Something's Happening Here

In the past week, the daily visitors at AVC have gone from an average of 10k per day to over 20k per day.

AVC visitors

While this influx of new visitors is welcome (welcome everyone!), it is also unnerving. Where is it coming from?

Well the answer to that is pretty obvious – StumbleUpon. Here are the top traffic sources to AVC for the past week.

AVC traffic sources past seven days

Typically direct traffic brings 40k visits per week. Readers clicking through from the RSS feed make up about 10k visits per week. Google search and Twitter each bring about 7,500 visits per week. StumbleUpon had been next on the list, bringing around 5k visits per week over the past few months. I have noticed StumbleUpon traffic growing pretty consistently over the course of this year.

But I've never seen a firehose of traffic and visitors like I've seen this past week from StumbleUpon. I'm not entirely clear what is happening here. But I hope it continues. More readers means more conversations and opinions and more friends. Welcome Stumblers.