My friend Joshua Schachter was in NYC yesterday. We braved the cool weather and went to our favorite – the Shake Shack. Over burgers and fries, Joshua gave me an update on Jig.com, his startup that USV is an investor in.

The idea behind Jig is that people have needs they want resolved. Jig is trying to be the service where you post the needs and others help you resolve them.

After lunch, we went to our conference room, fired up the computer, and posted a need on Jig. I'm trying to figure out how to ship a bunch of wine from NYC to Utah. So I posted that need on Jig. Then I tweeted it out.

A number of people @replied answers to that need on Twitter. But even more clicked through and gave me answers on Jig. Turns out that it is illegal to ship wine to Utah. That's good to know.

I plan to use Jig when I want to ask a question on Twitter. It databases the answers in a clean and organized way. Give it a try. It might be a useful way for you all to do the same.