Easter Sunday

TulipsI don't think its a coincidence that Easter Sunday comes in early spring. It's a time of renewal, both spiritually and weather wise. 

Last evening our family got together for a Passover Seder. We went with a post modern version, called Sayder, that our friends helped craft. Our girls came back from college and brought a host of their friends with them. We ate an awesome meal cooked by The Gotham Gal and had a good talk around the table. The tagline for the Sayder is "less reading, more talk". I like it a lot.

I enojoy living in a place where the weather changes a lot. Although we had a mild winter, I have been wearing a winter coat for the past four months. And that coat is now put away and my Vespa is on the road again. The days are longer and the trees are in bloom and it's getting warmer outside. That's a great feeling and I enjoy it immensely every year when it happens.

I am going out for a walk around the west village to enjoy the sights and sounds of a quiet Sunday morning. I will stop by Abingdon Square and take a photo of the tulips in bloom which I will use as an anchor photo for this blog post, I'll get an espresso at my favorite cafe, and then I'll stop by the store and get the makings of Matzah Brei, and then I'll come home to a full house and a big breakfast with family and friends.

That's my version of Easter Mass. To those who are going to church today including my mom and dad, I say Happy Easter. And to those who have been celebrating Passover this weekend, I wish them "Chag Sameach". And to everyone else, I wish you a gorgeous spring Sunday full of renewal.

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  1. Rohan

    Love the Vespa! Happy Easter Sunday all!

    1. fredwilson

      i got it as a mothers day gift for the gotham gal something like six or seven years ago now. it turned out to be a bit too big for her, so we got her a Buddy scooter, and i took possession of it. i might get a new one this year and move the red one out to our place on long island. that would be a nice retirement for it.

      1. Rohan

        It’s sweet. And the idea of a buddy scooter is really nice. :)Such possessions take very special places in our lives, I think.Reminds me of my bicycle.. sweet memories!

      2. LE

        The vespa is cool and I’m totally jealous. (You might want to consider segways also for Long Island.)

      3. Emily Merkle

        Helmets! 😉 Love Vespas at a standstill

  2. EmilSt

    Beautiful read to start the day. The neigborhood is blossoming and the people with it. Thank you and Happy Easter!

  3. leigh himel

    Post reminds me of a Margaret Atwood quote I tweeted earlier “In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt”Chag Semach & Happy Easter 

    1. fredwilson

      Carl is into the dirt. i, on the other hand, don’t know where to start with gardens and plants.

      1. Carl J. Mistlebauer

        Actually, its in my DNA…if you say my last name like a German it actually translates into “sh*t” farmer….so the first “Mistlebauer” who landed on Ellis Island had a sense of humor!But then again, my great grandmother was actually an orphan in NYC who rode the “orphan train” to Wisconsin and was adopted by the Mistlebauer’s…I just feel a real bond with the German translation of “Mistlebauer!”

      2. Dan

        Fred, if you find yourself interested in learning more about gardening/dirt you should take a look at this cool little startup from Madison http://seedly.me/ …makes growing a small garden achievable for anyone.The founder Phil its actually one of the early guys from Murfie – who are going through techstars Boston right now.

        1. DanielHorowitz

          Good start. Fred may also like http://www.windowfarms.org/ , which I’m guessing he knows about. I think the key is building a large community because I think gardens and plants are very sensitive to your geography. Weather is highly variable. Five miles away there may be rain and sun but not here. (i.e You need many willing contributors, which may not be hard to find.) The thing with seedly.me is you may be selling me something I can’t grow? I don’t have enough space to grow corn. Maybe I don’t have enough sun to grow corn but you said I could. Can I get my money back? If this isn’t truly global, it seems hard to generate revenue year round. What does the homepage look like in August? Also, I want to grow tomatoes, can you help me with that? Or maybe, I have tomatoes, I just need the personalized guidance to make sure things go well. Anyway to decouple this, Or I have to buy your seeds. 

          1. wiscoDude

            Hi Daniel,Thanks for the great comments on Seedly.  What you see now is definitely our MVP for this spring.  We’ve received a good amount of feedback from customers and potential customers and much of it has been consistent with what you wrote.  I’m in the process of coding up the next iteration which will do three things.  1. Lead people through a process to determine what they _should_ attempt to grow (based on having a yard, amount of sun, time they want to spend)  2.  Expand the number of vegetables we provide guidance on.  3.  Provide the info service separate from the kits.I’ll let you know when we get the next version out.  I really appreciate your thoughts.

    2. William Mougayar

      To which Doug Larson responded “Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.”

    3. ShanaC

      Same to you!

  4. awaldstein

    Have a nice one Fred.Had Matza Brei for dinner last evening. To me that meal is the beginning of Spring.

  5. Humberto

    happy easter!!god i miss NY.(btw, when i click comment from within GReader i got sent to http://avc.disqus.com/admin… ?)

    1. fredwilson

      disqus has been rolling out a lot of beta code here at AVC this past week. i will forward this to them

  6. RichardF

    Happy easter everyone.It is certainly feels a time of change and renewal in our family. lunch today was the first big family meal since my father passed at christmas. Whilst he was missed it was still a great lunch, with good company and full of family banter.

    1. fredwilson

      nothing quite like family banter!

  7. Brad Lindenberg

    Nice post Fred. Chag Sameach from Sydney.Thought you’d like this if you haven’t already seen it:http://online.wsj.com/artic… 

    1. fredwilson

      i backed this project on kickstarterhttp://www.kickstarter.com/…

      1. Brad Lindenberg

        haha that is gold. I’ll have to show my tech-savvy grandfather. Ipad’s all around the table next yr.

      2. Miareeva

        That’s awesome – does it make matzoh ball soup as good as my Gramma did?

        1. fredwilson

          Not a chanceBut the gotham gals matzoh ball soup was amazing last night

          1. Miareeva

            I miss Seder with family. I love the traditions associated with family gatherings.I’m going to make matzoh ball soup today 🙂

      3. ShanaC

        That post makes me sad that the open source hagaddah never got off the ground.http://www.opensourcehaggad…Conceptually, Ipads and haggadahs sound like a bad mix to me – i’d be very nervous about someone spilling wine on the Ipad and ruining it in the course of the seder. Then you’re out of a haggadah.

        1. panterosa,

          get a chef sleeve for iPad!

    2. Stuart Campbell

      Great to see some locals on here (if you consider 300kms local)Happy Easter everyone from Canberra (the other capital of Australia!)

      1. Brad Lindenberg

        Right back at ya!

  8. Tom Labus

    Happy Easter/Spring morning.Beautiful day here.Watching Paris Roubaix live from France http://www.steephill.tv/cla… before we head out for a great meal with family later.

  9. RAM1

    Wonderful!  Nothing better than having our children around the table, having them talk and more importatnly us listening to their wisdom. 

  10. andyswan

    I’d rather be on my motorcycle thinking about God than sitting in church thinking about my motorcycle.

    1. fredwilson

      Well it looks like my Freddy Couples wish was just that. Do we root for Phil today?

      1. andyswan

        When in doubt, always pull for the guy named Bubba.

        1. fredwilson

          Of course (hit head with open palm)

        2. JLM

          Well played, Swannie & Bubba. Never bet against a guy named Bubba!

        3. Emily Merkle

          Bubba does not need us to root for him – he has Hillary in his corner.

          1. Emily Merkle

            Did anyone see Texts from Hilary? I think she rocks.

      2. RichardF

        I’m rooting for Westwood but Mickleson has to be where your money would go

    2. William Mougayar

      Sinner! Go on the motorcycle, but return to church and confess your sin.

    3. ShanaC

      In this weather, better bring a picnic basket on your journey!

    4. David Semeria

      Most excellent Andy. You have no idea how many (soccer) goals I scored in church as a kid. 

    5. Aaron Klein

      As someone once said, “going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than going to McDonald’s makes you a hamburger.” :)Tomorrow morning, Andy will tweet TGIM and we’ll be back to work, but it’s been a beautiful and restful Easter Sunday for me and I hope all of my AVC friends enjoyed their day as much as I did mine.

  11. Richard

    Quiet empty streets on a ny Sunday morning are a blast!

  12. Sharon

    I can sense how happy and fulfilled you are… 

    1. fredwilson

      Fulfilled is a challenge though

      1. Sharon

        Taking stock perhaps, pausing to notice a special moment.  I think the weather was just right today– the lighting, the temperature, the mood… and made even better by something to look forward to. 

      2. panterosa,

        Isn’t fulfillment handmaid to expectation?

  13. Shaan Rafiq

    Fred some times your posts just kick ass. I love the fact that your blog can cover technical issues and dry business subjects but at the same time have human(ising) posts. The sentiment of todays post really hit home with me and made me realise that I really do often ignore the nice things in life that aren’t new customers, biz partnerships etc. +1 ! 

    1. fredwilson

      Thanks for saying that. I thought twice before writing this

      1. rich caccappolo

        no way – shouldn’t have hesitated for a second – in fact, for me, this is one of your Top10 greatest ever posts.  

      2. Donna Brewington White

        I’m glad you did. ‘Tis very nice.

    2. William Mougayar

      Fred sure does a 360 on his blog subjects.

  14. JLM

    The renewal of the earth at Spring and the renewal of our spirituality in whatever worship we embrace are as natural as any cycle of life and living.  It is magic.It is a wonder to be alive — even with all the troubles that are flaming in our country and in the world — if only to be able to harness our energies and to resolve to make our little slice of wonder just a bit better.  A bit more wonderful.The world is what we make it and I pray that for the other 364 days of the year that the comity and courtesy that is exhibited by all of you grand folks today is made the new norm.  It is really the most attractive characteristic of AVC.com — you.I am re-reading Winston’s War by Max Hastings and have just read through the passages dealing w/ Churchill’s confronting the harsh reality of the fact that the English were all alone in the face of evil.I am also struck by the fact that in this time of renewal, we all — each and every one — have the ability to make our corner of the world just a bit better.  Even if we feel all alone.Much affection and admiration and respect for you and this time of renewal.  May our Gods bless us all.

    1. fredwilson

      Fortunately Churchill wasnt alone forever

      1. Emily Merkle

        None of us are alone and yet we all are. Some law of physics?

    2. William Mougayar

      “All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of yesterday.”

    3. ShanaC

      Thank you JLM, and the same to you!

  15. Miareeva

    Happy Everything 🙂

  16. JimHirshfield


  17. Tmaniaci

    Fred, this was a great message which I have forwarded to all my friends and family.

  18. sigmaalgebra

    NICE picture of some tulips, especially nice if click on it and get the full version!The Vespa looks like just the thing for getting around Manhattan in perfect weather.At a dinner some years ago, the host asked everyone to mention what they liked best, and my answer was the distinct four seasons of this area (70 miles north of Wall Street).  So, I have to agree with> I enojoy living in a place where the weather changes a lot.For> I don’t think its a coincidence that Easter Sunday comes in early spring.as I recall, the date is associated with the vernal equinox.My wife’s view of Easter was in terms of a woven basket full of green plastic hay holding Nut Creme Eggs, marshmallow chicks, etc.The first thing I remember about Easter was from about age 6 going to church and seeing all the girls my age dressed up in fancy ribbons, bows, hats, gloves, etc., all in the theme that they were “sugar and spice and everything nice” or sweet, darling, adorable, precious princesses.  It was an attractive, endearing, and influential image that took me a while to replace with something more comprehensive!Yesterday I changed the oil in the lawn mower engine and did the first grass mowing of the season, ate the last of a pot of Moo Shu Pork (1 pound of lean pork loin, 1 1/2 pounds of green cabbage, 1/2 pound of carrots, 6 eggs, lily flowers, tree fungus, Shitake mushrooms, scallions, garlic, ginger) I did last week, and made progress on ASP.NET thread safe access to application state as part of keeping track of session via a hidden field and cross-page posting!  Today, more on mowing and ASP.NET!Last season when I got my Weed Eater trimmer working (replaced the fuel lines ruined by ethanol), I trimmed back some weeds at the corner of the garage.  Yesterday I noticed that that area is now covered with small blue flowers of some unknown variety, origin, and reason!  Soon some of the indigenous bushes in the back yard will be covered with white flowers.  In the fall, the driveway is partly covered with yellow flowers.  I have no idea what any of the flowers are! 

    1. panterosa,

      Go on Project NOAH’s app and then you can upload flower photos and find out what they are – they will identify them for you! 

      1. sigmaalgebra

        Nice!  Thanks!When the sun comes up in NY, I should take a picture!

        1. panterosa,

          For the sun you’ll want the Star Walk app.

  19. tylernol

    easter comes in early spring , and has the egg/bunny stuff because of the merger with the Ēostre pagan spring goddess celebrations

    1. Emily Merkle

       and to sell Peeps!

  20. William Mougayar

    And let us be reminded that despite Spring’s wonderfulness and every bit of hope, renewal, colors and beauty it brings, – we still need Peace on Earth everywhere.

    1. Emily Merkle

      let us each know we can make a difference for good in ways big and small

  21. DanielHorowitz

    You can’t go wrong with matzah Brei. Happy holidays to you, your family, and everyone here. 

  22. rich caccappolo

    This is a wonderful post, Fred.  Recognizing andenjoying our great neighborhood, our environment, our families and friends -especially at this time of year – is great to do on Sunday mornings. Other than the aspect of Mass as a time to worship with others, whichnever really connected for me, walking the streets of the west village with the attitudeof appreciation, adoration, history and service gives me the spiritual richesothers achieve from attending Mass: consolation, renewal, confidence, peace,deep happiness, and spiritual strength for the challenges of life.

    1. fredwilson

      ExactlyHappy Easter Rich

  23. kskobac

    Happy Passover + Easter! What’s your favorite(s) NYC espresso spot ??

      1. kskobac

        Nice list! 3rd Rail is fantastic.  I recommend also taking a walk (or bike ride) to Abraco on a weekend morning (7th st & 1st ave.) for espresso drink of choice + olive oil cake, or Everyman Espresso (13th st. & 3rd ave.) any day of the week.

        1. fredwilson

          will do. thanks!

      2. William Mougayar

        How about Maialino? And does Taralluci make the cut?I just started a similar list for Toronto Coffee places,- my first List on Foursquare and noticed that their web experience is much much improved! https://foursquare.com/wmou

  24. William Mougayar

    Following your April Fool’s resolution, here’s a famous french spring saying: “En avril, ne te découvre pas d’un fil, en mai fais ce qu’il te plaît.”

  25. DonRyan

    I think that’s the best Easter post I’ve ever read. Here’s to new beginnings. 

    1. fredwilson

      wow. that’s quite a compliment

      1. Emily Merkle

        Fred you are an inspiration in so many ways. Thank you for leading by example.

  26. kirklove

    Lovely post. Happy Easter/Passover/AwesomeSpring to all.

  27. Dale Allyn

    Love the post, Fred. Thank you. Happy Easter, Chag Sameach, and Happy Spring, to you and your family. 

  28. William Gadea

    Missed one… according to some national traditions, April 8 is the Buddha’s birthday. Happy spring holiday to all!

  29. Larry Bridgesmith

    Thank you for expressing and respecting the role faith plays in our lives.  Too often we act as if people of faith are pariahs in need of serious psychotherapy or perhaps a lobotomy.  Nice to know faith can be embraced as well.  Chag Sameach

    1. Emilymerkle

      As long as faith does not harm others in its expression I think to have any kind of faith is a comfort

  30. bulbul_bd

    I am a muslim.But i have respect to all religion.i like your post.pls give some more post like this.

  31. John Revay

    GREAT Post – nicely written especially your version of the Easter Mass.I am back from 11:00 Easter mass – I have a sense of renewal and good feelings.Happy Easter and Chag Sameach.Please enjoy the Masters later today.PEACE to all AVC.

  32. Oscar Rydman

    Thank you for this post. I am moved by your personal approach. Reflecting on one’s actions is the first step. Greetings from Stockholm

  33. William Mougayar

    Does any one have a tradition of smashing boiled egg shells against each other at Easter? (symbolizes Jesus emerging from his tomb)The Egg is really at the center of Easter and Passover. The history of the Egg and its tradition is a fascinating one http://www.creativechocolat… I didn’t know that the Easter bunny/rabbit symbolized proliferation, renewal and abundance.



      1. panterosa,

        By that token, there should be more January babies. Whereas my daughter’s school classes are heaviest in March birthdays. That would imply beginning of summer celebrations being more ‘celebrating’ renewal than beginning of spring. Maybe dinos are on a different schedule.

        1. FAKE GRIMLOCK


          1. panterosa,

            Humans suffering from the ADD monster of their own creation. I guess they are a self-dumbing and self-numbing race. Such a pity. Cats smarter.Would think the remaining dinos too.

    2. panterosa,

      There a cool egg thing in Mexico of egg shells blown to of the insides and filled with confetti which you then crack on someone’s head. Very colorful and fun.San Migual de Allende in MX has a great festival in the main square, the Jardín, which has effigies of characters in papiér maché which are filled with explosives and spin and blow up. Last I was there years ago there was one of Dubya.

      1. William Mougayar

        Interesting…! Smashing egg shells is cool.

  34. LIAD

    A Jewish family invited their non Jewish neighbours over for Passover dinner. The first course was set in front of them and the Jewish couple announced, “This is matzoh ball soup.” On seeing the two large matzoh balls floating in the broth, the Gentile man was hesitant to taste this strange looking brew. Gently the Jewish couple pressed the Gentile man. “Try it; if you don’t like it, you don’t have to finish it.” Finally he agreed. He dug his spoon in, first picking up a small piece of matzoh ball with some soup in his spoon, and tasted it gingerly. He liked it and quickly finished the whole bowl. “That was good” the man said, and asked “Can you eat any other parts of the matzoh, or just the balls?

    1. Emilymerkle

      3 bite rule rocks

  35. ShanaC

    A) I <3 Tulips, great picture capturing the essence of NY in early spring.B) Happy Passover and Easter, for those celebrating now. For those celebrating Easter in the coming weeks (Orthodox churches) happy pre-easter. Everyone else, Happy spring!C) I need to find you a source of handmade matza. So much better tasting than machine made, its incomparable. The thinner, the better!

  36. kidmercury

    organized religion is one of the biggest scams out there, bigger than 9/11 being an inside job. i know some folks like organized religion and get some type of spiritual fulfillment out of it, which is all good and well i suppose, although i hope it doesn’t interfere with their ability to accept the existence of extraterrestrials or consider arguments that ETs created human beings. if we understand this we unlock new science and this new science gives us free energy. greater energy means greater prosperity. i know this is all way too crazy and most will reject it, but it is important information for getting us out of the mess that the world is currently in and enabling widespread forward progress and innovation. ignorance is futile. only the truth can set us free. 9/11 was an inside job,kid mercury

    1. Emily Merkle

      Miss. Too exuberant. I doubt Fred will invest. Not okay to say incendiary things that offend others’ belief systems. My family has served this country in all manner of capacities for generations & they would not dedicate their lives & their families’ to a body that would commit atrocities such that you & some claim. They are intelligent. I have wild imagination and love to speculate, but – I said this just once on FB and I will just once here. This is our community. It is ours to maintain. To encourage the kind of intercourse that is a reflection of what we are all doing here, ya know?I don’t know you so forgive if I am just off base but the message is not personal – we all should take Responsibility for our commentary communities. We do not need to be personal and crude lime I see waaaay too often in the media – but hey. It s ok to say when something is okay – or not so much. And if you think I am off base – tell me. We are all adults and no one will melt. Just let’s be real.Cool?

      1. Emily Merkle

        (my comment was to kid’s comment)

      2. kidmercury

        the story behind 9/11 is out in the open for all to see. that is the real purpose of the internet, just as the printing press before, is to unlock greater truths and advance education accordingly. i’m sure your family is filled with honorable people, and it is through exposing 9/11 truth that we ensure future generations of similarly honorable people are not deceived so that their noble and loving intentions are twisted to serve an evil force. 9/11 truth is all over the internet, although for those new to the subject, i recommend starting with patriotsquestion911 [dot] com as well as researching the collapse of building 7. remember there has never been a criminal investigation of 9/11 and FBI chief of investigative publicity rex tomb has stated bin laden is not on the FBI’s most wanted list for 9/11 because there is no hard evidence linking bin laden to 9/11. that is the official statement, not my words. a criminal investigation is how those who died on 9/11 can be honored. 

  37. matthughes

    I’m happy that we have our free agency today.Everyone deserves the opportunity to seek truth and inspiration.An open heart renders true happiness.Happy Easter and a terrific Spring to everyone –

  38. jimmystone

    Happy Easter all

  39. mikenolan99

    Happy Easter to all… this one from Caye Caulker in Belize.  Enjoying a great day… filled with new friends from Canada, a few rum punches and some great local seafood.The island is hopping – Easter is a huge celebration – the bass from the outdoor DJ’s from the town dance reverberate throughout the island till 3am!Happy spring to all!

  40. laurie kalmanson

    lovelymy daughter asked what chicks and chocolate bunnies have to do with easter (which we celebrate with candy, along with celebrating the shopping holiday of christmas) — whether the egg is on the seder plate, baked into italian cake/bread or made of chocolate, there are many ways to celebrate springpassover: in freedom, remember your bondage in the past, and work to end bondage in the present.

  41. panterosa,

    Spring to me is my mother serving shad, asparagus and new potatoes. When shad run, spring starts. Of course some purists argue on which shad running, where. I just go by my mother’s clock of her seeing it in her market.

    1. William Mougayar

      Where can I have shad in NYC? Never tried it before.

      1. panterosa,

        Good question! I’ve never had it out, only at home.Trying to find some now at the fish stores. The run may have been early this year due to unseasonal warmth.

  42. Donna Brewington White

    Sounds like a lovely morning, Fred. I especially appreciate when you do posts like this. Love the tulips!The weather changes a lot here in Southern California, too. Daily. Sometimes within the same day. And even though we do get spring and spring blossoms, it is not the same as spring in colder climates. Not the same sense of renewal and of a new world.Autumn has always been the season in which I feel that invigorating sense of something exciting and new in the air. I’ve always wondered if there is any connection to this being the season in which I was conceived.Note: Edited this comment and it is almost completely different from its previous form.

  43. Pablo Silva

    Somewhat Northern Hemisphere-centric, wouldn’t we all agree? =)

    1. fredwilson

      it was a personal thing. it was about me and what i was feeling.

      1. Pablo Silva

        That was my attempt at sarcasm—sorry.After I moved back to South America (from the US,) I could never feel Chritmassy again in December. It’s 100ºF outside around that time of the year, and the only place you see ‘snow’ and decorations is inside of air-conditioned shopping malls =)Enjoy Spring. The leaves have begun to fall in Buenos Aires (and ‘Winter is coming’).

        1. fredwilson

          Got it. I should have detected that

  44. JamesHRH

    Great stuff – although the tulip pic is tough to swallow for those of us in northern climes.Snow gone – brown grass still here.Wish I had tweeted what I said to a buddy on Saturday night……..” I like Bubba & Shrek. ” Don’t have it on the record, except for his word!

  45. Matt A. Myers

    That sounds like my kind of morning. I was up and walking by 7am. Most of the world still in their homes. I walked to my favourite building not far from my place. It’s for sale and hoping it still will be when I have time and money; Thinking this could only be a possibility as it needs so much work – though it’s an old beautiful building and it should be made something amazing. As I admired and prospected it, as I do when I walk by, I peeked in the first floor windows from every angle possible, trying to determine what the optimal layout would be – brainstorming too what set of options could fit and function. I feel it’s a little treat I give myself, letting myself imagine something that may not come to be – at least not in that specific location – but nonetheless letting my mind enjoy and explore the flow and community and culture this location would attract, the community I would like to help cultivate, a place I’d love to regularly be.I have driven my bicycle a few times now to get to my parents house so I can take my dog for a walk. She’ll be ten years old on April 30th, two days after my birthday. She still acts like she’s a puppy, though she’s trained now and listens to me unless her excitement gets the best of her; Her bouncing around in a playful way is just too precious and lovely to not let her continue until she’s pooped herself out. It’s great to see her so happy. She’s been an angel for me and my family. We’ve had her since she was just two months old. A cute little fluffball.Everything speeds up in the spring. It’s amazing that one week starts to feel as if a month or months have passed. Everything that was waiting to bloom, starts to bloom. It’s wonderful, refreshing, energizing – excitement flows and happiness grows. This is going to be a good summer.Happy Spring/Summer all. 🙂

    1. William Mougayar

      What breed of dog is that little one?

  46. Mark Essel

    The “Church” of AVC. If walking is the ceremony I’m already an evangelist.

  47. OurielOhayon

    Fred you do Seder? that s a great surprise!

    1. fredwilson

      we raised our children jewishmy wife is a jewi am a supportive agnostic

      1. OurielOhayon

        Happy to learn that fred. Had no idea. Long live blogs!_____________________*Not sent from a computer ****News: Appsfire, best app ever 2011 [148apps]***

  48. bulbul_bd

    Happpy Easter  again.Looking for more nice posts.