Fun Friday: Movie Recommendations

We've been going back and forth between Feature Friday and Fun Friday the past few weeks. I like them both. So we'll continue to go back and forth between the two on fridays. Today is Fun Friday and I thought we'd trade movie recommendations with each other. The holidays are coming up. Downtime with family is around the corner. And one of the things the Gotham Gal and I like to do during downtime with family is go to the movies.

So I'd like everyone to share a movie review with us (one you posted or one you read) or alternatively a movie that is in the theaters that you want to go see, or both.

My movie review is courtesy of my partner Albert, who saw Hugo with his mom and kids. You should read the entire review, but Albert summarizes it with:

Overall, one of the best movies I have seen with the kids in a long time.  It works for both kids — based on enchantment — and for adults through the many references to movie making sprinkled throughout.  Also, unlike the empty entertainment calories of so many kids movies, this one leaves a lot of lingering impressions and many points to revisit in subsequent conversation.

Let the fun begin.


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  1. jason wright

    I’ll think about a film/ review. Going to see a film is a refreshing antidote to modern web tech consumption of content and an experience I would never want to lose to the almighty power of the reinventing geeks. HANDS OFF!

  2. Kyle

    i really want to see moneyball, even though it’s been out a while already. Brother said it was fantastic.

  3. David Noël

    The two best movies I’ve seen recently: Drive: Carrie Mulligan FTW!The Help: Emma Stone FTW![Update] Margin Call: thanks to @TomLabus for remindingOn the watch list: Moneyball

    1. fredwilson

      i liked moneyball and the help. need to see drive

      1. tyronerubin

        @fredwilson:disqus I saw Moneyball last night and thought it was outstanding. Loved it! I believe it to be a special film. All truly great two men teams in films remind me of  All the President’s Men and this I felt lived up to that high bar.

  4. JimHirshfield

    Hugo +1Hmm, now where’s my Netflix feed? I could just stream those into disqus comments.

    1. awaldstein

      Hugo’s on my list for this weekend.As a lifelong movie fanatic, my opportunity to play in that industry was in 3D, involved early on with the intersection of stereoscopic technology and digital projectors and new screen chemistry.Yeah…it’s controversial but making a change in the industry was a great experience for me.And when done right, 3D is a great experience.

      1. panterosa,

        So interested in 3D, but for a funny reason – I have intermittent stereoscopic vision due to late onset strabismus. I was 19 in Sculpture as a high 3D female and suddenly my eyes crapped out and now I see double of everything. Same thing Picasso had. Before that I was a 7 out of 10 shot.Saw a great talk by several people at World Science Festival two years ago  called Eye Candy, and they addressed how the cameras mimic interocular distance and stuff. So helpful to me to understand how I see.I’m interested to hear what you did in this field.

        1. awaldstein

          Thanks for sharing. The science of vision is astounding.I was very early with RealD (RLD) and the marketing/brand/launch/channel guy behind Chicken Little, the first stereoscopic 3D movie with Disney and other early releases. Ran scientific sales as well into Nasa/Gov.Cool time. Science meets entertainment. Remarkable that such a big idea where projectors, screens, glasses, cameras, pricing…everything needed to change. And did. The founders are amazing individuals.

          1. panterosa,

            What an interesting thing to do and people to be able to work with. Science meets entertainment is so up my alley. Yes vision is amazing and I have a really interesting front seat.I have really precise color vision and color memory(quite rare), which I think was enhanced by losing 3D and having my color needs colonize the 3D inactive part. We think my color stepped in to help where my 3D failed, to help me navigate. Just saw Oliver Sachs talk on his vision and was fascinating. I need to write him. I can see double out of one eye.I am hoping to be tested for tetrachromacy as well. Could be this is how I have such enhancement. 

          2. awaldstein

            Spent a lot of time pioneering intersection of tech and entertainment with computer gaming.Sometimes it’s subtle, sometimes not.The entire ‘multimedia’ entertainment category was just that. Some 100M audio cards for PC were sold before sound became standard. A platform for entertainment run on literally boatloads of add-on cards.

          3. leigh

            colour memory – that sounds very cool…..

          4. panterosa,

            it is cool and very rewarding.i do color consulting which i can barely call work because it’s so fun. helping people define their palettes.

          5. panterosa,

            it is cool and very rewarding.i do color consulting which i can barely call work because it’s so fun. helping people define their palettes.

        2. ShanaC

          That must be uncomfortable.  How do you deal?

          1. panterosa,

            I have to stay quite relaxed. Physically and mentally. I am so hyper visual. I can see light behind me with my eyes closed. 3D movies without the glasses is how I see all day.

  5. Tom Labus

    “Margin Call”  is a great companion to all the financial crisis books after 08.  A New Yorker review.…Also, starting next year Montclair, NJ will be hosting a International Film Festival.http://artsbeat.blogs.nytim

    1. Laurent Boncenne

      Saw Margin call a couple of weeks ago, truly a great movie, not a lot of actions but the approach to the subject is very interesting and well put. I definitely recommend anyone go see it, also, great cast!

      1. Tom Labus

        Jeremy Irons was incredible and so was the entire cast. 

      1. Tom Labus

        Will check it out.

    2. Anne Libby

      I liked Margin Call, too. I occasionally blog on “movies about work”, and it definitely made my list:  http://annelibby.wordpress….

      1. Tom Labus

        Thanks.  Will you see “Tinker, Tailor”?

        1. Anne Libby

          (Was this to me?   And definitely!)

  6. leigh

    I’ve heard the Artist is suppose to be one of the best films of the year.  Anyone seen it?ps. we finally saw Temple Grandin on video the other night — it was fantastic and Clare Danes was A-mazing.

    1. William Mougayar

      “A-mazing” ^2

    2. fredwilson

      both #onmylist

    3. Donna Brewington White

      Leigh — I blame you for many lost hours this past month.  That series you recommended captivated me!  I watched the whole thing in a couple of weeks.Haven’t seen the Artist, but it looks very intriguing.

      1. leigh

        which series?

        1. Donna Brewington White

          Mad MenYou told me at Punch’s that I absolutely had to see it and I was so intrigued that I watched an episode that night.

          1. leigh

            Freakin’ love mad men.  If you want to waste some more time – Damages with Glenn Close is totally twisted.  There is also a great Canadian series if you want to watch a chick flick series (Sia and I are having a great time with it) Being Erica (and all filmed all over Toronto so you get a great feel for the city).

          2. William Mougayar

            Speaking of Glenn Close…Fatal Attraction.

          3. ShanaC

            I love Mad Men.  I want to be Peggy after the first season (the first season she seems so sad…)

          4. Donna Brewington White

            I am so hesitant to start watching another one.  I’m the type that will stay up all night to finish a novel.  But I am sure I will check these out some night when my resistance is down and I feel like I deserve a reward.  Also, I trust your recommendation. My horse-crazy 14 y.o. daughter and I started Heartland which is a Canadian series.  Netflix stopped midway through a season and we were bummed. But the Season 2 DVDs will be under the tree on Christmas.  Shhh…I love finding series that I can watch with her.  It’s one of our bonding events.  Same with my 13 y.o. son who is a lover of the screen.  Believe it or not — every single one of his gift lists has a Gilmore Girls season on it.  Season 6 for Christmas.  After renting the entire series twice from Netflix.

    4. awaldstein

      On my list.

  7. Rohan

    The greatest movie series of all time, star wars is.

    1. doc brown

      oh, please. there’s nothing in the star wars series that you don’t learn in part one of back to the future. and bttf had the good sense not to destroy the franchise (and the english language) with a prequel.

  8. Ela Madej

    Some of my fav movies are Once (… – it’s a beautiful & simple story. The music is phenomenal. You have to see it, it was shot with no budget, within several weeks and it’s a real masterpiece.Another great movie (especially for everyone in our industry!) is Mammoth (…  – an existential story on the true value of time, family and work. Great great great music, too.I saw both these movies 3-4 times. Enjoy!

    1. panterosa,

      My BF has me in line for Once.

    2. fredwilson

      the gotham gal saw the broadway performance of Once this week. she liked it.

      1. Ela Madej

        Hmm, interesting… I love all performing arts (and dance myself) but I usually don’t find Broadway musicals the best means to express very subtle emotions and ask existential questions. I will have to see it next time I am in NYC. Did she/you see the original movie? It’s simple, beautiful and very moving.

    3. Donna Brewington White

      Once — amazing!So since we agree on that one, will see Mammoth!  Thanks.

      1. Ela Madej

        Let me know how you liked it Donna!

    4. FlavioGomes

      I love movies with great sound tracks

    5. tgodin

      There is a documentary out right now (in Washington DC area at least) that is a follow-up to the leads in Once – called The Swell Season (….  

      1. Ela Madej

        Great news, thanks for sharing!!

  9. Rohan

    TintinSherlock Holmes IIBatman – dark night rises The Help50-50#occupycinemas

    1. David Noël

      +1 on 50-50, Seth Rogen was excellent.

    2. William Mougayar

      Have u seen Tintin yet? 

      1. Rohan

        All of these are on my list for December, William.So, not yet. Have you? 🙂 

        1. William Mougayar

          Not yet.

  10. Chris W

    How has no one mentioned The Muppets yet? It was very well done, and true to the original muppet movies. I saw this with my parents and my wife, and everyone enjoyed it.

    1. panterosa,

      Saw the trailer and can’t wait. Fortunately I have a 10 year old, and we’ll see Hugo and Arthur Xmas as well. We loved Puss in Boots. But what’s not to love about Antonio Banderas as an outlaw cat?

      1. Rohan

        true that! haven’t seen that yet. Should add to my list.

    2. ShanaC

      I’m seeing it Sunday

    3. johnmccarthy

      Chris, Yes, a fun movie for cynical times.

  11. tyronerubin

    Midnight in Paris – Woody Allen is on top form in this remarkable fantasy tale, based in reality. All things Paris in the golden age of the 1920’s is brought to life in this outstanding piece of cinema by one of the greatest directors live.Speaking of the man, this outstanding documentary by director Robert Weide (Curb Your Entuisasm) Woody Allen: A Documentary Part 1 and 2……Tree of Life – My love for this year’s The Tree Of Life will never fade.There is so much hope and optimism in this film, which I feel some people don’t see. Mrs. O’Brien loses her first son in the beginning of the film and then loses a second son. Not a day goes by that their memories fade. The film expresses that she still has a vast amount of love for her other sons as well as for nature. She still has these moments of joy that are dispersed with moments of sadness. This is real, this is truth, this is life. The film then tackles the bigger picture themes of life, death, the universe and existence. Grace and nature. People, family, values and pretty much everything we see and deal with in our lives. The film expresses this big picture idea with shots of prehistoric time, the galaxies, possibly even hinting at the Big Bang. It perfectly ties this into the narrative of the film saying, in my opinion, that as grandiose and enormous as the universe is and as infinitesimal tiny as atoms we are all a part of it in some way or another. For me the film shows that no matter which way we look at it, Mrs. O’Brien’s son played a role in this world. He was a part of this existence that we all share. We are all a part of this complex and often confusing universe, together.So lets play our part well.50/50 – the Premise centres on a character who finds out he has cancer, so simple, but portrayed in a true and entertaining way. So honest, such an outstanding performance by Joseph Gordon-LevittThe Help – yes @davidnoel:disqus its a wonderful film. It made me feel like I need to read the book at some point.George Harrison: Living in the Material World – my Love for Martin Scorsese and mostly George Harrison continued to sore in this outstanding documentary.if anyone here needs or wants any film recommends, pls fire away, comment or something. Its def my game, my passion. Can go on an on about film, so please ask for any info regarding any films, tell me films you like and will recommend according to those, def.

    1. tyronerubin

      adding Beginners, The Descendants, The Artist, The Trip and for comedy def Bridesmaids. TV: Curb, Louie, Boardwalk Empire, How to make it in America, Shameless, The Killing, The Office, Entourage, Game of Thrones, Modern Family, Doci: Inside Job, Bill Cunningham New York, Conan O’Brien Cant Stop, Bobby Fischer Against the World, Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest, Inni, Senna, Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey, Life’s Too Short, An Idiot Abroad

      1. David Noël

        +1 on Inside Job. Gee that one made me angry. 

        1. tyronerubin

          so appreciate of it being out there.

      2. panterosa,

        Bill Cunnigham was fantastic

      3. Rohan

        +100 on Modern Family.

    2. fredwilson

      we are in your wheelhouse today tyrone

      1. tyronerubin

        You know it, saw movie in the title and got my daily surprise.

  12. Joe Yevoli

    I know I’m a little late, but I really wanna see “Drive”.Batman Begins is my favorite movie, and I keep hearing I’ll like Drive for all the same reasons I liked BB.

    1. Robert Thuston

      Gotta say… BB is my all time favorite for inspiring movies.  Christopher Nolen did such a good job with it.

      1. Joe Yevoli

        Yep, such a good one 🙂

  13. JamesHRH

    In the last 5 years, the best movie I have seen is Kung Fu Panda (not 2, 1).A single. childless friend watched it in a plane, en route to Europe. Emailed me with, ‘you were right – funny and true.’

    1. Rohan

      I think all animated movies have a special way of reaching out to our inner depths.Toy Story did.How to train your dragon did.A bug’s life did.Lion king definitely did. And Kung Fu Panda has done so as well!

  14. pointsnfigures

    This year, my wife, kids and I are going to rent a bunch of older movies on Netflix that the kids haven’t seen.  I think some movies are cultural and need to be seen to give continuity, and so that my kids can communicate on some pop culture social level with older adults when they get out of school.So, we will watch the Blues Bros, Pulp Fiction, and movies like that.  When they are on a golf course and someone says, “Cinderella Story”, they will know where it came from.

    1. Ciaran

      I know preferences are inherently personal, but I thought that this was utterly yawn-inducing. Great acting, beautiful cinematography, but I just didn’t care what happened, and couldn’t wait for it to end.

      1. awaldstein

        Funny…I want to rewatch it 😉 Can’t stop the images from resurfacing. This is what makes life interesting!

        1. Ciaran

          I actually had to check Wikipedia half way through, to see if anything was actually going to happen; it was that or slip into a coma 😉

  15. Conrad Ross Schulman

    Step Brothers is literally lmfao funny! Will Ferrell and John C Reilly Killed it.I recommend watching the deleted scenes, they are priceless 

    1. leigh

      lol The Legend of Ricky Bobby is our fav in that regard (the baby Jesus scene made me snort)

  16. Ian Hogarth

    Best film I’ve seen this year was Martha Marcy May Marlene. Absolutely stunning.

    1. tyronerubin

      oh I cant wait to see it.

      1. awaldstein

        me as well

    2. fredwilson

      ooh. #onmylist

  17. Ciaran

    Just saw 50/50. Touching, truthful, tender and, because Seth Rogen is involved, at times utterly inappropriate and snort lemonade through the nose funny.

    1. fredwilson

      my daughter told me she loved it.

      1. Ciaran

        I was with a group mainly made up of girls, but don’t think it’s a totally girly movie

  18. Ciaran

    On an older vibe, La Haine is my favourite movie of all time. French, black & white, hip hop – what’s not to like?

    1. fredwilson


      1. Ciaran

        You have to watch it. Truly amazing. If you can, at the cinema.



    1. aminTorres

      haha! course our beloved FAKE GRIMLOCK may be a bit biassed on this recommendation 😉 

      1. leigh

        woulda thought he was a Godzilla vs. Mothra dinosaur myself 

        1. FAKE GRIMLOCK


    2. Rohan

      Disagree with you, I do. Great, the transformer movies are. Helps greatly, the Grimsters iconic presence does.For EPIC – Look beyond star wars we simply cannot.

      1. Jon Atrides

        The Transformers movies were sad evidence that an industry underrates its customers so much that it can release a product missing everything but CGI. Dont get me wrong, i love a good blockbuster, but gimme some wit or characters to come with it…. Let alone making Optimus Prime look like such a sap.

    3. ShanaC

      What do you think of the new Transformers?



    4. LIAD

      Transformers…..Best movie ever?!?You obviously never saw Debbie Does Dallas 3:)

      1. panterosa,

        I liked Emmanuelle 1 and 2 myself….

    5. fredwilson

      i figured that was your favorite grimlock!



    6. Jon Atrides

      Casting Orson Wells as Unicron was just genius!!



  20. Robert Thuston

    Of recent, enjoyed:Crazy, Stupid, Love – Most of you would love how the 13 year old boy in this movie “goes for it”.  He’s in love with this 17 year old, and he pulls some of the most bold, public, “lay his heart on the line” acts you could think of.BridesmaidsZombielandAll time favorites:Miller’s Crossing – Coen BrothersBatman Begins – Chris NolenTrue Romance – Tarantino

  21. Carl Rahn Griffith

    Gosh, so many – can see this thread getting pretty big – should be fun reading!PS, these are not films on show currently but classics for home consumption.Anyway, better make a start:25th Hour – Classic Ed Norton and Philip S-H, et al. Spike Lee classic. Moody.Blade Runner – The best sci-fi film ever made, of a Dystopian nature, that is.The Life of Brian – Classic Monty Python.The Meaning of Life – Ditto.Sideways – Fun, friendship, honesty, deceit, wine, sorrow, joy, road-trip, sexuality. Life.Brazil – Surreal genius from Monty Python’s Terry Gilliam. Dystopian near truth.It’s A Wonderful Life – Nothing needs to be said, surely?Withnail and I – Superb British classic dark humour – very, very funny.24hr Party People – Steve Coogan brilliant as Tony Wilson – Punk/Manchester music scene.Senna – Best sporting/psyche film ever made. You don’t even need to like F1 to appreciate.The Talented Mr Ripley – Brilliant soundtrack, acting, scenery, storyline, Great drama.The Right Stuff – The origins of NASA – wonderful epic film.Apollo 13 – The Triumph of Man. Fact is stranger and more wonderful than fiction.I could go on, lol….

    1. Rohan

      And the prize for movie king goes to……..Say ESay GSay O… Say B…Say O..SSSSSSSSSSSS

      1. Carl Rahn Griffith


    2. fredwilson

      so many good ones on this list carl. thanks

  22. aminTorres

    Fred, for you and the Gotham Gal, I really recommend My Week with Marilyn:… down at angelica.If you haven’t yet, I really recommend the documentary of Bill Cunningham,…I think this will be also inspiring to your kids as from their blogs I know they are into photography. truly remarkable film. These two are a must 🙂 

    1. fredwilson

      thanks. #onmylist

  23. ShanaC

    A) I like fun fridaysB) I’m a terrible Movie Watcher.  I’m therefore going to watch the thread insteadC) Books next time?

    1. Rohan

      Watch Star Wars, you must.Terrible movie watchers, we may be. Some things in life, we simply must do.

      1. awaldstein

        Remastered in 3D starting in February.

      2. ShanaC

        I have.  It is one of those movies everyone watches though.I was hoping to hear about something I should watch that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

        1. Rohan

          Okay. Here’s a list specially for you, Shana. Let me know if there’s any here you haven’t seen – this would be my top ten.Remember the TitansMiracleDead Poets SocietyBlind SideGood Will HuntingX Men First ClassCinderella Man21Blood DiamondGladiatorA Beautiful MindLife is beautiful (La vita e bella)Cinema ParadisoMarley & MeSwitchOceans TrilogySherlock HolmesThe Last King of ScotlandThe TerminalToo Big to FailTroy Up in the Air All different genres. lemme know if you like a specific one and I’ll try and see what I have. I am a reluctant movie watcher myself and these are right up among my favorites 🙂 Oh, and animated -Toy StoryCarsHow to train a dragonA Bug’s lifeLion KingKung Fu Panda

          1. ShanaC

            OneI tend to watch disney movies when I am sick, particularly Lion King.I’ve seen:Remember the Titans. – was good but not thrilled about.Good Will Hunting – Love that movie, good for the romantic side of me.I remember enjoying Dead Poets Society.  I don’t remember why.

          2. ShanaC

            Note: I forgot to say I haven’t watched the rest.  Really.

          3. Rohan

            Great. then it was of value. :)I’m glad. I hope you enjoy the rest, Shana.Life is beautiful is particularly touching.Depends on your mood. I tried to vary the genres so you have variety. 🙂

        2. Donna Brewington White

          I recommended this but it is on page 2 of the thread now.Shall We Dance – Japanese versionBTW, do you like Jane Austen?

          1. ShanaC

            I feel like most Jane Austen/Jane Austen types (exception, Clueless, I want that computer with the outfit picker) I tend not to like.  Both in book form and in movie form.  I appreciate them, but my life feels too similar for me to not occasionally grimace. I really dislike that sense of similarity, I kind of want to escape it.  The only positive thing I can say – if the heroine of a Jane Austen book/film figures it out, so will I (I hope)

    2. RichardF

      I agree Shana and this is a great fun friday topic

      1. Rohan

        I was gutted to hear the news on Speed. :(Really sad, that.

        1. RichardF


      2. Donna Brewington White

        Me too!  Love this!  Although, seems that I miss the fun since Fridays are always crazy for me.  Will have to fix that if Fred is going to keep this up.  Need to get my priorities in order.Okay, back to work.  Keep my seat warm.

    3. Rohan

      +1 for books

      1. fredwilson

        ok. we will do books soon.

        1. Rohan

          I was half tempted to say ‘thanks dad’.It felt like one of those moments when kids keep talking about what they’d like.And then the parent steps in and says’ok ok. we will do that..’ with a sigh.

          1. Donna Brewington White

            He’s throwing us a mere morsel.  We want an AVC book club, right?  But this is a start.

          2. Rohan

            We’ll annoy him till he relents.Not to worry. 😀

          3. Donna Brewington White

            Well, you can forget it now that you’ve shown your hand. ;)I detect a stubborn streak in our bartender.

          4. AgeOfSophizm

            That’s a nice mash-up!

          5. Rohan

            Haha. His love for us will win over the stubbornness..:D

        2. Donna Brewington White

          Do I hear a sigh in this response? 

        3. ShanaC

          Thank you!

  24. teegee

    Senna (2010)…The story of Ayrton Senna, F1 driver who died doing what he loved at the age of 34.  It also reminds one of what Brazil what like 20 years ago – he was the only thing / person to give hope to the country.  I recommend the directors cut / extended version if you can get hold of it.  

    1. Rohan

      Heard great things about it. 

  25. Dennis Buizert

    I have a long list of movies I love. Top Gun – all time favorite.New and old HulkIron Man 1,2Sherlock Holmes Transporter series, Bourne series. Transformers  series – because of the effects

    1. leigh

      new BBC series (on Netflix) Sherlock is fantastic (only 3 episodes so far but one of the best series i’ve seen in a while – smart smart smart)

      1. Dennis Buizert

        I will have to look in to that. I might have seen it, as I am from Europe and receive BBC. Thanks in advanced! 

      2. Ana Milicevic

        Oooh, yes — I saw the first three and am hoping for more soon.Also great BBC series: Luther, starring Idris Elba. I was hooked in Series 1 and am now waiting for all the Series 2 eps to become available on iTunes.

    2. JLM

      Engage, Maverick!

  26. William Mougayar

    I tend to favor foreign movies as they are more meaningful than Hollywood movies which tend to be generally entertaining (car chases, explosions & special effects). Our watch ratio is 2/3 foreign vs. 1/3 Hollywood, but I understand that with kids, it changes the equation.That said, The Adventures of Tintin is on the list, because like any kid raised with a french background, I read every Tintin and Asterix animated cartoon stories. War Horse by Spielberg, because I love horse stories….and the tissue might be an accessory, but not to wipe your hands from eating popcorn.I know the ones I’m not going to see…that movie with George Clooney and Mission Impossible. Clooney and Cruise don’t know how to act anymore, or they have just become boring and lazy to be cast in more interesting movies recently. A nice surprise this year was Kill the Irishman- any one saw it? What a movie. 

    1. awaldstein

      My pleasure to disagree with you my friend ;)Big Alexander Payne fan and Descendents did not disappoint:…And yes, I may be a minority but really like MI series and Cruise so far in the role.

      1. William Mougayar

        Ok. I guess we’re not going to the movies together! Better stick to wine drinking 🙂

        1. awaldstein

          I’m hoping that Tintin 3D is great though.

          1. tyronerubin

            @awaldstein:disqus oh my word thank you for stepping in.Alexander Payne is one of the brightest directors working at the moment. Sideways, About Schmidt, Election. What a star of a director.I view Clooney on the stature of greats like Cary Grant.His resume of films is outstanding. As an actor he takes risks and makes brave choices. My word the man is talented. His collaborations with Steven Soderbergh and the Coen Brothers have been incredible. I am so appreciative of his films as an actor.As writer, director and producer of Good Night, and Good Luck and The Ides of March he gives weight as one of the great talents in the world of film at the moment.And I will end off by commending Clooney for the ferocious film Syriana. That film is superb. I cannot express enough what a filmmaking feat that film is on so many intellectual levels.@wmoug:disqus I agree with you on the Foreign vs Hollywood split of viewing. But please dont discount the outstanding talented American filmmakers, especially in the world of independent cinema. Just because its ‘Hollywood’ doesn’t mean its always bad. There are definitely films in ‘Hollywood’ that are made for only monetary reasons but thats because studios are businesses and have to create product, like any other business. But ‘Hollywood’ also produces films like There Will Be Blood, No Country For Old Men, The Tree Of Life and not too long ago films like The Godfather and I can just go on  and on.Please know I am torn, as I do see the problem with a lot of Hollywood films but they make huge profit, like Transformers 3 which I am sure neither of us will love, but those films feed families. Yes I do wish there is more heart in Hollywood like there is in 400 Blows or intellect like in any Bergman film. So I am torn, but be open to there still being some heart and soul left in American Cinema. and thats why I look to the indi filmmakers.or any bright, talented filmmaker, from anywhere in the world. And I promise you there are many.

          2. awaldstein

            Ferocious is a great term for Syriana.I just don’t buy the whole Hollywood/Indie dichotomy. That is like saying the the mass market is somehow inferior to the nitch market. There are good and there are shit movies. It’s just a matter of taste.  Period.Video has changed everything and distribution on the web is changing everything again. These distinctions will fade over time. Pulp Fiction is somehow less great because it was distributed through the system? Non-logical thinking.

          3. Ana Milicevic

            I share your Clooney appreciation. Have you seen Stephen Frear’s remake of Sidney Lumet’s Fail Safe? It was shot live, and Mr. Clooney does a fantastic job with his personal brand of stoicism under extreme circumstance.(Once again a Netflix link:

          4. William Mougayar

            Thanks Tyrone. As Arnold said, there are good and bad movies everywhere. I’m not dissing the Hollywood productions because they turn up some great ones of course, but there’s a large number of empty movies that are just pushed and promoted because that’s how the industry works. Generally, when you start seeing TV commercials about new movies or actors starting to push their movies before they come out…that’s a bad sign. Look at The Hurt Locker or My Big Fat Greek Wedding which were hardly promoted before they came out, but they turned out to be excellent movies.I like a movie to be rated by those who watch it, not those who make it or act in it.

          5. Shawn Cohen

            Syriana (http://www.rottentomatoes.c… is my all-time fave. I’m not really a movie person but I’ve watched it about 20 times to figure out every unexplained nuance. It’s just that good.

          6. JamesHRH

            @awaldstein:disqus plus, a movie should be judged on its aspirations. I really loved “That thing You Do” starring Tom Hanks. Great movie; great studio movie; great star vehicle; Hanks perfectly cast; on and on. Lots of fun; really well done.

          7. JamesHRH

            It easy to look down your nose at Clooney – he has spent the last 20 years getting better looking!You have to admire his choices. He is an old school star; limited range, tons of style, the gals want him; the guys want to be him!

          8. leigh

            I like Clooney’s comedic work way better then his serious.  Coen bros? love it.  The serious stuff feels a bit schlockey to me.  

          9. Rohan

            I’ve heard it is! 

        2. FlavioGomes

          Wines?   Yummy…For me lately its St Emilion.

          1. William Mougayar

            What years?

          2. FlavioGomes

            2007 was my latest opening.  Grand Cru.  Not the highest score I think 87 but it sure tasted fine to me.

    2. JLM

      I loved Kill the Irishman.

      1. William Mougayar

        Yeah! I love heroes that start like underdogs.

    3. fredwilson

      me too

  27. RichardF

    I want to see the remake of “The Girl with Dragon Tattoo” when it comes out later this month.”Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and “Harvey” are two of my all time favourites.

    1. William Mougayar

      +1 for Ferris..brings back memories. 

      1. RichardF

        it still makes me snigger like a teenager.

        1. Carl Rahn Griffith

          Weird Science does that for me, still. Must have watched it dozens of times. A joy … and as for Kelly LeBrock…. Yadayadayada! 🙂

          1. RichardF

            I can see why you’d watch a film with Kelly LeBrock in it a dozen times Carl 😉

        2. Donna Brewington White

          Me too, and then there is Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure!Starring Keanu Reeves as Keanu Reeves.Oh I crack myself up!

      2. Donna Brewington White

        I always feel guilty for loving that movie so much given that it is a blatant endorsement for dishonesty.  

    2. fredwilson

      the dragon tattoo films are doing for girl tech ambitions what the social network did for guy tech ambitions. i love it.

    3. Donna Brewington White

      “How can I help you?”What did you have in mind?”Love that film. Brilliant.  Jimmy Stewart is an all-time favorite anyway.

    4. jason wright

      I remember going to see Ferris Bueller. That was of five films I went to see on the same day – I was younger then. I remember the red sports car. Like yesterday. Einstein help me! 🙂

  28. Brad

    You must watch OSS 117. It is a French slapstick spy movie on Netflix. Truly hilarious.

    1. fredwilson


      1. Brad

        there are two of them, watch the Cairo one first, then the Brazil one. you won’t be disappointment.Only problem is you may see my maturity level! As I am looking at the other recommendations it appears there are a lot more sophisticated movie watchers than me…..

    2. leigh

      man i just went through 200 comments to find this reco again…it better not suck 🙂

      1. Brad

        The more you watch it the funnier it gets. “o Jacque ha ha ha!”Hope you enjoy it.

        1. leigh

          ah!  country border issues rear their ugly head again.  after checking it on rotten tomatoes, watching trailer and convincing the group we want to watch it (we were thinking Cairo version) turns out Netflix Canada didn’t have it.  FOILED!I swear, these media companies are FORCING me to watch content illegally.

          1. Brad

            Seriously ridiculous. We should just join forces and make you guys the 51st-59th state or us the 9th-59th province.I would think given the French language it would be easier to find it in Canada than the US. 

  29. awaldstein

    Not usually one to accentuate the random, but this string brings it out.Favorite movie theater in NY is Sunshine Cinema!

    1. fredwilson

      yes. head and shoulders above all others.the bowery ballroom of movie theaters

      1. Carl Rahn Griffith

        The Bowery Ballroom… Happy memories :-)Unchanged, I hope!?

      2. awaldstein

        And for those of us living on the West side, it is an added excuse  to partake of amazing eats and drinks in LES and E. Village. 

      3. fendien

        haha, best line ever. no venue in the city beats seeing a show at bowery ballroom. no matter how far from the stage you are, you’re practically right next to the performer. makes for such an intimate show.and sunshine ftw! although i like the oldschool vibe that lincoln plaza has. @awaldstein:disqus i’m on the upper west and am a huge fan. although like you, i’m always down for any excuse to go for my movie recommendation, see Almodovar’s latest – “The Skin I Live In” — absolutely epic

        1. fredwilson

          I need to see the skin I live in

        2. awaldstein

          Big Almodovar fan but must admit that I haven’t seen anything that compares with his early “Women on the verge…” and “Tie me up…I’ll put this on my holiday to see list. Thanks.

  30. Wesley Verhoeve

    Nostalgia has it so I want to see the Muppets really badly. I tried last weekend when I went to the Pavilion theater in Park Slope. It was a beautiful day so we decided to walk the hour long journey, and once we got there, full of excitement, we spot a hand written sign that the Muppets were canceled. Turned out that specific viewing room had a malfunction just earlier. Later I found out that this theater, that we’d never been to, is notorious for bed bugs. So that worked out well!

  31. Ana Milicevic

    Ah, fantastic Friday topic Fred. Wouldn’t mind making it a recurring one.A while back I saw Wild Target (via Netflix:… and here’s what I wrote up about it:”This was a pleasant surprise and a most enjoyable film — so much so, that I saw it twice. Bill Nighy is one of those people who has so much stage presence that he’s a treat to watch no matter what role he plays. In ‘Wild Target’, he’s Victor Maynard, a hitman at the top of his game: methodical, reliable, ruthless, and above all, professional. His life is complicated by Emily Blunt, a thief, con artist, free spirit and target that Victor inexplicably decides to spare. Add Rupert Grint as a loveable stoner side-kick, a hilarious plot involving stolen artwork, an epic Mini chase and the result is a wonderfully witty, pleasant and laugh-out-loud funny film.”Anyone else a fan of this one?

    1. RichardF

      “Fantastic  Friday” would make a great theme in addition to Feature Friday and Fun Friday

      1. Carl Rahn Griffith

        Maybe every day should be alliteration themed – we already have MBA Monday – so, that just leaves TWT to sort out. Suggestions?

        1. RichardF

          Not sure Andy Swan would agree with you Carl!

  32. Druce

    A few great movies that are not seen as much as they deserve -Paths of Glory…Talk to Her…Trouble in Paradise…Fury…The Dawn Patrol…Midnight…Twelve O’Clock High…The Caine Mutiny…Rififi…A Face in the Crowd…In Cold Blood…Sleuth…The Marriage of Maria Braun…Breaker Morant…The Last Seduction…The Celebration…Snatch…Y Tu Mama Tambien…Lantana…Come Sweet Death…Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind…Oldboy…Kiss Kiss Bang Bang…(via the Netflix rating extractor greasemonkey script –… )If you like movies, you will like –

    1. JLM

      Breaker Morant, Dawn Patrol — the best everGallipolli?

      1. Druce

        Breaker Morant – ‘Shoot straight you bastards!’I should probably see Gallipoli again, it’s been a while.I think Caine Mutiny and 12 O’clock High are interesting leadership / organizational behavior  case studies in addition to being good moviesAlso, ANYTHING by Billy Wilder… best ever… The Apartment is probably my favorite … justly and widely appreciated

        1. RichardF

          mines Some Like it Hot although the Apartment runs a close second

          1. Robert Thuston

            dig Some Like it Hot!  My grandmother turned me on to that movie.

      2. Cam MacRae

        The Odd Angry Shot – possibly to the best film ever made about Vietnam, and certainly the trooper’s choice.

    2. William Mougayar

      I love underdogs that outperform. 

    3. Elia Freedman

      I will second Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and especially Snatch. Great movies.

    4. fredwilson

      wow. great list druce. i’ve seen a few of these and the ones i have seen are indeed awesome.

      1. Jason

        Everyone should see Midnight. It was one of the funniest movies I ever saw.

    5. tyronerubin

      Great list. Old Boy is in my top 10 films of the decade 2000 – 2010

      1. Druce

        OMG – started slow, then my eyes popped wide, mouth dropped open and stayed that way for the rest of the film

        1. leigh

          ah see, i turned it off.  got bored.  (and i love robert downey)

          1. mydigitalself

            What’s Robert Downey got to do with Oldboy (which I believe they were talking about), or were you thinking Kiss Kiss Bang Bang?

          2. leigh

            yes was speaking of kiss kiss bang bang 🙂

    6. Robert Thuston

      Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr. have some of the best dialogue exchanges in that movie.

    7. Michael Diamant

      Let me add the 80s russian WW2 movie “Come and See” to the list.  Time Out NY named it the best WW2 movie ever made out of 50.  While that may not be true, it’s devastating.…Also the Malick film Days of Heaven is probably the most beautiful movie ever lensed.  

      1. Druce

        thanks, added to the queue … been meaning to read ‘Life And Fate’ which sounds like the WW2 answer to War and Peace (actually read) … a movie might have to do LOLI thought Days of Heaven was beautiful, but I didn’t really get the point, plotwise.

        1. Michael Diamant

          Also thinking about two recent movies that came and went – both were cracker-jack fun and amazingly acted:The Tailor of Panama and The Ghost Writer – both with fave Pierce Brosnan and the 2nd directed by Polanski.  Both pretty recent and kind of came and went.  Another in this vein was The Fixer.The Tailor of PanamaThe Ghost WriterAnd may as well add Michael Clayton to this list.

  33. Tom Labus

    If we’re going all time, I have to toss in Chinatown.Jack Nicholson and an amazing John Huston.

    1. Rohan

      Shawshank shawshank

      1. Tom Labus

        That’s a good one.The writers of Quantum of Solace must have been big fans of Chinatown.  

        1. awaldstein

          If your thinking Chinatown, you need to think Polanksi.Just did a whole swipe of his back to “Knife in the Water’.Streaming movies and giant flat screens have changed my life. Easy to see 3-5 movies a week of your own choice not what is ‘playing’.

          1. Tom Labus

            Steaming is great but I still love “going out to the movies”.

          2. awaldstein

            I also but I find that for retrospective and older flics, I  see them at home.Maybe streaming and large screen, maybe just time changed that behavior.Would like to find the time to do some of the film series at MoMa though.

  34. Peter Sullivan

    Just saw Drive and loved it. Fred of course I know about Get Glue but are they keeping an index of all the movies I watch to share with my friends and get recommendations? 

  35. Miljenko Hatlak

    Forrest Gump…The Shawshank Redemption…E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial…Dances with Wolves…Cast Away…Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War…Saving Private Ryan…Platoon…Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan…Super Size Me…    Bowling for Columbine…

    1. fredwilson

      all great. seen them all.

  36. kenberger

    I’m stunned that on this blog I’m the first to talk about online recommendation services.Maybe that’s because none of them work too well, and there’s still nothing better than old fashioned discussion, as is happening here in this comment thread.Or are there any good automated engines for movie discovery? I’ve used Jinni for a while, which supposedly learns from what you watched and like, but I still can’t usually find anything good to watch through it.

    1. RichardF

      there’s still nothing better than good old fashioned discussion Ken ;)Although I believe that Disqus should be doing more than it is with the contents of the disqusions.

      1. kenberger

        It gets even worse on how anti-social I’m getting: I’d always rather just watch the movie at home. The theaters insist I can’t bring in my BBQ grill and bottle of wine, and that I wear clothes. Jeesh!

        1. RichardF

          lol…I agree with you.Also having a small child has seriously impacted on the number of our cinema visits and the type of films I’ve seen lately.  Cars 2 was the last movie I saw in a theatre!

    2. fredwilson

      hunch. linked to above.

      1. kenberger

        ah, forgot about cdixon’s stab at it. tried when it 1st came out and I had issues with the Netflix integration. Need to check it out again. Sure is pretty.

      2. kenberger

        I still was the 1st to mention the subject! #GeekWhoWearsDiscoShirts

    3. William Mougayar

      Maybe this is where Fred was headed? Great question. Is there a social network focused on movie recommendations? (Facebook isn’t a good answer).

  37. Elia Freedman

    I have always had a soft spot for Almost Famous.We have little kids so don’t get to the theater anymore. We tend to watch movies months after they come out, even years, from our Netflix list. My wife and I are big movie buffs, though, and have watched thousands of them, I would guess. Our collection numbers in the hundreds and has been a challenge to manage.

      1. Elia Freedman

        Music has tied my life together. That’s part of why this movie speaks to me.

        1. awaldstein

          You and I both. Coming of age in NY area in the era of early club rock was formative to who i am today. There are movies with great soundtracks like Garden State or Adventureland and then there are movies that are about the magic and wonder of music. This one is the latter.

          1. Elia Freedman

            Another couple of great movies. Speaking of movies about music, I assume you have seen Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. One of the few comedy spoofs ever made that makes me laugh for two straight hours.I love movies about musicians, too. Ray, Walk the Line, Amadeus are some of my favorites. I used to tape record Behind the Music on VH1 15 years ago. Loved that show!

          2. awaldstein

            Seem them as well.Not a lot of great ones. Need to think about this a bit.Good ones…Buddy Holly Story, Crazy Heart but the list is shorter than I’d like it to be.

          3. William Mougayar

            All that Jazz for music.

          4. FlavioGomes

            Yeah! that one is hilarious for sure!

          5. LE

            “great soundtracks” I think most people have no idea how powerful the soundtrack is to the the movie and the experience. Because much of it is subliminal in terms of a mood it puts you in.

          6. awaldstein

            No question.Music and soundtracks, no matter whether you define these as the same or different, are key textures and integral parts of the story.

    1. fredwilson

      love that film

    2. Robert Thuston

      that’s my other one.  LOVE that movie!  Supposedly somewhat autobiographical for Cameron Crowe (definitely his best work).

  38. andyidsinga

    for those of you who like the walking dead tv series, i recommend:28 days laterand28 weeks lateralso see my comment in Albert’s post for another awesome ( and recent ) movie.

    1. Robert Thuston

      28 days later – one of my favorites.I’m kind of obsessed with movies where character’s are put in situations that call them to take on completely new undiscovered depths of who they are – and fighting zombies is one of the best ways to bring out the wonderful undiscovered depths of characters.

      1. andyidsinga

        Sweet. How about Pitch Black? … is another one of my favs. .. a little pulpy but still awesome. maybe not quite as well done as 28 days …but it gets bonus points being on another planet and having an early Vin Diesel 😉

  39. tyronerubin

    @awaldstein:disqus @wmoug:disqus You guys missed my point a little. I was not as much separating indi and hollywood films. Saying that most great filmmakers start out making an indi film. Thats just a fact. So I was merely saying if you fed up with Hollywood films, or most of them, William, then one can always turn to the indi films where there is always a lot of great intelligent and artful film being created. Thats all. Sorry if you got me wrong awaldstein I totally agree a great film, is a great film.@aexm:disqus thanks so much I will def give Fail Safe remake a watch.@shawncohen:disqus So Glad about your comment ’20 times to figure out every unexplained nuance’ of Syriana. Such a complex and wonderful film. 

    1. Shawn Cohen

      Yeah, it’s tied w/ Memento as the most complex film I’ve ever experienced. I’m glad they’re in two different genres or I might have trouble choosing a favorite:)

  40. Benjamin

    Hunch created a terrific movie recommender: me it worked like a charm, so I’d say give it a try.

    1. fredwilson


    2. leigh

      this was very cool — i used Facebook connect and then tied it to Netflix.  Now sadly, again the stupid Canadian netflix wasn’t the content it was pulling but it showed me a bunch of films that look interesting i’ve never even heard of.  

  41. karen_e

    Thank you for Fun Friday. I frickin’ need a little fun on this freaky effing Friday.

    1. fredwilson

      oh man, we had the same week it seems karen

  42. Georges Duverger

    If you like to go to the movies in NYC, you should check out 🙂

  43. Rohan

    On a different sit-com note, any Modern Family fans around here? 

    1. fredwilson

      my kids told me i looked like one of the dads in this photoi’ve never seen the show so i don’t know who they were talking about

      1. Rohan

        Hahaha. Nice pic!!Fred, this one you gotta watch. You and Joanne will LOVE it!And your kids are referring to my favorite character (and arguably the coolest of the lot) – Phil Dunphy!… They competely took over the Emmy’s this year. The hosts ended up calling it the ‘Modern Family’ awards!

        1. fredwilson

          Yeah. Phil Dunphy was the name they used.

          1. Rohan


          2. Brad

            Greatest show on TV.The actor that plays Phil Dunfy runs a bar in Salt Lake and he is ridiculously down to earth. Lives here half the year.

      2. FlavioGomes

        Dude…you doing some moonlighting? Dead Ringer

  44. James Ferguson @kWIQly

    Not so much a movie as an event – It lasts a mere five minutes but shows how organising a bunch of people is so much harder than herding a bunch of sheep – Its truly priceless – take 5 mins to make yourself a bit merrier and wonder – did they really do that ?

  45. RacerRick

    I saw Arthur Christmas with my kids last weekend.  I had no clue what it was going in.  I thought it was the kid’s book/show Arthur.  Turns out it’s a big 3D Pixar-type movie by Sony.And it was great, as good as the original Toy Story and had plenty of little side gags. Highly recommended.

    1. fredwilson

      i had no idea it was a 3d movie

  46. LE

    “alternatively a movie that is in the theaters”(I rarely see movies in theaters. I like to pause, analyze and comment.)The movies below while older are fascinating given the current economic climate and OWS. All available on streaming netflix last I checked.1) “The American Ruling Class “…2) “The One Percent” – Jamie Johnson…3) “Born Rich” – Jamie Johnson…(Includes a younger Ivanka Trump naively wanting to know why people are nice to her since it’s her Dad that’s rich. She says something like “It’s not my money”. She comes across as really genuine which is how her classmates described her.)By the way thanks for this post, it made me remember the history professor (he taught the cinema lecture) at Penn that sparked my interest in films -Stuart Samuels.I’ll never forget him jumping up and down during Psycho saying “Hitchcock designed that Bra!!!!” while Janet Leigh was on the screen.I now see that he is a film producer:http://www.stuartsamuelspro

    1. fredwilson

      cool list. thanks

  47. FlavioGomes

    Sorry not a recent Movie review but thoughts about movies that come to mind:Dumb and Dumber(Ha I can see the reaction….Dumb and Dumber??….yes! precisely!)I love the feeling the town of Aspen gives me…particularly when I launch off the first lift of the day…I also like ratcheting the brain energy down to 50% impulse power… at least for a weekend. “one in a million, so you’re saying there’s a chance” cracks me up every time.I can’t say that its my absolute fav…but it was the first to come to mind. My young kids can watch the same movie a 1000 times. This is the only movie I can do that with as well.I test a movies quality by how long it lingers in my mind after I watch it…like a good book.Some notables:The Game Good FellasCity of God (In portuguese, english subtitles)Life AquaticWonderful LifeLawrence of Arabia

    1. fredwilson

      fun fridays for the win!

      1. FlavioGomes

        There’s a camaraderie here that’s real and fun fridays makes me feel do you. Cheers and enjoy the weekend…its already off to a great start!

        1. William Mougayar

          It’s fast and cheap 🙂

          1. FlavioGomes

            Ha… Good one…I gotta change that moniker soon my buddies bug me that I’m pimping out 😉

    2. LE

      “Dumb and Dumber” I actually like one of the worst movies of all time “Freddy got fingered” I thought it had some really funny parts.

      1. FlavioGomes

        Ha Tom Green! What ever happened to that guy?

  48. Elia Freedman

    I am surprised no one mentioned Lord of the Rings trilogy. Most people I know who are into the books say the movies are actually better, which is very unusual. (I agree, by the way.)One thing I have noticed over the last decade. I used to think movies were where it was at and tv was second rate. Now I’m not so certain. Seems like the best stories are being told on the “little” screen now. The best war movie ever made? That’s easy. Band of Brothers, made for HBO. Yes, the Godfather (1 and 2) is incredible but if you are into gangster flicks then how can you not rate Sopranos a close second?

    1. fredwilson

      i loved that trilogy

    2. Tom Labus

      Band of Brothers.  I’m amazed every time I see it.  

  49. John Britton

    I really like “Night on Earth”It’s in English, German, Italian, French, and Finnish.… collection of five stories involving cab drivers in five different cities. Los Angeles – A talent agent for the movies discovers her cab driver would be perfect to cast, but the cabbie is reluctant to give up her solid cab driver’s career. New York – An immigrant cab driver is continually lost in a city and culture he doesn’t understand. Paris – A blind girl takes a ride with a cab driver from the Ivory Coast and they talk about life and blindness. Rome – A gregarious cabbie picks up an ailing man and virtually talks him to death. Helsinki – an industrial worker gets laid off and he and his compatriots discuss the bleakness and unfairness of love and life and death.

  50. Deirdre

    I am intrigued by The Way (… – review is not great here– but still sounds intriguing and The Descendants.  The Way is playing at Cinema Village– a plus. 

  51. Eunice Apia

    I’m waiting for “The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo” to come out. I’ve already seen the foreign version. I want to see how the American version differ. I get to watch Free movies every tuesday, but haven’t gone in months. It’s hard finding American movies that I like that are not independent.

  52. Gorilla44

    For any soccer/football fans I strongly recommend The Damned United. Its the story of Brian Clough’s 44-day span as manager of Leeds United in the early 70s. Great acting. Interesting and true story.

    1. tyronerubin

      Agreed, loved it.

  53. Eunice Apia

    “Greenburg”  starring Ben Stiller was good. I recommend it. Ben Stiller is known for comedies but in this mid life crisis drama, he plays a very convincing role as a depressed, commitment phobe  guy who still can’t figure out what he wants to do with his life. The casting was well done.

    1. tyronerubin

      Greenburg excellent. Noah Baumbach is an extreme talent.

    2. MarkUry

      Great flick. Love this bit from the party: “The thing about you kids is that you’re all kind of insensitive. I’m glad I grew up when I did cos your parents were too perfect at parenting- all that baby Mozart and Dan Zanes songs; you’re just so sincere and interested in things! There’s a confidence in you guys that’s horrifying. You’re all ADD and carpal tunnel. You wouldn’t know Agoraphobia if it bit you in the ass, and it makes you mean. You say things to someone like me who’s older and smarter with this light air… I’m freaked out by you kids. I hope I die before I end up meeting one of you in a job interview.”

      1. Eunice Apia

        As part of the ADD generation, I can say it’s no picnic. I can’t decide whether to be a CEO, a carefree artist or a stay out home wife/mom. There has to be a way, I can have it all.

        1. MarkUry

          As my wife often reminds me (and herself): you CAN have it all. Just not at once.

          1. Anne Libby

            You also have to figure out what order to do things in…

          2. Eunice Apia

            Wise wife.

  54. MarkUry

    Three caper/chase films that are endlessly entertaining, each made roughly ten years apart. One in San Fran, two in NYC:Foul Play A librarian accidentally helps foil a plot to assassinate the Pope. One of Goldie Hawn’s tightest comedies, featuring a dashing Chevy Chase and the best ol’ man of the ’70s: Burgess Meredith. Adorable.…Desperately Seeking SusanRoberta desperately wants an exciting life and gets one after losing her memory. Rosanna Arquette, Madonna, and Aidan Quinn—all fresh and starting out. A great NY film.…The DaytrippersEliza thinks her husband is cheating on her. Comedy ensues. In what appears to be a theme of these recommendations, a young troupe including Liev Shreiber, Hope Davis, Parker Posey, and Stanley Tucci take a simple premise and make it sparkle. Anne Meara is excellent, as always.

    1. leigh

      Desperate Seeking Susan is one of my all time fav films.  Had a crush on Aidan Quinn for years after that movie.  

  55. Elia Freedman

    Okay, this post has caught my fancy.Best….War Movie: Band of Brothers, Platoon, Master and CommanderGangster: Godfather 1 and 2Drama/Action: Gladiator, Snatch, Silence of the LambsEpic: Lord of the RingsSci Fi: Matrix, Serenity/Firefly, Star Wars Trilogy (the original, the only)Christmas Comedy: Elf, Christmas StorySports Comedy: Happy GilmoreTeenage Angst: Heathers, Saved, 10 Things I Hate About YouComedy: Legally Blonde, My Cousin Vinny, Office SpaceRomantic Comedy: While You Were SleepingDramas: A Few Good Men, Shawshank Redemption, 12 Angry Men, Wall StreetSports Drama: Hoosiers, MiracleMovies About Music: Almost Famous, AmadeusComing To Terms With Things: Breakfast ClubCrime: Brick, LA ConfidentialI left kids movies off. There are too many good ones.

    1. fredwilson

      Wow. A treasure trove!

    2. William Mougayar

      Deer Hunter ?Apocalypse Now?

      1. Elia Freedman

        Both good movies. They don’t make my “abandoned on a deserted island” test, though.

        1. William Mougayar

          OK on Apocalypse, but Deer Hunter is a keeper.

        2. Donna Brewington White

          This post has inspired me to finally come up with my “abandoned on a deserted island” film list.A deserted island with electricity, that is.

          1. Elia Freedman

            It is funny that that came to mind. I remember playing that game when I was kid with music, movies, girls, etc. Actually, the phrase alone makes me think of the movie High Fidelity. (That’s not on my abandoned on a deserted island list but if it was would go under Coming to Terms with Things list.)I left Hudsucker Proxy off my list somehow. Hmmm.

          2. Robert Thuston

            Good call on Hudsucker Proxy.

      2. LE

        Deer Hunter. Who can forget the russian roulet scenes among others. To this day I still use the phrase “vietnam flashbacks”  to summarize any behavior based on any trauma in the past.

    3. Donna Brewington White

      Shawshank Redemption, Matrix —  yes!  Seen these multiple times each.Given your tastes — What about The Fugitive?  Love Tommy Lee Jones in that (well, in everything, actually), and Harrison Ford is a favorite.

      1. Elia Freedman

        Fugitive was good. Haven’t seen it in a long time. Ford is good in many movies. Love the Indiana Jones trilogy, for example. Jones and Ford seem to play similar kinds of characters a lot.

    4. Dave Pinsen

      Master and Commander was excellent. Hard to believe that, given the popularity of the novels they didn’t make a sequel.No greatest Sci Fi movie list is complete without 2001: A Space Odyssey though, which I am starting to think may be the greatest movie ever made. 

      1. Elia Freedman

        I’m embarrassed to say, among the thousands of movies I’ve seen, 2001 is not one of them. Your reminder, though, pushed it to the top of my Netflix list.I’ve lost some nerd cred, today, I know. 🙂

        1. Dave Pinsen

          You can check this out afterwords, if you want to avoid any spoilers (though you probably already know the famous plot of the film), but here’s a brief post about one of the 20th century classical compositions Kubrick used to score a scene:…Also if you want the dots of the movie connected, Arthur C. Clarke’s novel version does that, and is a great book. As Terry Gilliam said in the clip in the comment I posted elsewhere in this thread, though, the film makes you work to understand it. It doesn’t connect the dots for you, and that’s part of its greatness.

          1. Elia Freedman

            I like movies like that. Thanks for the links!

          2. Dave Pinsen

            No problem.

  56. Rohan

    Since we have veered to all time favorites –Inpsirational: Remember the titans, Miracle, Dead Poet’s Society, Blind Side, Cinderella ManFun: 21, Oceans TrilogyLife, Philosophy etc: Life is Beautiful (la vita e bella), Cinema Paradiso, The Pursuit of HappynessAction: X-Men, Nolan’s Batman, Bourne UltimatumMisc: Good Will Hunting, Sherlock Holmes, The Last King of Scotland, Too Big to FailChick Flicks: The Switch, The Proposal

    1. DwightD

      Life is Beautiful – I’ll second (or third, it looks like) that one. Takes you through every possible emotion. Really super film.

      1. Rohan

        I think so too, Dwight. 🙂

  57. Saket Munshaw

    I saw Puss in Boots a couple of weeks ago with my girlfriend and we both really enjoyed it. The animation is fantastic and the story line is funny, romantic, cute. They introduce a bunch of different characters from children’s stories (who are now older) and in cases where they cannot bring a character in, they reference story lines from themI’d definitely recommend it. FAKE GRIMLOCK, did you watch it?

  58. Jennifer McFadden

    Love it. First, you should definitely read Hugo before seeing the movie (it should take < hour). It is a graphic novel and the illustrations are awesome. Saw two great flix this past week: 1) My Week with Marilyn: Totally not what I thought that it would be. It is a great period piece and the leads are fantastic.2) The Descendants: This has to be an Oscar nominee. Hysterical and heart wrenching at the same time. Clooney does an awesome job, as does the girl who plays his daughter. Forewarning: I went with a friend who lost her father last year to cancer. There are A LOT of hospital scenes that can be tough if you know anyone who has passed away lately after having been hooked up to machines. That being said, it is probably one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time!

  59. jason wright

    I watched David Fincher’s The Social Network last night with his commentary voiceover on. Always interesting to listen to a director talk about their film. He even described himself as a “content producer” – I’d never heard a director be quite that candid about their ‘art’ before. It was filmed at John Hopkins and not Harvard (the latter being apparently less than cooperative with the production company – something to hide, or hoping for an endowment from Zuckerberg perhaps and wanting to protect his reputation?) I browsed the Harvard website this morning, and who should pop up on the home page with a nice benign press pack piece on the manicured Harvard lawn but the man himself (and surrounded by his entourage and minders) . Harvard are zucking up to him big time, and for big bucks. They must be peeing their pants with excitement at the prospect of his signing a gift check after the IPO.

    1. tyronerubin

      @jasonpwright:disqus Thanks for the heads up on the commentary from Fincher for The SN. I used to listen to every commentary I could. have not done that in a while. Thanks.

  60. Renee

    No one mentioned Twilight: Breaking Dawn!  +1 for all of us.As far as a review that’s worth a read: if you haven’t seen @baratunde:disqus ‘s live tweeting of the entire thing, go look:…

    1. LE

      My wife (girlfriend at the time) got me into the whole twilight thing. It’s something that I could have never predicted that I would like and enjoy as much as I do.

      1. leigh

        lol who doesn’t love a good cheese fondu 

  61. Jay Janney

    This summer, I took the kids (17,9,6) to see the new “Winnie The Pooh” movie.  They all loved it; it had a wonderfully nostalgic feel to it. Disney sometimes takes a story and adds too much sugar to it (watching some Disney movies is like drowning in warm maple syrup), but here they kept the original feel to the movie.  I glanced over at my oldest son (17), and he had a contented smile to his face.  He told me he had come along for the popcorn, but really enjoyed it.  It brought back pleasant memories of his childhood.  He told me he’ll show it to his young kids in 20 years.  Sunday I’ll take the kids to the new Muppet movie: reviews suggest it has something for old and young fans of the muppets.  My Valentine’s day tradition is ‘Casablanca”;  we set up the video projector, and watch it together, no kids about.   My wife thought it was a silly tradition at first, but, like mold, it has grown on her  (not that she has any mold on her, for the record).  Casablanca is an acquired taste; I tell people never to watch it until they are married and at least 35 years old.   The idea of sacrificial love is well told here;  it’s not a sugary sweet love story, but a complex one.

  62. johnmccarthy

    During the holiday season I am trying to work the phrase “GI Joe with the kung fu grip” into my business vocabulary.  Always a fun phrase to toss around when discussing end of year bonuses….Trading Places, one of the best holiday movies ever.

  63. Donna Brewington White

    One of my favorite films of all time is “Shall We Dance” — the Japanese version.  (NOT the Richard Gere version – gag!)A beautiful, understated film, with surprising moments of humor.Leaves me with a sense of quiet awe every time.

  64. LE

    Haven’t seen this one in 20 years but remember it as being good and still quote it to this day:”Harry in your pocket”…It’s about a pick pocket who has a cardinal rule “Harry never carries not for one minute not for one second”. They day he violates that rule is the day he gets arrested. Same with “Heat” for that matter with DeNiro and Pacino:…The rule there is that you never get so close to someone that you can leave in a moment them when the Heat is on you. In the end that rule is violated leading to an arrest.

    1. John


      1. LE

        Yeah I thought about that. I wouldn’t have said the same with a new release.  These are old movies and the lessons are important. And if just one person can learn something from “Harry”, as I have, I will sleep better at night knowing I’ve done my part in a small way.

    2. Dave Pinsen

      Heat was a great movie, but you’ve gotten the message of its ending almost exactly backwards (SPOILER ALERT — stop reading this if you haven’t seen the movie).De Niro’s character’s rule was “Have nothing in your life that you cannot walk away from in 30 seconds flat, if you see the Heat coming around the corner”. In practice, that meant not having any close personal relationships, and, as the movie starts, he doesn’t. He later gets involved with the artist girl he meets at the coffee shop, but is somewhat ambivalent about that.The one who violates that rule is Val Kilmer’s character, who, despite their frequent fights, is deeply in love with his wife, played by Ashley Judd. In the end, she saves him from getting arrested, giving him the subtle signal with her hand that the cops are staking out her place. He is the only one of the criminal gang to survive the movie.De Niro, in contrast, has a chance to escape to New Zealand with his girlfriend, but his feelings of vengeance are stronger than his feelings for her, which leads him into his fatal trap at LAX.

      1. LE

        (said in voice from 2001 a Space Odyssey)Dave, I don’t agree that I’ve gotten it backwards.(normal voice)De Niro’s character does violate the rule in the end. By my interpretation the girl is the reason for the violation.I will watch it again taking your interpretation in mind to see it from a different angle.

  65. Aaron Klein

    Apollo 13 is one of the greatest entrepreneurial movies ever.  When I grow up, I want to be Gene Kranz.The classic pivot: “What do we have on the spacecraft that’s good?”The believer in data: “Let’s work the problem, people. Let’s not make this worse by guessing.”In response to “this could be the greatest disaster in NASA history,” the inspirational leader: “With all due respect sir, I think this is gonna be our finest hour.”And the unwavering unwillingness to lose: “Failure is NOT an option!”And to believe they gave the Oscar to Mel Gibson that year.

    1. LE

      And “The Right Stuff”…Impressive how the John Glenn character didn’t cave to Johnson’s request for a TV interview with a stuttering Annie Glenn on launch day. A model of behavior to live by.Oh yeah one other one. In that movie the assumption of legitimacy “Yeager must have clearance to take off, right?” (the tower staff). Basic human behavior that you can use to your advantage every day. People don’t question things enough and won’t stand up to authority.

      1. Aaron Klein

        I’ll have to check that out!

    2. Dave Pinsen

      Apollo 13 was a great movie, but it wasn’t about entrepreneurship — the astronauts, in space and on the ground, we’re all government employees. It was about competence and perseverance though, in the pursuit of ambitious goals.It’s the competence, in particular, that stands out. The engineers in Houston with their pocket protectors and short sleeved button down shirts working the problem. It was that sort of competence (plus the odd German rocket scientist) that got us to the moon in the first place, a distance of ~240,000 miles.What a depressing comparison to today, where we no longer have the capability to go to the International Space Station which is about 1/100th as far away as the moon, and NASA sees its highest priority not as exploration but,to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science … and math and engineering.

    3. Michael B. Aronson

      Agree, love the Nasa moviesMy coolest ex student (besides Fred) went up on the shuttle 2x and repaired the Hubble. The film of that repair is incredible, better than any fiction. He now works with Elon Musk at Space X. There is hope to get to Mars in my lifetime!

      1. Aaron Klein

        That’s awesome. NASA is definitely the entrepreneurial part of government…creating value, not just redistributing it.My four year old son asked me this morning if I’d ever been on a rocket ship. After telling him no, he suggested my next business trip should be on one.@Riskalyze:twitter Mars ftw!

  66. LE

    Fast Times at Ridgemont High…Sean Penn Jeff Spicoli character: “What Jefferson was saying was, Hey! You know, we left this England place ’cause it was bogus; so if we don’t get some cool rules ourselves – pronto – we’ll just be bogus too! Get it?”Has relevance today.

  67. Luke Hristou

    2 movies I just watched the last two nights, both greatsfor the family: Cool Runningsfor older: Catch me if you can

    1. LE

      “Catch me if you can”I’ve done some of that stuff.  (Nothing illegal.)

  68. William Mougayar

    How about favorite quotes from movies? A few came out already….”Leave the gun, take the cannoli” – The Godfather”No sir. You can kick me out, but I ain’t quitting.” – Officer and a Gentleman

    1. LE

      “Officer and a Gentleman” A great movie (as is godfather obviously).From godfather 3 “everytime I try to get out they pull me back” I use that one all the time. 

  69. LE

    Grass is greener sidenote.A long time client of mine is exec producer of several big movies you’ve heard of and TV shows. In the business for probably 30 years. He lives in Hollywood. His wife is an emmy award winning casting director. He thinks (from what he reads) that the internet world is paved with gold, and better than the movies.  Several times he’s tried to run things by me for a web idea that he thinks might be easier than his current line of work. One was actually pretty good but then he became involved in some new projects and never executed.When you look at it closely though, there are many similarities in the two industries as far as luck, creativity, money, human behavior, and timing. As well as dreamers heading to the west or east coast.


    dad and i used to always watch It’s A Wonderful Life around this time

    1. andyidsinga

      its on our family’s yearly holiday list too along with ‘A christmans story’ and recently added ‘The Polar Express’ Amazing how these movies keep a certain kind of magic alive in the family holiday experience 🙂

  71. Michael Diamant

    Definitely HUGO.  Cinema at its highest level and great for a family.  Even better if someone in your family has read the book which is itself a brilliant and a unique piece of literature- a combination of pencil drawings and prose – that tell an amazing tale of historical fiction.My 11 year old loved the book and the movie, my wife and i loved it, and my parents loved it.  talk about mass appeal for a work of breathtaking beauty.  Girl with the Dragon Tattoo looks to be amazing too, especially if you’re a Fincher fan.

  72. LE

    “Boiler Room”…”And best of all I’m liquid””They say money can’t buy happiness? Look at the fucking smile on my face”.”Anyone who says money is the root of all evil doesn’t have any”.

  73. awaldstein

    “Manhattan” wins my vote as best movie with NYC as the lead character.

    1. Tom Labus

      I’m with you on that one.He needs to revisit NYC.

      1. awaldstein

        Yes….he does.Big fan of his. Huge fan of this city.New York celebrates itself and its heroes like no other place in the world.

        1. tyronerubin

          Midnight in Paris is superb.

          1. awaldstein

            True…But after a lifetime of watching his work, if I had to choose three, it would be Manhattan, Annie Hall and Hannah and Her Sisters.Maybe that’s me.Maybe him.Feeling connected to a movie is a great bias!

          2. tyronerubin

            I have not missed an Allen film. One a year for decades. I wasn’t putting Midnight in Paris up there with those was mentioning it as its the most recent to watch of his work. Plus its looking likely that Woody might get some nice Oscar cred next year.

          3. awaldstein

            True…We’ve all been fortunate to have so many great film makers to grow up with over a long period of time.It’s different sitting down and studying Bergman or Fellini or the French cinema from a historical perspective and building that history over time with contemporary film makers.Lucky us.

          4. tyronerubin

            As far as I know Woody’s favorite filmmaker is Bergman, or at least def one of his favorites.

    2. Anne Libby

      Another movie where NYC is a key character:   *Inside Man* 

      1. awaldstein

        Good one Anne. Another is the Edward Burns series, all very much New York–…

        1. Anne Libby

          I love those films!   Especially *The Brothers McMullen.*   Great choices.I think that Burns was quite an entrepreneur to even make those films — I have a perception that indie is easier today than it was back then. 

          1. awaldstein

            Great flics all. Indie I think (and not my field) is both easier to make (video not film) and easier to distribute (web/limited art house).I also believe that with more, the audience grows correspondingly. I love the stories that both Rocky (Stallone) and Predator (Schwartzenegger) were both self funded, written and produced. Indies both that started two monster fanchises.

  74. John

    A lot of good ones here. A few I haven’t seen mentioned that will are on my top 10:Walk on Water:…After the Wedding:…Brodre:… (Original, not remake)The first two are available through Netflix streaming, and unfortunately the third is only available via DVD. Can’t miss with any of them.

  75. Donna Brewington White

    “Lars and The Real Girl”, anyone?Hilarious!!!Edit: I stand corrected. The premise is hilarious — ridiculously so. The plot itself is poignant and deeply touching, and Ryan Gosling’s performance is stunning.

    1. Dave Pinsen

      That was good, though not really hilarious. More of a twee indie drama. 

      1. Donna Brewington White

        I learn something almost every time you comment.  Just looked up “twee indie.”And if I had known you were going to show up, I would have come up with a more precise description. Or maybe I am just easily amused.

        1. tyronerubin

          @donnawhite:disqus Shows how well Ryan Gosling can drive a film. Such a wonderful, small film. Just before that he was superb in Half Nelson. The more recently outstanding, truly outstanding in Blue Valentine. And yes, as these comments prove, Drive was outstanding. 

          1. Donna Brewington White

            I will have to see these films. You’ve convinced me.

        2. Dave Pinsen

          Donna,The key word there was “drama”. Although the set-up — a guy marries a sex doll — could be played for comedy, in that movie it wasn’t. It was a drama about a lonely man whose small, close-knit town plays along with the scenario out of compassion for him.

          1. Donna Brewington White

            I see your point and you are right — to describe this as hilarious in a broad sweep is a mistake, although there were hilarious moments and that memory has stuck with me. Just the ridiculous nature of the plot in itself leaves me with that sense of having seen something hilarious. Anyway, I have a really offbeat sense of humor, Dave. As my husband continuously reminds me.I was caught off guard by how poignant and touching this film was. It really moved me. Plus I thought it was brilliant. Definitely in the “art” category.

          2. Dave Pinsen

            It was touching because they played it straight, which was a clever and original idea. Well-executed, too.

          3. Donna Brewington White

            BTW, did you like it?

          4. Dave Pinsen

            I did.

  76. Tom Labus

    Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman and the whole great cast.Seen it umpteen times but it’s also so great.

  77. Dave Pinsen

    Here’s a movie recommendation that, judging from its tiny box office take (and from my never having heard of it until last week) seems to have slipped under the radar when it came out in 2010: SUPER. Sort of a darker, more brutal and twisted Kick Ass, with an adult protagonist.Thumbs up.Here’s the trailer:

    1. Montgomery Kosma

      Saw it at SXSW … Ellen Page, when asked, said her wish for a superpower would be “the ability to withstand gluten.”Have to say SUPER does a nice job addressing some of the intimacies inherent in the superhero / sidekick relationship.

      1. Dave Pinsen

        That’s pretty funny what Page said. 

    2. leigh

      We bumped into Kick Ass – it was way better and more fun then i expected.  

  78. ouwen smith

    A man is not old as long as he is seeking something. A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams. (J. Barrymore)

  79. Dave Pinsen

    Speaking of movies, TV’s Andy Levy tweeted the 2 minute clip below last week. It’s Terry Gilliam contrasting the work of Spielberg and Kubrick:

  80. DwightD

       Well, not exactly a movie, but I recommend Seminar, playing on Broadway at the Golden Theatre (45th & 8th).  Alan Rickman plays the brutal but reputedly brilliant teacher of a small writing seminar attended by aspiring novelists.Rickman is always fun as the bad guy.  I hate not to mention the rest of the cast because they all do a great job (Lily Rabe, Jerry O’Connell, Hamish Linklater & Hetienne Park).   Quick, witty dialogue.  Fun to talk about afterward.  Definitely NOT Transformers. I wonder what happens if you look at Rickman’s character as a VC and the authors & their works as startups?   Enjoy your downtime.

  81. BradDorchinecz

    My favorite non-mainstream movies is “The Strait Story”, about an old farmer who rides a lawnmower across Iowa to see his brother.  Good story of boundless determination and some nice, softer moments as well.  You will love this character if you watch it.

    1. Donna Brewington White

      That’s one of my favorites. I did love the character — and the actor.  Richard Farnsworth was cast perfectly.  He mastered the subtle, yet poignant moments — particularly the ending. Has definitely lingered in my memory.It’s a little too slow for some, but I thought the pace demonstrated brilliance on the director’s part.  

  82. Montgomery Kosma

    Recently saw and really liked Craig Baldwin’s odd sci-fi film Spectres of the Spectrum.  Hard to describe, it’s a post-apocalyptic story about Yogi and BooBoo, a father/daughter fighting the New Electromagnetic Order, and a commentary on the history of tech & media.  Here’s a clip I picked out covering the bitter competition over AC/DC – including Edison using Tesla’s equipment to electrocute an elephant.….  Even though they didn’t have Kenneth Arrow or Carl Shapiro, I’m sure they recognized that their industry was the ultimate case of network externalities & winner-take-all.  Startup competition is still tough, but generally much more civil today.  (Just ask yourself, WWFGD?)My all-time favorite is The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension.  Kevin Smith recently conducted a fantastic retrospective with Peter Weller and John Lithgow at the Lincoln Center in NYC, his podcast here:… 

  83. AgeOfSophizm

    My list on FB:MunichA Clockwork OrangeV is for VendettaThere Will be BloodFight Club (Shout out to !)The Big LebowskiThe MatrixLife is BeautifulEternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    1. andyidsinga

      gonna go watch fight club again 🙂 definitly a good one.

  84. Montgomery Kosma

    I’m dying to see the new French thriller Rapt, though it may have moved into the ghetto between theaters and VOD.…


    Also Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Hugo.

  86. Michael Diamant

    I watched Empire of the Sun with my 10 year old recently – really the first movie he ever saw that touched on war, as told through the eyes of a boy about his age (played by a 13 year old Christian Bale).  It’s quite serious, spectacular, moving, scary, one of Spielberg’s finer movies actually.  The best movie about balls to the wall business is Mamet’s Glengarry Glenn Ross.  ALWAYS BE CLOSING.

    1. Tom Labus

      “The leads, the good leads”.

      1. Michael Diamant

        Sales motivation 101 : “The fucking leads are weak? You’re weak.”

    2. panterosa,

      ABC_ always be closing. A catch phrase in my household. I was in RE, but no longer. Still, ABC rules.

  87. andyswan

    A few of my fave movies:CasablancaPulp FictionRoger RabbitThe Big LebowskiGodfather IIbonus for the season:  A Christmas Story.  If you don’t know why I have a leg lamp and a red ryder BB gun in my front window right now, you’ve missed out on a classic.

    1. William Mougayar

      Heat of the nightSidney Poitier

    2. William Mougayar

      One more- MoonstruckCher before surgeriesNorman Jewison Director

      1. Dave Pinsen

        Don’t forget the great screenwriter, John Patrick Shanley, who won an Oscar for the script. Great movie, one of the top-5 of that decade. One of those movies that you can watch over and over and it doesn’t get old.Interesting, too (as I noted on my old blog a while back, “The people that you knew at Elaine’s”) that neither the film’s director, screenwriter, or its two lead actresses (Cher and Olympia Dukakis) were Italian (Shanley grew up in an Italian neighborhood  though).

        1. William Mougayar

          Definitely. Probably watched that movie 5-6 times. Nicolas Cage was not too bad either. Norman Jewison is a genius & one of those unsung Directors. I met him.

          1. leigh

            I loved Birdy (and the soundtrack brilliant) but wonder if it would stand the test of time if i rewatched it.  

          2. William Mougayar

            How about Mrs. Doubtfire.

      2. Tom Labus

        She was so good.  What a kitchen!!

        1. William Mougayar

          Speaking of kitchens, how about the one in Perfect Murder with Douglas / Paltrow.

    3. andyidsinga

      The Dude is one of the best ever!

  88. Taylor Brooks

    I’m a sucker for 80’s films…The Natural (Robert Redford)The Right Stuff (Ed Harris, Dennis Quaid)Chariots of FireDead Poets Society (Robin Williams)All time favorite: Cool Hand Luke

  89. kidmercury

    there’s a new movie about former CIA director william colby made by his son, i’m going to see that this weekend. also, the national “defense” authorization act is something americans really need to resist. http://www.businessinsider….

  90. William Carleton

    Fun thread! Suggestion for a double feature: Pair A Serious Man by the Coen brothers with the new film Take Shelter. My “review” here:

  91. Raja Jasti

    Talking about great movies, we can’t leave out Back to the Future movies. 

  92. Raja Jasti

    The Schindler’s listSaving private Ryan

  93. SofSof

    hilarious movie

  94. FlavioGomes

    Gonna digress here for a moment….But I believe there’s only one Fun Friday left before XMAS and the link below came in my email box from a good friend.   Maybe the next Fun Friday could inspire some cool gift ideas ;)…cause this one takes the cake for me!!…sorry if its old news…but fascinating.In that light…I’ll throw “Jaws” into the ring

  95. Cam MacRae

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – an exquisitely shot tragedy.Pierrot Le Fou – utter genius from Jean-Luc Godard.Das Boot – terrifying.To Kill A Mockingbird – need I say more.

    1. andyidsinga

      Das Boot – like

  96. leigh

    My fav romance fiilms:84 Charing Cross Road Truly Madly DeeplyAny version of Pride and Prejudice (but am a big fan of the Kiera Knightly one)I’ll second @twitter-2408481:disqus  on Desperately Seeking SusanThe English Patient

  97. 2day4ever

    Hi,Just remember… Hugo began as a book (like 50 percent of all movies). It wasn’t digital. It wasn’t user generated content. It was curated content on paper. A concept 99 percent of all VC’s would opening scoff at and never fund. And then spend their weekend enjoying.

    1. fredwilson

      scoff noreject as an investment yesit’s just about return on investment. that’s how we are has nothing to do with disrepect of the creative process

  98. Tom Labus

    Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy comes out this week.…

  99. Eunice Apia

    My guilty pleasure is “Clockwork Orange”. I feel like I shouldn’t like that movie because it’s so ultra violent but I love the Fashion in that movie. Mod Fashion rocks.What I need to do it create a list of all my favorite films and post them on here…yeah, that’s what I’ll do.

  100. Jon Atrides

    I saw “Natural Selection” at the London BFI Film Festival. If you like the Coens view of distorted suburbia, youll enjoy this one.

  101. Christopher Herbert

    Here’s a humorous take [if I do say so myself] from a 32-year-old father on the new Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part One.…Quick excerpt:I was coming straight from the office, so I met my wife at the movie theater. She was already inside.I handed the cashier my credit card. “I ordered online.”“Just the one?”I tried not to blush.

  102. FlavioGomes

    Perfume was a very interesting picture.  A little wacky but it kept my attention throughout.

  103. matthughes

    Late entires…Riding Giants – big wave surfing defined…A Good Year – life in Provence…The Pride of the Yankees – life of Lou Gehrig…Get Low – redemption…Terrific start-up and life lesson impressions throughout these movies.

  104. Nicky Filan

    Movies that stick to us until we get old would be great movie recommendations especially for the younger generation. Like Jurassic Park, King Kong, Planet of the Apes, The Shawshank Redemption and Jumanji. Those movies were good!

  105. leeschneider

    Required viewing this time of year = Christmas VacationClark Griswold one of the best characters ever.

  106. panterosa,

    An all time favorite is Catherine Deneuve’s first film – The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. It’s a musical, and I did not expect to like the format, but it was so lovely. The color is outstanding, Love Alec Guinness as George Smiley in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and Smiley’s People. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Kung Fu Panda.We watched The Incredibles so much we burned thru our first DVD. On #2 now.Unbearable Lightness of Being. Henry and June. Secretary. I have a penchant for French erotica from the 70’s…for Almodovar, Woody Allen, The Pink Panther series (no surprise there).I recommend The Writer of O for anyone who has read The Story of O. I refuse to see the film version of O – I have the visuals already in mind.Saw Barney’s Version with Paul Giamatti over Tday wkend and it was excellent.

  107. Guest

    “Buck” came out a while ago, and while I wish it were possible to see on the big screen with my family this holiday season, I’m thrilled it’s available on Netflix streaming.  I have never ridden a horse in my life, but this movie touched and inspired me.  When referring to his style of training horses, Buck says “it’ll make you better in ways you didn’t think related to horses”.  That’s how I feel about the movie.  NY Times felt the same way!

  108. mydigitalself

    I hate to bring down the level here, but Zoolander. When I first saw the trailers I thought never in a million years was this for me. How I laughed, again and again and again. Some other thoughts:AmelieTaken (Surprisingly great raw action film)Children of Men (Single shot cinema at it’s best, especially the final sequence, it will blow you away when you compare it to multiple takes and angles, CGI, slow mow, sequencing crap we’re spoonfed today)

  109. Denim Smith

    Check out ‘One Week’ – a very cool Canadian Indy flick with a great soundtrack and beautiful Canadian scenery throughout. don’t judge it because Dawson Creek star Joshua Jackson is in it though!

  110. Lucas Dailey

    I know this is a one week old thread, and hence dead dead dead, but I’ve got to plug my favorite movie.Eat Drink Man WomanAbout an aging master chef in Taiwan and his three daughters, directed by Ang Lee (Brokeback Mountain, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon). It has a relaxing but captivating poignancy that feels very italian. If you enjoy good food, it’s more than worth watching just for the cooking porn.  


    “My Name is Kahn” is a great movie and shows that there are good people and bad people, it’s not about race and religion.

  112. Dkandfortythieves

    Without question one of the best movies ever made is “Lardi Di Biciclette” (The Bicycle Thief),as with  Le Femme Nikita, and Le Dinner de Cones, Stieg Larssons excelent trilogy will be butchered in typicle american fashion, see the originals! Also great entrepreneur movie is “Bottle Shock”.

  113. Nicholas Massey

    Definitely a Christmas Tradition my family has around this time of year is to watch The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy during the downtime of Christmas break. Just a great story, timeless tale. One of the greatest set of books of our time, and 3 movies, that while they don’t completely run away with your imagination like the books do, they definitely do the books justice.  

  114. fredwilson


  115. Robert Thuston

    Bill Murray = amazing

  116. ShanaC

    That was my favorite movie when I was 7.  That, and Ninja Turtles

  117. awaldstein

    Bill Murray = amazing = Lost in Translation.Lot’s others. So love this movie.

  118. Tom Labus

    One of my all time movies. Her face can say so much.

  119. awaldstein

    Remarkable. To me, having film available on demand anytime, anywhere has been as important to my life as having music.I watch movies and scenes like songs or lines in a poem innumerable times. One of the greatest gifts of a connected world.