Dig Deeper

I read a post by my friend Brad Feld this morning that struck me as great advice. Brad says:

I’ve been noticing an increasing amount of what I consider to be noise in the system – lots of drama that has nothing to do with innovation, creating great companies, or doing things that matter. I expect this noise will increase for a while as it always does whenever enthusiasm for startups and entrepreneurship increases. When that happens, I’ve learned that I need to go even deeper into the things I care about.

I've been noticing the same nonsense and I've been trying to put up blinders myself. Brad's advice is to make a list of the thing that interest you and then dig deeper on them. His is at the end of his post.

I am interested in extending the internet/web/mobile disruption we've seen in media to big industries like finance, education, healthcare, energy, etc in order to address the challenging economic and social issues of our time. I'm going to take Brad's advice and dig deeper on these areas. And I want to write more about this stuff and discuss it with all of you here.

#VC & Technology