Happy Thanksgiving

I'd like to wish everyone out there a happy thanksgiving. I am thankful every day that I have a great wife and family, that I get to do a job I love, and that I live and work in an incredibly interesting time. I am very fortunate and I know it and am thankful for it.

I am also very thankful for the community that has built up around this blog. As someone said in the comments to my "writing" post the other day, if I wrote a post and it got no comments, I might feel differently about writing. Fortunately I don't have to worry about that. Even the weakest post here gets close to fifty comments. And we've seen a post get a thousand comments. Your participation here makes writing every day a pleasure. So thank you for that.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

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  1. Julien

    Thank you for sharing all your knowledge! 

  2. David Noël

    Enjoy the holiday with the family, Fred. Thank you for blogging.

  3. Steve Hallock

    Thank you for taking the time, Fred.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  4. JimHirshfield

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.And to everyone else in this community!

  5. Julien Smith

    But will this post get 50 comments??? Lol.Happy Thanksgiving Fred.

    1. leigh

      but of course it will 🙂  ps. 33 to go as of ……

    2. Donna Brewington White

      I was so excited when I read the post on my phone and saw 49 comments — opened up my laptop to be the 50th commenter and in those few seconds the count had moved to 51!  Now we are at 73 and I’ve been here 20 minutes.

  6. Dale Allyn

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Fred. Thank you for the time and effort you put into your blog. 

  7. Mordy Kaplinsky

    Happy Thanksgiving!  May the next year be a year to be doubly grateful for.

  8. testtest

    happy thanksgiving, fred.and to everyone else.

  9. Elie Seidman

    Happy Thanksgiving, Fred. 

  10. James Ferguson @kWIQly

    As you know over the pond we do not celebrate thanksgiving – None the less thank you.My limited experience with a blog amounts to some three weeks ( a mere 20 posts)  ! As yet I receive few comments, but meanwhile I appreciate the need for discipline to keep moving forward, and know that it is doing my writing skills a service (if not many readers yet) as you pointed out yesterday.  A blog is for me something to look forward to like an afternoon cuppa (tea break) from the daily grind – It is like tea in that it can be savoured, for its essence, rarity and for the simple moments of peace taken to ponder anew on whatever subject has taken the authors fancy – as such it is a guided tour to a mind – what a pleasure!Your blog has inspired others to try (I speak from personal experience) – in so far as they also leave a little of their legacy drawn in the sand for others – it is also a good thing – Thank you again

  11. Rohan

    Thanks Fred. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! 🙂 And happy thanksgiving to everyone. :)Just the fact that we are here means we have a lot to be thankful. I hope everyone has a great day..and for those who are experiencing crises/challenges/situations that are likely making celebrating the day tougher, here’s a quote for the day.. :)‘Often we spend all our time thinking how we can change situations instead of letting them change us.’I’m optimistic that it’s all for the best! :)Thanks everyone for being a fantastic group of e-friends. 🙂

    1. ShanaC

      Same.  goes about e-friends.And I think I need to think on that quote more

      1. Rohan

        You’re not alone. My lizard brain is still trying to get it’s head around it. And I heard it many months ago.. haha 😀

        1. Carl Rahn Griffith

          Who is the quote attributed to?

          1. Rohan

            Actually, I don’t know. I got it second hand myself. Never asked. Anonymous is my best guess. 😉

        2. Carl Rahn Griffith

          Today’s sunset really got me thinking. Similarly, my little lizard brain is still trying to compute it…http://www.flickr.com/photo

          1. Rohan

            Lovely pic Carl! 

    2. Carl Rahn Griffith

      Profound one, there, Rohan – I like it! Life’s Pivot Points – embrace them!

      1. Rohan

        Have a great day monsieur egoboss! 😀

        1. Carl Rahn Griffith

          Ditto! 🙂



      1. Rohan


  12. Robert Thuston

    I’m thankful you have this blog.  Since you do it everyday, it’s easy to take for granted.  But the chance to see your perspective and the perspective of others, as well as the chance to build relationships with you and commenters is extraordinary.Sometimes you nail a post.  When that’s not the case, someone always shares an experience in the comments that makes it worth reading.Happy thanksgiving to all.

    1. William Mougayar

      To your 2nd point, that’s true…AVC commenters can dance without the music and to any music :)If Fred wrote a post that said “Nothing to say today” (and I think he did that once), comments will flow nonetheless and with good stuff.

      1. Fernando Gutierrez

        Yeah he did. I can’t find it now, but pretty sure about that. Also, in those rare days when he doesn’t blog, the comments in the previous day posts heat up again that morning when we all come back for our daily dose.

        1. William Mougayar

          Yup. As I said, we’re like monkeys that can dance without any music.



  13. RichardF

    Happy Thanksgiving AVC community

    1. Rohan

      To you too Richard.Couldn’t recognize you for a moment with the photo. Do you switch between your avatars? 

      1. RichardF

        I switched it for the rugby just got around to switching back Rohan

        1. Rohan

          Switched for rugby? I guess I’m missing some context 🙂

          1. Fernando Gutierrez

            Rugby World Cup finished a few weeks ago. Wales made it to the semifinals (Richard’s avatar was Wales flag).

          2. Rohan

            aha! Thank you! 😀

  14. William Mougayar

    Giving is a two-way street. Being thankful is a two-way street. I was the one that made that comment in your other post regarding not getting comments. I said “Your audience is your fuel”.But I also said “Your audience feeds you and you feed them”. It’s a two-way street. We learn and take from the blog/comments as much as we give. Thanksgiving applies not just to the pilgrims being thankful after their autumn harvest, but also to bloggers with a community. Your community is your harvest and you sow it everyday.

    1. Rohan

      and we get to reap a fair bit of the harvest thankfully.. haha 

      1. William Mougayar

        You’re missing a ha? I thought it was hahaha.

        1. Rohan

          hahaha 😀

        2. Rohan

          On second thought, I think it’s the ‘short form’ version. 😉

    2. Tereza

      Astute comment, William. Actually, the original and your follow-on.

      1. William Mougayar

        Thanks. Have a happy turkey celebration.

  15. Jesse Chenard

    Happy Thanksgiving Fred!

  16. leigh

    gobble gobble  🙂

  17. Tom Labus

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.It’s a beautiful day here.I’ve just switched from chopping duty to bloody mary duty.

    1. RichardF

      nice one Tom, plenty of Tabasco in mine please…

      1. Carl Rahn Griffith

        Ditto.Key more than anything else is the quality of the tomato juice – we use the Big Tom brand over here. I always remember the very best ones being in the former prohibition bar down in the Village area of Manhattan, Chumleys. Best I have ever had. Helen my wife still talks about them and she can make a mean Bloody Mary.Sadly, like so many older character parts of NYC – eg, CBGBs – it’s now gone, apparently.Consider myself lucky that the year or so I lived in NYC such places still existed.Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving, one and all.And, hey, why don’t we all try and remember to count our blessings every day, eh? Just an idea…. 😉

        1. RichardF

          I like the sound of Chumley’s Carl.  I have never been to NYC, my wife keeps telling me we should go, that means that it will be expensive when we do!I’m with you on counting our blessings for sure.Happy Thanksgiving to you to Carl.

          1. Carl Rahn Griffith

            Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, also, Richard.You’d love NYC, I’m sure – as said, I lament the passing of its quirky side – eg, Chumleys and CBGBs in particular grates with me, all in the cause of Gentrification (aka Property Developers, no doubt!). I think The Knitting Factory has also now gone – another old haunt of mine – Fred, do you know if that’s also gone? Man, I saw some weird acts there – also. some great ones! Great memories.We will get back there, one of these days, in some context – I’ve not been back since returning to Europe in 2004 – been on many business trips to other parts of USA since but there’s only one NYC. It’s been too long since being there.Plus, we got engaged in NYC – and, yes, that meant a trip to Tiffany’s, lol. When in Rome, and all that 😉

          2. panterosa,

            The Knitting Factory moved to Williamsburg.Had friends play there years back. Was fun.

        2. fredwilson

          I spent many a late night at chumleys

          1. Carl Rahn Griffith

            Wow, cool. Small world. I wonder if we were ever in there at the same time, back then? Pre-Twitter/4sq days of course, so we’d never know. How times change.I wish Twitter/4sq/et al had been around when my life was more interesting. It’s up to me to make it ‘interesting’ once again, I guess!if Helen was over for a long weekend, we’d often go over on a Sunday afternoon, have some food and watch the world go by – had a lovely vibe to it. I used to frequent it on my own ‘later’ in the evening, on occasions. Ahem… 😉

    2. William Mougayar

      At 11:30 am? Good for you! 

      1. Donna Brewington White

        It’s just before 10:00 a.m. here.  Finishing my morning tea as I gear up to tackle dinner.  First thing is the pecan pie which includes bourbon.  May break a personal record.

    3. ShanaC

      What is the secret to a good bloody mary?

      1. Rohan

        Take it a few times.And then you’ll have answers to all secrets you need, I think.

      2. Donna Brewington White

        Is there such thing as a good bloody mary?  Yuck.  Maybe it’s something I will acquire a taste for when I grow up.  Along with bouillabaisse and borscht.Happy Thanksgiving, dear Shana.

        1. William Mougayar

          Try making a Caesar instead. Do you have Motts Clamato juice? 

          1. Donna Brewington White

            Clamato? You’re killing me.

          2. Donna Brewington White

            You are full of surprises, William.Well, if it makes you feel better you convinced my teenage son!I’m back to my culinary duties. Au revoir, mon ami!

          3. William Mougayar

            Not so fast. I wanna see that pecan pie.

          4. JamesHRH

            If you put a lot of ice in a draft beer glass, 2x the spices & 4x the vodka ( the ice is critical here ), it’s called a Seizure. Which is how you end up pronouncing Caesar after 4 or so.Invented @ Caesar’s Steakhouse in Calgary.And people say that long cold winter nights have no upside……

          5. Donna Brewington White

            Warming up to the idea.

          6. panterosa,

            Yes Clamato!!

        2. Rohan

          Lol. I tend to like H2O lots.Haven’t been able to get past that love affair to other beverages. 

        3. RichardF

          I usually find the bigger the hangover the better it tastes.

        4. William Mougayar

          You don’t like bouillabaise- but you like french things? How about ratatouille?

          1. Donna Brewington White

            Ratatouille, yes!

      3. Dale Allyn

        Mine is something close to this (varies based on mood and supplies):Over ice add: # Good vodka, but not something as “premium” as Belvedere or Hangar 1. Two to four ounces, depending on one’s habits. ;)# Splash of Worcestershire sauce. # Dash of celery salt.# Dash of black pepper.# Squeeze of lime, but lemon is okay if you prefer. I like a little extra of either, and if lemon I add a twist of rind. # A few splashes of Tobasco sauce, more or less depending on heat tolerance.# Good quality tomato juice. EDIT TO ADD: if the the tomato juice is on the sweet side I add a bit of kosher salt.Check heat (spiciness) and lime/lemon and adjust to taste. Some add stalk of celery as garnish, I don’t. Enjoy… Repeat as appropriate. 🙂

        1. William Mougayar

          I guess you Americans don’t know what a Caesar drink is- most popular mixed drink in Canada, 350 million consumed per year according to Wikipedia.

          1. Dale Allyn

            It was one of my father’s favorites. Replace the tomato juice with Clamato juice. 😉  But doesn’t seem to be as popular here in the U.S.  

          2. William Mougayar

            Exactly. Also called Bloody Caesar. Clamato is lighter and tastier than tomato juice…and you can taste the vodka more in it.

          3. ShanaC

            hmm, need to try that too.

          4. JamesHRH

            Disqus & iPad squabbling….

        2. fredwilson

          I like mine with smokra in ithttp://rickspicksnyc.com/pi…

          1. Dale Allyn

            Fred, that’s a great suggestion. I have enjoyed them with several types of pickled veggies. I prefer pickled garnish to straight celery, but have never tried the pickled smoked okra. Sounds interesting. A VC: Come for the technology… Stay for the drinks. 😉

          2. JamesHRH

            That would bea great list: things you have seen in a Bloody Mary / Caesar!Pickled asparagus is a gooder. Smokra sounds worth a go.

          3. Dale Allyn

            James, I’ve had the pickled asparagus, as well as pickled beans of various types. I tend to like acid, so such things work for me. Generally, I just keep the produce on the side, though, with an occasional dunking. 😉

          4. William Mougayar

            Oh no! I hate okra. I can’t imagine pickled okra with paprika. 

          5. ShanaC

            ummm, pickles okra in a drink, why?

          6. William Mougayar

            That’s right. Why.Is it a food or a punishment?

        3. ShanaC

          Sounds good.  Also sounds like something I need to learn to make.

      4. RichardF

        try it with a pinch of grated horseradish, I like celery in mine they make great edible stirrers

      5. Tom Labus

        As Richard said below, it’s horseradish and a lot of fresh lemon.

    4. Rohan

      Well done my wise Padawan.Ahead of the curve, you have shown you are.;-)

    5. Tereza

      I’ll have one, thanks!

  18. Dinesh N.

    Been reading your blog daily for years; commenting for the first time – Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Fred, you enliven our lives on a daily basis, and for that we are indeed grateful!!

    1. fredwilson

      Welcome to commenting!

  19. Aaron Klein

    Happy Thanksgiving Fred, Gotham Gal and the entire AVC community. We all have a lot to be thankful for.

  20. JamesHRH

    Could not agree more with Wm M. that to get, you have to give. I certainly see that in your efforts on AVC Fred. Buy yourself one on me Barkeep!All the best to clan Wilson and to the AVC community celebrating US Thanksgiving.Happy Grey Cup weekend to those of you in the moderately levered portion of NA!

    1. Rohan

      You too James! 🙂

  21. Bobby Davis

    Abraham Lincoln said in his Thanksgiving Proclimation,”The year that is drawing towards its close, has been filled with the blessings of fruitful fields and healthful skies.”In today’s world, the greatest blessings are those that come with innovation, technology, and the spread of knowledge. These “fruits” make our lives easier, more productive and more enjoyable in awesome ways.Thanks for making the world a better place. The sky on the horizon looks a healthy blue.Happy Thanksgiving

    1. Tereza

      What a great comment, Bobby. Thanks for being thoughtful

  22. andyidsinga

    Happy thanksgiving Fred and AVCers.be good.

    1. Rohan

      I thought I’d say thank you to you and bring our conversation across blogs, Andy! 😀

      1. andyidsinga


  23. laurelfreyja

    Happy Thanksgiving! I’m grateful for AVC and all the knowledge and wisdom that is shared by Fred and the AVC community. I’ve learned so much since becoming a regular reader. Thank you all! 

  24. Fernando Gutierrez

    Happy thanksgiving everyone. I’m not American, but a couple of years ago I had the chance to celebrate this festivity for the first time at some friend’s house in Boston and I loved it. Thinking about the good things in our lives and taking the time to thank for them can be really powerful.

    1. ShanaC

      Boston is an amazing place to celebrate thanksgiving because the pilgrims went near there (My father is a New Englander…)

      1. Fernando Gutierrez

        Yes it is. I’ve learnt my bit of American history in my travels there. And New England is gorgeous, especially in fall… great place to be from 🙂

        1. ShanaC

          Wish I was from there, alas, I’m from NY 🙂

  25. ShanaC

    Thanks Fred for helping create a wonderful community.Number one thing I am thankful for: Friends and Family are healthy, safe, and not hungry. (in general)

    1. Rohan

      I’m hungry. Safe and healthy though. 😀

      1. ShanaC

        I meant more that most of my friends get their 3 square.  No one is starving.

  26. MartinEdic

    I want say thanks to Fred, whom I’ve never met, for creating a genuine community here! When I have time to delve into the comments it is always enlightening and entertaining. Have a great one all…

  27. Guest

    Happy Thanksgiving, Joanne. Have a great day. 

  28. DonRyan

    Happy Thanksgiving, Fred. Have a great day. 

  29. Rohan

    PS: Guys. In thanksgiving spirit, I’d highly recommend watching this 4 min Derek Sivers video ‘Everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy http://www.alearningaday.co…I’m sure it’ll give you something to think about, to laugh and to give thanks to.. Have a great day!

  30. William Mougayar

    Another silly day at AVC…

    1. Rohan

      Filed as ‘as expected’

  31. tri-oldman

    Happy Thanksgiving Fred

  32. Jon Knight

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Fred. And… thanks.

  33. Tereza

    Happy Thanksgiving, my friends.We’re in a marathon drive down to Virginia to eat w Richard’s family, with School House Rock playing in the back.It’s great fun to watch your kids learning about taxation without representation, to song. And I’m Just a Bill, Interplanet Janet.My favorite things about Thanksgiving are that being thankful makes the world go round. And also that as a holiday, thanksgiving belongs to everyone.

  34. awaldstein

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.And thanks for wireless on this bus to see my mom in NJ. I’m bringing the wine and a great assortment of wines it is this year.http://awaldstein.tumblr.co

    1. William Mougayar

      What about 3G? Or are you commenting under the river on the Holland tunnel?

      1. awaldstein

        Wifi somewhere on 280W.

        1. William Mougayar

          If the passengers knew what kind of wines you were transporting, you would get mugged right now! What is your location again…exit number? 

  35. Donna Brewington White

    As often happens I opened up AVC for a quick read and this community drew me in. Says a lot that many of us included a visit to AVC in our Thanksgiving activities. The “writing post” was a great prelude to the Thanksgiving post. Maybe that WAS the Thanksgiving post.  It seemed to touch this community deeply and drew forth an even richer display of what this community represents with a lot of gratitude evident. Touched me deeply, but could only comment superficially that day.One thing for sure is that this is a community of thinkers and communicators and people with the capacity to care deeply.Anyway, thank you, Fred.  I’ve said this many times before and I am sure I will say it many times again.Happy Thanksgiving, dear AVC community.  Very thankful for you!  Gratitude is at the heart of joy.

    1. William Mougayar

      Nicely said Donna, and from the heart. 

    2. ShanaC

      Same to you Donna!

    3. Howard Yeh

      I am new here. It’s sometimes an intimidating environment to say something, when everybody here is way smarter and experienced. Except you are all supportive and friendly too : )Looking forward to years of great conversations!

      1. Rohan

        welcome. 🙂 

      2. Mark Essel

        I was intimidated by how accomplished and hard working everyone was, but quickly grew accustomed to butting in ahead of my understanding ;). Fortunately folks have been exceptionally patient with me.Glad to see you becoming a regular commenter (caught and enjoyed the thoughtfulness of your comments in the last few posts).

        1. Howard Yeh

          thanks : )

      3. Donna Brewington White

        Welcome, Howard.I felt the same way when I first began commenting here. Haha, still do.

      4. ShanaC

        Don’t worry about the intimidation:  really most people here are pretty normal and doing pretty normal things.  You’re just like us, and you don’t realize it yet 🙂

        1. Howard Yeh

          “normal” by AVC standard is pretty extraordinary

          1. ShanaC

            If you met me in person, you wouldn’t be saying that

    4. Mark Essel

      :DMany days when playing catch up I scan through the comments getting a feel for the state of the AVC community, and I laugh out loud, or smile or feel a brief moment of reverence for a shared emotional story. Fred’s posts instigate the comments, but the comments come alive all on their own with a sparkling spontaneity that I haven’t found anywhere else.Happy Thanksgiving Donna, and everyone at AVC (even if it’s a day late).

      1. Donna Brewington White

        Great observation, Mark, and well put.Happy Thanksgiving to you as well — and to the lovely Michelle. (Somehow, I always think of her as “the lovely Michelle.”)

  36. Ela Madej

    Likewise! Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and AVC community.It’s my very first Thanksgiving in the US so it’s a very exciting day. Apart from everything I cherish in my personal life, I am thankful for being able to travel the world, work in tech, have (hopefully!) enough energy for the next moths to start a great new company her. It’s such a gift to be able to meet so many great & inspiring people every day. USA is very welcoming so far, you should be proud. Your openness and this feeling (at least in the startup world) that everything is possible if you’re ready to work (extremely) hard makes moving here so much easier.  That’s how I’m experiencing Thanksgiving today. Again, it’s a very special day for me.

    1. Dale Allyn

      I’m glad that you’re having such a positive experience here, Ela. Good luck with your startup, and Happy Thanksgiving!



    1. ShanaC

      only turkeys. dinosaurs don’t taste good

  38. matthughes

    So much to be grateful for indeed.Especially important to keep an eye out for people going through tough times.Happy Thanksgiving AVC. 

  39. William Mougayar

    Judging by today’s comments, tomorrow’s post title will likely be:Bloody Hangovers & Turkey Leftovers

  40. Brad

    Grateful for your posts.

  41. nickgs

    Happy Thanksgiving!! Thanks for all your great work on this blog! 

  42. Economist

    Happy Thanksgiving to all from Santa Fe, NM.First day in a year in which I didn’t turn on a computer. Feels good!

  43. Alex Hammer

    In all seriousness, the generosity you display in your spirit results in the fullness that you experience in your life. 

  44. Joseph K Antony

    A Happy Thanksgiving to yo Fred and the AVC community.Being an entrepreneur in a fast emerging economy, the mature postings from this community are very educative. Loved your postings on mobiles, speakers, music systems etc too. Great. Thanks again

  45. Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry

    Amen. And I’m thankful for your blog, and for having met you thanks to it. 

  46. Kirsten Carmichael

    This is my first time to visit this page, and I regret nothing. The posts here are pretty informational and fun to read. I like the things that I see here – and I’m thankful to find this page, too! Keep them coming, I’m looking forward to more posts from you!

    1. Trish Burgess-Curran

      It is great that you already made a comment on your first visit!  Welcome!

  47. mitterpach

    We are fortunate for having you. You are great inspiration, I check your posts everyday and I’m following you everywhere (twitter, facebook, g+, tumblr etc.) like a shadow :)Thanks to you I will launch my own blog soon. And you will be mentioned there very often. Maybe I’ll never get your audience, but if I’ll have only 1 follower, it will be worth it. Your ideas are making my life better and easier and I feel I should do the same for someone else..Btw, this is my first comment (actually first one in life I think), so yeah, thank you for giving me the courage as well!

  48. Jbcolmenares

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too from Italy!

  49. Trish Burgess-Curran

    I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving and is now enjoying Black Friday!Thank you all, and specially Fred, for sharing your wisdom!

  50. Robert Levitan

    giving you thanks Fred for writing this each day.

  51. Dennis Buizert

    I love this community. I always fit in a moment to read the post and read some of the comments. I have learned some new and interesting things on the way. Thank you guys for being such a great community!

  52. ShanaC

    I was hoping for a recipe 🙂

  53. leigh

    gobble !!!!

  54. Tereza

    Whoah, am I gonna have to separate you two?

  55. Tereza

    Where are you today, anyway?Naturally, not long ago we passed by Lancaster!

  56. Dale Allyn

    An historically appropriate choice (and lobster too). 😉

  57. panterosa,

    Clamato.Sounds weird.