Raise Cache

On the evening of November 17th, the NY tech community is going to throw a party to raise $100k for HackNY. It is called Raise Cache and it should be a lot of fun.

At 8:30pm there is going to be a fashion show featuring members of the tech industry on the runway. I have a terrible feeling that I may be one of them. If so, I apologize in advance for embarassing myself, particularly to my wife and children.

At 9:30pm there is a party with open bar and a “in real life” turntable.fm DJ set. There has already been trash talking between the DJs who are listed here.

There is also a pre-show mixer if you can’t wait to start partying.

All of this action goes down at the Armory on Lex and 25th in NYC. There are all sorts of ticket combinations and student discounts. You can see all of them here. The early bird sales close sometime on thursday so if you want to get a discount (other than student discount), get your tickets now.

HackNY is an amazing program and it deserves all of our support. This is a great way to show that support and also have some fun.

If you don’t know what HackNY is, it’s a summer program to bring top CS students from schools all around the country to NYC to work in our top tech startups. Here’s a video that explains it well.

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