The Amazon Tablet

I saw this picture at BGR yesterday and immediately thought "I want that."

We go back and forth in our family about Kindle vs iPad for reading. The Kindle is lighter and smaller. The iPad has a browser and other services for enhanced reading/researching as I blogged about recently.

What we all want is a hybrid of the two – a kindle that is a full blown tablet computer with a browser, apps, and an OS. It looks like Amazon is going to bring that to market this fall. I'm getting one for myself and one for the Gotham Gal. And I'm pretty sure my mom and dad are getting them too. It looks like a killer product.


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  1. Roch

    It looks like a galaxy tab ūüėČ

    1. rick gregory

      it IS a Tab. Not really sure why people are getting jazzed about something like this just because it would be from Amazon. 

      1. Fernando Gutierrez

        Because being from Amazon is a big deal!Brands and how they work are really important. When Apple launched the iPhone, all of it features, and some more, were available in other phones, but the Apple way of putting them together made it a huge success. Amazon is for many of us in the same league. They do things in a way we love.

        1. fredwilson

          yuppppppmy dad loves his kindlebut he really wants a tablethe’s an amazon fan, just like so many are apple fansthat’s why he’s so interested in this

          1. RichardF

            +1 I love my Kindle and I love AmazonThe iPad is way over-specified and engineered for what I want (and for reading is nowhere near as comfortable to use as the Kindle)I just want something inexpensive that I can browse the internet, watch a movie on and listen to music on.

  2. ErikSchwartz

    It looks like the first version of the Galaxy Tab.

  3. Graham Siener

    I think Amazon’s ultimate goal will depend on a touchscreen paired with a color version of e-ink. ¬†Until then, it seems like having a Kindle or iPad would be better.

  4. Ashley Aitken

    Not sure how this would differ from an iPad (or other tablet) with Kindle App (all of which exist). I certainly don’t wish to have the Kindle interface on a tablet. ¬†Perhaps Amazon will just sell another Android tablet (or at least rebrand one).

    1. leigh

      the ipad is too heavy for reading. ¬†I got my¬†daughter¬†a Kobo (the Canadian Kindle) and my Mom the Kindle — hate the screen and the weird flash you get when you go to the next page. ¬†For those that read a lot – having a device made specifically for that makes all the sense in the world. ¬†

      1. fredwilson

        i read on an ipad most of the time. it’s heavy but not too heavy for me

      2. Demonstr8r

        I read on my iPad for several hours a day and I don’t have forearms like Popeye. How can 1.33 lbs be too heavy for anyone, but a toddler?

        1. leigh

          My toddler has less issues reading on the ipad than i do. ¬†— it’s not that I can’t read on the ipad – i don’t find it comfortable. ¬†i would much prefer a smaller lighter book reader. ¬†that is all. ¬†

    2. fredwilson

      i read now on an iPad with the kindle app.but i’d love a smaller tablet (like the galaxy tab) from amazon customized for the reading experience

      1. Craig Cannon

        Agreed. After trying the Kindle and its app (among others) across a few devices, the gap between eReader and tablet became very clear. There’s significant eReading functionality left to be added to both. Not sure at which point these devices will converge, if ever. In the meantime I’m looking for a device that recognizes that eReading is not simply a digital representation of the printed word.¬†Neither the Kindle nor the iPad offer an experience that truly embraces the digital element. Hopefully the Amazon tablet will address that in some way…

      2. Robert Holtz

        I think this WILL cut into iPad sales… I really do… at least in the short term.I also think it is clever to brand this as the Amazon Tablet not as the Kindle or Kindle 2.¬† This allows them to still position the Kindle to those who are buying that now AND have a product for those who want that middle ground you describe.¬† Kudos to Mr. Bezos for listening to the market and nailing the product.Question for you, though, Fred: In terms of Amazon maintaining any kind of barrier of entry on this product play, if this slightly smaller form factor becomes a big category winner, what’s to stop Apple from just releasing a slightly smaller variant of the iPad?¬† An iPad Mini?I mean, I think the Amazon Tablet is a winner for sure. Because it is hitting the street NOW, I am certain it will sell and sell well.¬† But if it is a BIG success, such that it eats into iPad sales to any meaningful degree, I don’t think Apple is just going to sit there and take that. ¬†It is a wave of now Tim Cook’s hand for Apple to match that product feature for feature.¬† So what say you about Amazon’s barrier of entry?¬† As a VC in particular, and lets say you were advising Bezos on this (and perhaps you are), would you tell him to build it anyway and make hay while the sun shines but expect to lose the category?¬† OR would you tell him he is nuts because there isn’t much of a barrier of entry and his product can get swept away like some sand castle on the shore?¬† OR do you disagree with the premise that the barrier is low at all and you see the Amazon Tablet going head-to-head with the iPad beyond being a nice color Kindle + browser?Very interested in your sage wisdom here.¬† Thanks.

        1. fredwilson

          apple has been very stubborn about sticking to a single form factor on its phones and tabletnot sure they will change that posture under Tim Cook

          1. Robert Holtz

            Good point, Fred.With the iPhone, I see the point of staying in the same general design.¬† For how people use a telephone, there is basically an ideal size, period.¬† But I think back at the iPods and many variations with the iPod, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, etc.¬† So why not do that with the iPad?¬† Especially if to fend off the Amazon threat. I guess we’ll find out.^^You DO make a very good point.

      3. Andy

        You obviously probably know more about the features of this tablet than I do, but what exactly are the things that make this tablet different than an ipod and more customized for a reading experience?

      4. Startup Tech Guy

        Fred people aren’t getting how this is so disruptive. ¬†As long as Bezos and his people get the pricing right this could be the iPad and Android killer for that matter.Amazon is one of the most trusted online brands in the world and they’ve been doing e-commerce since what 1995?Their entire ecosystem is in place already and trusted by consumers. ¬†Not only that but in a full Android tablet it could make one click shopping a breeze. Imagine using the rear facing camera in Target to a scanner app and then in a snap of a finger finding that the game you want is $15 cheaper on Amazon. ¬†The tablet already has your account info and you’re purchasing XX item from Amazon in less than 30 seconds.…btw- the photo in BGR is a mock upAnd please email me Ive got a game changer idea on something elsekyle @ thedroidguy dot com

      5. Brian Paul

        The Nook Color is almost what you’re describing. My wife chose that over a Kindle because she wanted a backlight rather than e-ink¬†and over an iPad from a cost and weight perspective.Here’s hoping we can get back onto Kindle when this device ships.Unfortunately B&N did bizarre things to Android on that device. I have to say that the weight and form factor are almost ideal though. I wasn’t really cognizant of the iPad’s weight until I read a few pages on the Nook Color.

    3. Startup Tech Guy

      It completely disrupts the ecosystem. ¬†Amazon has been in the electronic delivery of goods for about 12 years longer than Apple. Their ecosystem is in place already but not just that it’s proven, tested and trusted…Thedroidguy

  5. JimHirshfield

    I saw that yesterday as well. Thought it was a mock up. Nonetheless, I think Amazon is likely the best positioned company to deliver a lower cost alternative to ipad due to their ability to subsidize with content.

  6. Steve Hallock

    going to get REALLY interesting on price. ¬†Up until last week, I really haven’t understood why everyone seems to agree there is a huge demand for tablets. ¬†All I saw was a huge demand for iPads. ¬†However, the HP Touchpad blowout showed there is massive demand for a tablet at prices considerably cheaper than Apple. ¬†Amazon is one of the few companies with the economics to flood the market with low priced tablets. ¬†They also have the right brand. ¬†Motorola, Samsung, etc are known for making fidgety gadgets. ¬†Apple is known for “magic that just works.” ¬†Amazon also has a “just works” brand – simple website to order whatever you want, simple shipping, Kindle is almost too simple, etc. ¬†Not to mention their brand has a ton of goodwill amongst the average person to rival Apple’s.If I were an iPad, I’d be shaking in my overpriced slip cover right now.

    1. Steve Hallock

      By the way, I find branding to be a strangely overlooked part of this Apple vs Android debate.  For most people, specs and operating systems mean nothing.  Apple means something very different than all of the tablet entrants so far.  Until the right brand steps up, comparing tablets by iPad to Android is really apples to oranges 

      1. G'lan

        Almost… It’s like comparing “apples” to “mixed fruit cup”

        1. Jim

          So true.

    2. fredwilson

      yeah, the HP blowout was quite interesting

      1. Steve Hallock

        How much do you think Amazon paid HP for that market research? ūüėČ

        1. fredwilson

          too much



  7. samfjacobs

    Reading in the sun.  Can this flip back to traditional e-ink?  If so, win.

    1. Umar

      E-ink and lcd? Now that I would pay for – doubt it will though as it seems like a huge task to achieve

  8. Luke Toland

    I’m not sure what a “hybrid of the two” is.An iPad that’s lighter and cheaper?Or a Kindle with color and browsing capabilities?Amazon has an excellent opportunity to learn from HP’s Touchpad saga. In effect, the Touchpad was the mother-of-all research exercises. Amazon now knows for sure that there was a demand gap and competition is viable. People aren’t buying tablets simply because Apple is producing them. Rather, people want a (good) tablet without the Apple prices.¬†

  9. kenberger

    told ya! told ya! told ya!this form factor has been my main device for a while now. But i feel like i’m the only one so far.(edit: I’ve bragged about the samsung tab and HTC Evo View 4G for a while now, and showed to Fred. The View is a tad heavy as it has gorilla glass, and the current offerings probably need a year or 2 to come down in size and price).

    1. Mark Birch

      Such a nerd…

      1. kenberger

        takes 1 to spot 1, thanks!

    2. kenberger

      OK, HANG ON A SECOND…The reports are saying that this device will NOT have Android Market on it, will be totally oriented to the Amazon store. If that’s the case, then this is a MAJOR FAIL for people like Fred and his family.Much better to get an unregulated Android 7″ tablet, use the Kindle app (it’s fantastic), and have all the other great apps that you have on your Nexus S and other Androids.The Nook is available now, and it’s possible to hack and flash it with a complete Android OS, in this fashion, for example.

      1. fredwilson

        that would be a total bummer

  10. Graham

    Yeah, the picture is a funny choice – I use an original Galaxy tab 7″, get Kindle, Nook, and Google Books (and whatever other bookstores decide to make a go at it). I’m not complaining or looking for a replacement. And they’re like $200 used in good shape now.

  11. Oscar Feliciano

    So… you immediately thought “I want that” when you saw a Galaxy Tab (which is exactly what this is, btw) with the words Amazon Tablet photoshopped on top? ¬†LOL.

    1. fredwilson

      pretty much. it’s what the image represents. not the image

  12. aminTorres

    I can’t help my self but, are we experiencing a photoshop disaster here with the fingers?I mean, look at that thumb and the middle finger looks like cut in half…¬†I know this is besides the point but that hand is just odd.Also, unless they just leaked some merger hinting here, why would you include a barnes and noble branding and touting service on a piece of ad for an amazon tablet?¬†

    1. fredwilson

      yup. not the most elegant photoshop. but it got the point across to me

  13. ErikSchwartz

    FWIW, source material for the photo…

    1. fredwilson

      nicely done!

  14. MaticBitenc

    I personally believe that in this case, a technology breakthrough is needed (so not just value added service or “repackaging” of existing product for better fit). Meaning, e-ink that is as capable as first LCD generation screens. Something like that. And I do not think this technology is ready yet.I still dont like reading text on non e-ink screens.andraz

  15. rick gregory

    You’ve seen the Nook Color, yes? Of course, if you have a lot of Kindle books you’d need to root and Flash it to get full Android on it and t hus the Kindle app… but that’s a lightweight, inexpensive, well built 7″ tablet. YOu can even get the SD card that lets you boot into 2.3 premade for $35…

    1. fredwilson

      we are amazon loyalists in our family so nook wasn’t something we considered

      1. rick gregory

        Ah, but you can install Cyanogen 7 and make the NC a full on 2.3 tablet in 30 mins.¬†I guess the reason I did that is the same reason I don’t like either a stock Nook Color or an Amazon tablet – I don’t want to be trapped when it comes what books my reader can read. Both the NC and an Amazon tablet do that (presuming the Amazon tablet¬†doesn’t¬†allow installation of other ereaders) and it feels contrary to one of the stated reasons for Android, the openness. Now, if Amazon allows an out of the box environment that allows one to install the Nook reader or a 3rd party reader like Aldiko… that’s a different kettle of fish.¬†So why did I get the NC last winter? Easy… I like the form factor for reading, I knew I could root it and at $250 the price was right.

        1. fredwilson

          that’s a fun hack

        2. Ravi

          Aldiko and Kobo are available in Amazon’s Appstore (though Kobo, at least, is not as up-to-date as the one in the Market). Presumably that means they will be available even if Amazon locks the tablet down. On the other hand, if Amazon is already letting ebook/ereading competitors in, that takes away one big motive they have to lock a tablet down in the first place, so we’ll see how it plays out.

  16. hypermark

    I think the real question re hybrid is how Amazon is going to find the balance between its current superior readability for bookish types of activities, and the richness of display required for apps and other media.To serve one better, you have to sacrifice the other a bit.

  17. Rick Shaw

    Not sure how this is any different from the iPad which already has e reader functionality built in. There’s no guarantee this is going to be as light as the Kindle, in fact it’s highly unlikely. It also won’t have eink, which is a big plus for the Kindle.

    1. Lucian Armasu

      Why is it so unlikely that it will be just as light as the Kindle? The Kindle 3 weighs about 350 grams. The Galaxy Tab 7″ was 400 grams, and it was pretty thick. If Amazon builds a thin one like the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and iPad 2, it should be around 350 grams, too.I think the¬†sweet-spot¬†for this would be $199. But $249 wouldn’t be too bad either – half the price of an iPad, but still dual core (as rumored) and hopefully with a resolution higher than 1024×600.¬†Another surprise would be a different kind of display, that is also good in sunlight. I heard they were supposed to use Qualcomm’s Mirasol, but Qualcomm couldn’t build as many panels as they wanted in time, so they gave up on that idea, but maybe they found an alternative.Either way, unlike the iPad which is tablet first, reader second (or 5th), this will be a reader first, and tablet second.

    2. fredwilson

      i like reading on the ipad better because of the backlighting. it’s great in the dark when someone is sleeping next to you

      1. John Wall

        Even though I travel with my iPad I still find myself bringing my Kindle along, it’s a lot easier on my eyes after a full day of looking at a monitor and I’m a lot less worried about it getting dropped/stolen/filled with sand than my iPad.

  18. Joemoe

    It’s just a galaxy tab with amazon logo. I’ve used galaxy tab, believe me you don’t want one….

    1. ErikSchwartz

      I like my Galaxy Tab 10.1 running honeycomb enough that I gave my iPad to my kids.

    2. fredwilson

      that’s what the picture is. but what it suggests, is something else. a hybrid kindle/tablet which is something i do want

      1. Sh'mu'el Cohen

        How would it be different from an iPad with a Kindle app? Or are your proposing some new color e-ink technology?

      2. ShanaC

        what if it isn’t?¬† what if it is much more tablet like? would it be pointless



  19. BillSeitz

    I’m not clear on how this would be different from existing 7″ Android tablets running Kindle app.

    1. fredwilson

      i think/hope/expect amazon will do some things to make it a better reading device than the current 7″ androids

  20. scottythebody

    If it solves the reading in daylight issues I have with my iPad, then consider it sold (to me).

  21. Moeed Mohammad

    One screenshot and you’re sold?Come on now.

    1. fredwilson

      it’s not the screenshot. that’s a bad photoshop. it’s the idea expressed in the screenshot that has me excited

  22. falicon

    everyone’s got a diff. opinion around these things…me personally, I don’t like the size of it. it’s not as small as a phone so it doesn’t really fit in a pocket (you could prob. jam it in some, but it’s not walking around size)…and if you can’t fit it in a pocket, then why scrimp on space? I would prefer to see tablets go up to true folder size (and focus on thinner/lighter than ‘smaller’).Beyond the size issue…I would prefer one of these devices to worry less about Android or not and just focus more on the mobile web experience…make it super fast and full featured for web browsing and I’ll be really interested (ie. I just want a portable Google Chrome or Firefox tablet that is thin, lightweight, and super fast for web browsing).

  23. Reykjavik

    Amazon has as maniacal an obsession with the customer as Apple. It’s just expressed differently. The Kindle group’s new building on Terry Avenue is the only place on the Amazon campus locked down from access by non-authorized Amazonians for a reason (except for the lobby coffee bar). Expect something very interesting to be released this fall.

  24. Sunil Gunderia

    Incredibly exciting. Amazon is a credible threat to Apple’s tablet dominance and I believe they could accelerate the speed at which tablets become mass market devices.A key determinant will be pricing. A real game changer will be if Amazon prices aggressively and exchanges upfront tablet margin for customer LTV through purchases. BOM estimates for a¬†the original 16 gig wifi iPad is around $250. If Amazon can get their costs in this range or less based on configuration changes they could get a tablet into the market for what I think is a sweet spot of less than $300.¬†Unlike any other OEM, Amazon is unique in that it has a robust ecosystem with an array of content¬†¬†(books, apps, music, video) and established consumer billing relationships (both subscription through prime and transaction through 1 click). Further, it excels at retail and cross selling products.Price plus a credible store/content offering would make an Amazon tablet a viable alternative to the iPad for the casual tablet user. An LED/eInk combination screen potentially makes its a more compelling device for many users.

    1. fredwilson

      my mom and dad both got excited by a price point that starts with a 2



  25. Terry J Leach

    I’m¬†definitely¬†buying an Amazon Tablet, because it can be for reading and it will be used for Android Apps. ¬†I’ve been saying for sometime that Amazon will be a major competitor to Apple. Amazon has been gearing up for the launch of it’s tablet which will be used to sell Amazon digital goods (ebooks, movie rentals, music and more), unlike Apple, Amazon is ecommerce¬†company that will use hardware to drive digital product sales which is the reverse of Apple. The price point for the Amazon tablet will be use to drive mass market adoption.

  26. Ragavan Srinivasan

    I think Amazon’s tablet is going to be aggressively priced, but perhaps also require an Amazon Prime membership? Flat fee for unlimited books, music, video and apps? Am I crazy? ūüôā

    1. ErikSchwartz

      I wonder if one could make the math work for Amazon to GIVE a tablet to Amazon Prime customers.

      1. Fernando Gutierrez

        They did a test with free Kindles for some Amazon Prime customers a couple of years ago and they could not make it work. For tablets I imagine it will be more difficult.

      2. ShanaC

        I would love that as an amazon prime member

      3. John Wall

        I am sure it makes sense, somebody just needs to check the math. I just got a refurb Wi-Fi only kindle from Amazon for $90, I’m averaging $200 a year in books…

    2. Fernando Gutierrez

      Yes, you are ūüôā but maybe something in that line would be possible.When the iPad launched and everyone was saying it was gonna kill the Kindle I wrote a post saying that the best defence was changing the price model. Give the hardware for free tied to a monthy ebook purchase, or with a monthy quota that gives you an ebook every month (like they do with Audible). Now it’s obvious that the Kindle is not in danger, but I still believe that Amazon should explore that road.

  27. Scott Barnett

    It’s absolutely worth a look… I have the Acer Android tablet – it doesn’t “thrill” me, but I’m sold on Android. ¬†A more seamless reading experience and better video (amazing that Netflix is still not supported officially yet) is a must. ¬†And lighter/cheaper would be great. ¬†I don’t know that I’ll be first in line (or I guess second behind you Fred!) but I’ll be anxiously waiting your review…

  28. LE

    I’ve noticed a few pot shots in the comments regarding Fred’s strong reaction. Maybe an idea to reverse engineer what about this device caused that reaction in Fred. Isn’t this apparent immediate love, in general, what Apple so far has been able to achieve with it’s products?

    1. fredwilson

      i guess not so many others are excited about an andrazon tablet??

      1. LE

        One issue I have is the name actually. The name “android”. I think it’s a terrible consumer name for this.¬† The media adding “device” doesn’t make it any better.Naming is important.Gotham girl is gotham girl. She’s not “staten island girl” (forgetting of course that that’s not where she is). USV is not “Staten Island Ventures”.¬† It’s “Union Square”. Classy sound to it.¬† You didn’t name one of your daughters “moon unit”.Android obviously sounds good to the people at google. But then again they are all cut from the same bolt of cloth. They don’t hire human beings they hire Mr. Spocks.

  29. Parveen Kaler

    I believe the Google acquisition of Motorola was more defensive against Amazon than it was about patents.  6 months from now, Amazon will have the premier Android device.  Amazon Prime + Kindle + Music Locker + 1-Click Commerce + Recommendations + Appstore on Android with their existing distribution channel would be a fantastic soup-to-nuts device.The mobile world is going more integrated; not more modular.  Google finally saw that and had to acquire Motorola to create a soup-to-nuts product.

    1. fredwilson

      that’s an interesting perspective



    2. Pete Griffiths

      I completely agree.  They are the only player I can think of with the ability to provide an end to end service delivery and they have countless millions of credit cards on file behind that one click.

    3. Dave Pinsen

      That makes sense. Along those lines, I remember reading somewhere recently (in the FT, I think?) that Amazon was emerging as the company best able to challenge Apple. 

  30. ShanaC

    Actually, I’d rather have the devices split.¬† Especially when it comes to important reading, I want to know the battery will last, and the e-readers tend to go like jackrabbits compared to tablets….

  31. Opinion123

    Why would an amazon tablet show barnes and noble web page in a leaked photo.sounds fake

  32. Paulekrause

    So why does an AmZon product have a Barnes & Noble page on it’s screen?

    1. fredwilson

      the image is a photoshop

  33. Wells Baum

    A raw color Kindle that promotes reading with a twist of iPad apps works.

  34. Chris J

    I don’t get what you’re saying. The Kindle is popular because it’s specifically made for reading books, made with e-ink technology which is specifically made for reading books. This is definitely not a hybrid, it’s just a smaller iPad without the great OS. Making a smaller iPad completely eliminates the one advantage Kindle has over the iPad. A hybrid of e-ink and LCD would be great, this not that hybrid.

    1. fredwilson

      what i am saying is i read on the iPad all the time. i wish it was smaller and customized for reading

      1. Chris J

        Ok, I understand that then. I’m on the flip side. I wish the iPad was slightly bigger, like magazine size, with of course, a “retina” display. That can’t come soon enough, the iPhone screen is so much better than the iPad’s… It’s truly like reading a glossy magazine under perfect lighting conditions.

    2. Druce

      Ack!!! the ‘great OS’ hits my hot buttons … iOS is slick, but the idea that it’s totally closed and Apple decides what I can run on it, and taxes developers, makes them jump through various hoops, is a giant leap backwards. If Microsoft had done that, everyone would have (rightly) gone nuts.

      1. fredwilson

        Ack!Love that response

        1. Druce

          In the immortal words of Bill the Cat – Pphptt! is almost as slick from a UI perspective at this point. And that’s not the only criterion for an OS. I give Apple a free pass on iPhone because that was already a closed garden world and it’s a landmark achievement…but I don’t care for that paradigm to be the dominant one in the mobile/cloud world.

      2. Chris J

        I don’t quite understand what people mean by it’s a totally closed system. Meaning viruses can’t get in? Is it about having to jailbreak it to add certain functionality? I can recommend an iPad to pretty much anyone, knowing they won’t have to “jump through various hoops” just to get a single program to work on it or to even have to learn how to use it. I jailbroke mine because I’m more of a geek, but I would never trade the slickness and ease of use for an “open” system that is akin to using a sledgehammer to brush your teeth.You can add functionality to iOS, but you can’t add iOS goodness to other clunky systems.The difference between if MS had done it rather than apple is that MS would have done it the wrong way. =P

        1. Ligiea

          For instance… my office has in-house developed hundreds of tiny engineering programs (scripts really) we use in the field.¬† They were easily and cheaply ported to .apk files in India so that all of our technicians could install them on their Androids.¬† All our iOS-toting employees have to carry laptops since we have no interest in selling or having Apple approve our private software.



        1. Druce

          A normal human uses standard capitalization and grammar LOL.Normal businesses don’t accept having Apple tax them or tell them what’s an acceptable business model or how to run their business.¬†Normal engineers want to run normal industry standard open source software and not have Apple say they can’t.

          1. FAKE GRIMLOCK


  35. goldwerger

    I stumbled on the perfect hybrid by mistake last year. After reading a book on my iPad via the Kindle app, I continued reading on the subway on my iPhone via the same Kindle app (Kindle synchs to last read location on all devices). Soon enough, without noticing, I realized I started reading only on my iPhone.The screen resolution of the new mobile devices is incredible, and holding a small device is so much more convenient (not to mention the advantage of ambient lit screen reading in bed..). This should work as beautifully with an Android phone and Kindle app.I’ve read over 20 books this way in the past year, and I’m never going back (or bigger!).

    1. fredwilson

      my eyes have failed mei can’t read for hours on a phone

      1. goldwerger

        You can increase font size, just like in iPad, should be identical…

    2. Matthew Moore

      I’m the same way. Read on my iPhone on the subway and have been reading a lot more books because of the convenience. I’m amazed how it doesn’t bother my eyes at all!

  36. Mat Pickering

    Love to see a dual screen device. Tablet in front, e-reader on back.



    1. noeticsound

      very likely. amazon has success with low-cost digital hardware, tons of customers, lots of downloadable content. the kindle is awesome for reading, but it can’t deliver amazon’s movies, music, tv shows, will look to forge a lower-cost, fully integrated alternative to the ipad: a single vendor providing the hardware, the app marketplace, and the content. amazon’s home page will feature this thing non-stop, and millions of amazon customers will buy…possibly for the holidays (depending on when this launches).the amazon tablet will aim to corner the low-end tablet market, competing with acer, samsung, etc. if amazon sells at a loss (as you suggest), or even just cost, these other vendors are toast. apple will probably manage just fine with its loyal clientele.



        1. Ligiea

          ¬†You shouldn’t scream your comments when your grammar is that poor.

          1. Dan T

            seek first to understand, then to be understood . .you must not read much here ūüôā

  38. Eric Leebow

    Yes, looks interesting, as I too am an Amazon loyalist, although I’ve jumped into a few airport bookstores to support my fellow author friends every now and then. ¬†It seems as though all the latest tablets look similar to the iPad, Samsung, or Motorola, or perhaps a cross amongst them all. I’ve questioned people about this, and have asked them “why?” they do not go digital. ¬†Myself included, we love turning the pages or the tactile feel of paper since we’ve grown up with this.¬†This is what I think the market misses for some people.How about a book that you can actually physically turn pages that emulates a traditional paper book and then could also be a tablet device upon folding it up? ¬†Do you think that would be an interesting selling point if Amazon wants to get into this crowded market? Has anyone has pitched you new tablet ideas to you? There are a few “startup” tablets as well on the market such as Plastic Logic, Notion Ink Adam, and Kobo which combined have piqued the interest of many, yet interestingly enough it’s my belief that Amazon branding on a tablet will be an ace in the hole for them to convert those who have yet to jump on board with Kindle because they thought it was exclusively an e-book reader.Amazon may not even have to make its own device. ¬†What if they just sold the “Supports Amazon” concept to tablet makers and the device would have it branded on it. Essentially, that’s what they are doing with the app.

  39. dcmiltown

    I have both. I poopread on my kindle and sometimes hop into books on the iPad kindle app. I like both… I’ve read long term on the iPad, it’s fine, but if I know I want to sit and read or hop on a plane I grab the kindle. I sat in bed the other night with a java book that my wife got me for Christmas (physical book) and forgot how cumbersome books can be…

  40. Alejandro_2992

    Isn’t this just the galaxy tab? Is this picture even real?

  41. Dan Weis

    I agree that we all want is a hybrid of the two.¬† Apple has patented such a solution:…If/when Amazon releases a tablet then¬†it¬†its¬†purely a¬†defensive play unless Amazon¬†has figured out a way to do something similiar to what Apple has patented and to do so¬†at a commercially viable price point.¬†¬†¬†If the tablet does sell for hundreds less than they must be planning to A) simply experiment and see how much they can upsell Amazon content per customer in hopes of justifying the tablet as a loss leader B) Selling a sub-par table which allows them to have a small gross margin or C) hard bundling the tablet with Amazon content/services.¬† I would guess C.

  42. Franck23

    It’s a Galaxy tab 1 clone!!! Just with the Amazon logo!

  43. Miguel Mercado

    Does this tablet comes with the same free worldwide 3G/wishpernet?

  44. bfeld

    Amy and I think this is the first tablet that will give the iPad a run for its money. If you are a big reader (like we are) the iPad form factor is just a little too big. I’ve been using my iPad instead of my Kindle for the past few months, but the battery drain, lack of tight integration with the Kindle Store, and form factor makes me lust after that I think the Amazon Kindle might be.

    1. fredwilson

      Lets hope amazon gives us what we are expecting from them

  45. William Mougayar

    It’s a segmentation thing. And the dust is clearing on who’s who in tablets. Remember the first days of PCs- there were 10-15 brands, not 3-4 top ones.¬†Amazon is beating on price. I don’t think they’ll ever be as innovative as Apple, but a fast follower most definitely. And the Amazon infrastructure is a big help, where they integrate and pipe their services seamlessly.¬†Apple vs. Amazon in tablets is like the Germans vs. Japanese in cars. Think Lexus/Accura vs. Mercedes/BMW. There’s a market for both.¬†

  46. Doug G

    I think it will be great but Barnes & Noble invented it first with their Nook Color. Amazon has to step it up to compete. I love my Nook Color, its access to the Android apps, and its overall functionality as both an e-reader and a tablet. And for $249 it was a steal!

  47. Robert Thuston

    I’m interested to get a Kindle for the simple reason of reading outdoors (I have an Ipad). ¬†The Kindle is not back lit making for a different reading experience. ¬†I’d like for it to be fairly cheap ($70 per say), so I can drop it in the water (say if I’m reading on a dock at a lake) and not care too much. ¬†Reading outdoor’s with an Ipad doesn’t work well.

  48. David Buck, MD, MBA

    Hi Fred, You didn’t mention the e-ink technology on the kindle which is the number one feature for me. ¬†I can read on the kindle more comfortably than on paper. ¬†A backlit computer screen is a whole other story.

    1. fredwilson

      yeah, i guess because this was about my desire to buy an amazon tablet and for me, e-ink is meaningless

  49. Elia Freedman

    I love yet-to-be-released technology products. We get to make them whatever we desire!

  50. Malcolm Bastien

    I’ll try not to discount the market demand for something that so closely approaches what the iPad is.. Amazon has done great things before and definitely is a company that makes big improvements. Remember when a Kindle cost $400?I really think they have a great opportunity because they just can integrate so many services that span consumer and technical audiences, there are so many people that rely on Amazon, and most importantly they are perhaps the only company who is able to release a tablet that isn’t just another iPad clone. I’m sure that should Amazon release a tablet, it will introduce a new innovation that will change the way we interact with content.

    1. Jim

      Amazon is probably the greatest retailer on earth. But is it in their DNA to design a fabulous, elegant, device? It will be hard to subcontract this out as # 1 device maker won’t want the job.

      1. kwmk

        I used to say that Apple didn’t know a thing about making a phone either…

  51. Jonnyeastside

    The picture is the original 7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab that somebody photoshopped. Its a fake.

    1. fredwilson

      we know that. that’s not the point. the point is amazon is going to ship a tablet this fall

  52. Andy

    When I saw it I thought, “Oh another tablet”… to each their own though.

  53. Jcaruso

    Your post does not mention one other key difference between Kindle and iPad: e-ink vs. LCD, respectively. Until iPad has an e-ink “mode” (if that’s even physically possible), I’d rather read on the Kindle. I have zero inclination to read on an iPad after a day on an iPhone and on a computer screen. I would prefer keeping both devices for their respective “best of breed” purposes rather than go to the Amazon tablet. The “best tool for the job”, as they say.

  54. Startup Tech Guy

    Hey FredYou know that’s a mock up right?

    1. fredwilson


  55. smartone2

    Remember Amazon bought Touchco a¬† NYC touchscreen software start up last year…

  56. Peter Mullen

    So stick an Amazon logo on an already available Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ running Android and the fanboys go wild. ¬†Samsung can’t buy a break as the fanboys and those who love them go wild for a product not even announced. ¬†Go figure.

  57. Esanders5

    I’ll get in line for mine, too. I’m a huge Amazon fan/consumer and see the potential for the integration you describe. Only hitch for me is the backlight display… better for eCommerce and browsing, but definitely worse for extended reading; much prefer my e-ink Kindle for that.

  58. Eunice Apia

    I bought a used HP laptop and it burnt out less than two months. I will look into getting a tablet instead of a laptop. Maybe an Amazon tablet.

  59. U.N. Owen

    ‘a hybrid of the two… ‘Uh….You mean with a browser? Apps? An (ahem) ‘OS?’Jeez – got me at a loss there!But, whatever this ‘thing’ is, thank GOODNESS you’ve ALREADY decided to buy – NOT one – 2!Whatever your DAY JOB is (you DO have one?), stick with it.

  60. Guest

    I love my iPad. ¬†Use it quite a bit. ¬†I also really like Amazon and tend to buy the majority of my music there now since they often beat iTunes’ price and integrate well with my iOS devices. ¬†I have not had any issues with the Kindle apple on the iPad or iPhone, but it’s a shame that Apple refuses to build a 7″ device as it seems like people definitely like that form factor. ¬†I know some people that have the 7″ Galaxy because it fits so well in their jacket pocket and handles email well, but they do everything else on the iPad.

  61. Guest

    I love my iPad. ¬†Use it quite a bit. ¬†I also really like Amazon and tend to buy the majority of my music there now since they often beat iTunes’ price and integrate well with my iOS devices. ¬†I have not had any issues with the Kindle apple on the iPad or iPhone, but it’s a shame that Apple refuses to build a 7″ device as it seems like people definitely like that form factor. ¬†I know some people that have the 7″ Galaxy because it fits so well in their jacket pocket and handles email well, but they do everything else on the iPad.

  62. Guest

    I love my iPad. ¬†Use it quite a bit. ¬†I also really like Amazon and tend to buy the majority of my music there now since they often beat iTunes’ price and integrate well with my iOS devices. ¬†I have not had any issues with the Kindle apple on the iPad or iPhone, but it’s a shame that Apple refuses to build a 7″ device as it seems like people definitely like that form factor. ¬†I know some people that have the 7″ Galaxy because it fits so well in their jacket pocket and handles email well, but they do everything else on the iPad.

  63. Guest

    I love my iPad. ¬†Use it quite a bit. ¬†I also really like Amazon and tend to buy the majority of my music there now since they often beat iTunes’ price and integrate well with my iOS devices. ¬†I have not had any issues with the Kindle apple on the iPad or iPhone, but it’s a shame that Apple refuses to build a 7″ device as it seems like people definitely like that form factor. ¬†I know some people that have the 7″ Galaxy because it fits so well in their jacket pocket and handles email well, but they do everything else on the iPad.

  64. Guest

    I love my iPad. ¬†Use it quite a bit. ¬†I also really like Amazon and tend to buy the majority of my music there now since they often beat iTunes’ price and integrate well with my iOS devices. ¬†I have not had any issues with the Kindle apple on the iPad or iPhone, but it’s a shame that Apple refuses to build a 7″ device as it seems like people definitely like that form factor. ¬†I know some people that have the 7″ Galaxy because it fits so well in their jacket pocket and handles email well, but they do everything else on the iPad.

  65. Guest

    I love my iPad. ¬†Use it quite a bit. ¬†I also really like Amazon and tend to buy the majority of my music there now since they often beat iTunes’ price and integrate well with my iOS devices. ¬†I have not had any issues with the Kindle apple on the iPad or iPhone, but it’s a shame that Apple refuses to build a 7″ device as it seems like people definitely like that form factor. ¬†I know some people that have the 7″ Galaxy because it fits so well in their jacket pocket and handles email well, but they do everything else on the iPad.

  66. Guest

    I love my iPad. ¬†Use it quite a bit. ¬†I also really like Amazon and tend to buy the majority of my music there now since they often beat iTunes’ price and integrate well with my iOS devices. ¬†I have not had any issues with the Kindle apple on the iPad or iPhone, but it’s a shame that Apple refuses to build a 7″ device as it seems like people definitely like that form factor. ¬†I know some people that have the 7″ Galaxy because it fits so well in their jacket pocket and handles email well, but they do everything else on the iPad.

  67. Guest

    I love my iPad. ¬†Use it quite a bit. ¬†I also really like Amazon and tend to buy the majority of my music there now since they often beat iTunes’ price and integrate well with my iOS devices. ¬†I have not had any issues with the Kindle apple on the iPad or iPhone, but it’s a shame that Apple refuses to build a 7″ device as it seems like people definitely like that form factor. ¬†I know some people that have the 7″ Galaxy because it fits so well in their jacket pocket and handles email well, but they do everything else on the iPad.

  68. Doug Kersten

    I really want one of these too. ¬†I really like what Amazon does as a company with it’s web services, Kindle, and Amazon stores. ¬†I saw an awesome Powerpoint presentation the other day that laid out what they thought their future would be. ¬†If this tablet uses Android, doesn’t restrict apps I can install, is under $300, and has a wifi only version then I will snap one up right away! ¬†I’ll even start developing for it. ¬†I think the market is ripe for a lower cost tablet with core features that is built well and I think Amazon is perfectly positioned to do it. ¬†I don’t think it will be an Apple killer but it sure would have a good chance to take market¬†domination¬†away from Apple.