Gotham Gal.

So help us both celebrate turning fifty by joining this campaign to help teachers connect families and classrooms. It's a great cause.

Note: If you came here looking for a new MBA Mondays post, I took a week off to kick off this campaign. MBA Mondays will be back next week. You might enjoy perusing this list of all the 81 MBA Mondays posts to date.