45 Minutes With @albertwenger

It's really easy to appear intelligent when you are surrounded by smart people. I've written a fair bit about how my partner Brad is responsible for much of USV's investment thesis and the deep thinking we do as a firm.

But USV is also extremely fortunate to have had the benefit of Albert Wenger's big brain for the past five years, since he helped Joshua build and sell Delicious to Yahoo!

Since I don't have anything particularly interesting to say this morning, I thought I'd feature this interview with Albert that Rocky Agrawal did in our office recently. It's 45 minutes so it's a long listen, but there are a lot of good insights in here.

One more thing while we are talking about Albert – He's been doing this great weekly column called Tech Tuesdays where he essentially explains how this technology we are all using works. He's got a survey up on his blog looking for some feedback about where to take Tech Tuesdays next.

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