Fun Friday: Can The Knicks Beat The Heat?

A crazy wild regular season has come to an end and the NY Knicks are the seventh seed in the eastern conference with a record of 36-30 and a record of 18-6 under Mike Woodson, who should shed the interim before his title asap.

The prize for this late season surge is a first round series against the Miami Heat who ended the season with a 46-20 record. The first game is saturday at 3:30pm eastern in Miami. We will be watching.

So the question for everyone who cares today on Fun Friday is can Melo, Stat, and Tyson handle Dwyane, LeBron, and Chris Bosh? My take is they have a better shot than most people think. But Stat has to step up big and take some of the load off of Melo, who has been carrying the team the past month.

What do you all think?


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  1. John Best

    Also (probably just for Rohan) what’s your feeling about what people are calling “the most important Manchester derby in the last 2 decades”?

    1. fredwilson

      what is that?

      1. John Best

        The two Manchester football teams (United and City) are playing each other this weekend. Its a big deal, because its really the first season in an age where City has been in a position to challenge for the Premiership. The got new owners and a big injection of cash a couple of years ago, and have built their team progressively to the point where they’re a real contender (prior to that, they were the “also ran” Manchester team for an age).United looked like they’d win the Premiership again this year, but have stumbled in the last few games, making it mathematically possible for City to win. This weekend they play each other. If City win, they’ll be level on points, taking the title race right down to the wire.…My guys, Arsenal are in their (usual) respectable top 4 position. I’d like them to win, but they are at least (almost) always at the point of earning a Champions league place. Arsenal supporters are famously pessimistic about their chances. Nick Hornby’s book/film Fever Pitch showcases the pessimism and passion of being a “Gooner”.

        1. fredwilson

          who are you rooting for in this big united city match?

          1. John Best

            City. United are *largely* disliked for a combination of arrogance (occasionally justified), their fans (they attract a good share of “glory followers”), the extra time they seem to be given (there’s a documented phenomenon of them being given more time than any other team on average) etc. I can’t deny their skill or success, however. So, more than any schadenfreude, I’d like to see City win just because it makes the title race more exciting. 

          2. JamesHRH

            @fredwilson:disqus Manchester United (Man U) are the NY Yankees of soccer.

          3. Ciaran

            Bizarrely, I have absolutely no problem with United, yet am not a fan. Growing up in Surrey in the 80s (just south of London), all my friends supported Liverpool (just south of Scotland, kind of), just because they were successful. For me, there are just as many glory hunting Liverpool fans as United ones, it’s just that they’re older and more bitter.That said, I wouldn’t mind City winning, though the fact that they took Tevez back is a disgrace.

          4. Michael Elling

             ManU.  Proverbial underdogs and contrarians!

        2. Yalim K. Gerger

          I didn’t know they were playing each other this weekend. I am so watching this game. Thanks.

          1. jason wright


        3. Dave Pinsen

          ESPN has been playing EPL games on Saturday mornings (New York time). I’ll check this one out if it’s on.

          1. Rohan

            This one’s on Monday thanks to some weird scheduling, Dave.3PM Monday afternoon.Will be an absolute cracker!

          2. Dave Pinsen

            3pm NYC time? I’ll see if it’s on MSG or ESPN.

          3. Rohan

            Yup. 8pm BST. 🙂

        4. ShanaC

          this sounds more interesting that basketball.

          1. John Best

            I’m sure it’ll be an interesting game, if only for how high passions will be running.

          2. fredwilson

            it may well be. big time soccer/football is awesome

          3. Rohan

            What’s interesting is the nature and depth of the histories and rivalries. :)For eg: English football’s longest/most established rivalry is between Manchester Utd and Liverpool – two industrial towns that boomed during the Industrial revolution. These two are the most successful clubs – Liverpool had their hey-day in the 70s and 80s when they amassed league titles and european championships.And Man Utd under the current manager, a phenomenon by name (Sir) Alex Ferguson have clawed back and gone top on most records in the last 25 years. For eg: the total league title count is 19 to 18 overall. Liverpool have the edge in the coveted Champions league (i.e. cup competition of best across Europe) though – They have won 5 to United’s 3. And then there are other rivalries – North east clubs vs London clubs. Man united, Liverpool, Man City (newby funded by oil money) are the north east clubs while Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham are London clubs. For a while in the past decade, London was the capital of English football with Arsenal and Chelsea winning championships.. now it’s back to Manchester and the north east.Etc.. 🙂 

          4. John Best

            The Tottenham/Arsenal rivalry dates back to the 2nd world war. The then owner of Arsenal successfully argued that despite Tottenham placing higher in the league before the war broke out, Arsenal had had a better run of form, and therefore would have been more likely to win / secure promotion. Charismatic leadership always beats dry statistics.

        5. JamesHRH

          FYI everyone – ‘Champion League place’ means: the top teams of the major Euro national soccer leagues playoff for the title of Euro champs. Each league has its own championship tourney, but there is a continent wide one as well. It runs thru the winter (while regular leagues play) and wraps up on May 19th – Bayern Munich v Chelsea (major club from London that upset Barcelona in the semis).Soccer (sorry non-NA folks) has been awfully good entertainment in the last 10-20 years. It can be brutally hard to watch – its always great to play.

      2. RichardF

         it’s just a soccer game Fred, nothing to get excited about 😉

        1. Michael Elling

           A lot more people around the planet will probably be watching than any NBA game; maybe even the finals.

          1. RichardF

            it was tongue in cheek Michael…

          2. David Clarke

            And as you know football etiquette requires that we quote Bill Shankly at this point: ‘Football is not a matter of life & death; it’s more important than that’.

          3. Ciaran

            Probably? I’d guess the audience will be in the hundreds of millions.

        2. Alex Murphy

          That is just the problem … this isn’t soccer, ITS FOOTBALL!  😉

    2. Rohan

      It is indeed THE most important derby.And United are going to take it. My prediction is a slightly cagey game that will open up after the 1st goal that will be end of 1st half. 3-2 to United. (Aguero 43′, Rooney, 49′, Nani 63′, Toure 67′, Scholes 83′)(And boy, I’m feeling so good seeing the 2 Spanish teams beaten by the 2nd placed team in Bundesliga and 6th place in the EPL. Sorry Fernando!)

      1. Alex Murphy

        Awesome games!  Upsets are indeed in the air!!  

      2. JamesHRH

        rohan, could you be more specific?  😉

        1. Rohan

          Lol. I actually could.I was half debating I would predict how these goals would be scored.. but I’ll pass.. haha

    3. jason wright

      It’s hype! 🙂

      1. John Best

        *gasp* 😉

    4. Ciaran

      I fancy City for that. Though I do think Mancini’s statement that he definitely won’t be sacked a little premature.After all, Pep’s available now!

      1. Rohan

        Pep’s going to take a 1 year sabbatical.He’ll be at Old Trafford after Fergie retires after having won the Champions League the 3rd time.Just you watch. :DAnd Mourinho will be at City.

        1. Ciaran

          I don’t actually imagine he will turn up at City. Utd would love him, but is he prepared to wait another 10 years for Fergie to go?;)

  2. Hedgefundltd

    No way Knick will knock the Heat, but will be interesting to see how much trouble they can cause. 

  3. pointsnfigures

    As a Bulls fan, I am pulling for you.  But, Vegas says little chance.  

    1. fredwilson

      will D Rose be healthy for the playoffs?

      1. pointsnfigures

        Guy has the heart of a hero.  He will be ready.  Would love a Knicks-Bulls series.  Madhouse on Madison v the Garden.  The Bulls are fun to watch.  They play great team basketball, and it’s because of Rose.  I also think Noah brings a significant will to win.  2 Nat’l champs at Florida.  It wasn’t an accident.  He competes.  Heat have two players from that Florida team and they play hard.  I hope the Knicks win, but I only see them doing it if Walt Frazier and Willis Reed are in the lineup.

        1. pointsnfigures

          And of course, D Rose hurts himself late in the first game…..

          1. fredwilson

            i am really sorry to see that. he’s a warrior.

  4. Dan Lewis

    Probably not, but that’s why you watch, right?

    1. fredwilson

      i watch because i love NBA Basketball and I love the Knicks

      1. LissIsMore


  5. Yalim K. Gerger

    My heart says Knicks but my brain says the Heat.

  6. andyswan

    Only chance Knicks have to beat Heat is if Melo gets hurt and Lin gets healthy.

    1. fredwilson


    2. JLM

      If Lin and Carmelo could learn to play the P & R like the Spurs and Duncan, they would be a team.  Otherwise they are a bunch of pick up game guys — damn good mind you but still a pick up game.Wow, watch me now!

      1. andyswan

        Lin is a winner and melo is a wannabe hip-hop star.

        1. JamesHRH

          As an SU grad, I would have to point out that he carried Jim Boehiem to his only title.Player. He is unstoppable in the half court.Yes, he cannot pass like Bird or Magic (who can though?), runs the floor only OK, rebounds only a little & flat out plays D like he is thinking about what he had for lunch.But he is an instant double team and even then can still score. A joy to watch – fluid, athletic in a sneaky way, under control 99% of the time. Roasting you while barely breaking a sweat.Paul Pierce would kill to make it look that easy.

          1. andyswan

            Agree with all of that.  He’s an amazing player.  But, he’s not a winner.He always makes it look easy.  And that’s most of my problem with “melo”….whatever he does, he WANTS to look like he’s not trying.  Jordan, Kobe, Shaq, Bird…they made it look easy a LOT because of their talent.  But they also made it look really really hard sometimes….because it is….and they had to in order to win.Quite convinced he’d rather look cool and smooth while losing than show 100% effort and risk his rep.He’s one of those guys that walks 0.1mph through the mall with sunglasses on….except he happens to be on an NBA court at the time.  Final point: They were better without him. 🙂

          2. JamesHRH

            Totally agree with you.Still love seeing his highlights – but I have no vested interest.Have always thought that the difference between being an NBA All Star & an NBA Champ – willingness to D up.All the greats were great @ both ends – all the not quite greats (long long list) did not have D in their DNA.

          3. andyswan

            Yep. To have to score against Kobe, Shaq, Duncan or Jordan was a daunting task. They didn’t just put up 35, they put up a net +25 vs their man.

          4. fredwilson

            Paul Pierce and Melo remind me of each other. But Melo is better than Pierce, at least right now he his.

          5. andyswan

            Ehhh Pierce’s man won’t score 20+

        2. fredwilson

          i don’t disagree what you and JLM are saying about Melo in a general sense. but he is among the best offensive players in the game and single handed won Syracuse a championship as a freshman in college. he is the real deal when it comes to putting the ball in the hole. if he can become a team player, he could win an NBA ring too.

          1. andyswan

            Agree, but he won’t. He wants to be a hip-hop star….”cool”. I’m not blaming him, the NBA is entertainment by rich men first and foremost…just doubting he’ll ever WIN there.

          2. JLM

            Melo, in the hands of the right coach (Pop), could be one of the 10 best to have ever played the game.  A once in a lifetime talent.Even a great horse has to have a great jockey to make it to the winner’s circle.

          3. hypermark

            All that you need to know about ‘Melo is that he had a great thing in Denver, a team that was “this close” to beating the Lakers, and was only gonna get better, and then he blew it up.The sad fact is that a tiger doesn’t change its stripes, and for all of his great offensive skills (there are many), he resists playing through a point guard, and more damning, refuses to be a defensive stud.Name me a playoffs-winning team where the team’s biggest star doesn’t also do it on the defensive side of the ball.The irony is that as constructed Chauncey Billups was probably the only point guard who could have thresholded CA’s tendencies.Heat in five.

        3. John Rorick

          You and JLM are being too harsh…while he has some of these shortcomings, he can be, and is at times, a top ten NBA talent. In the end the Knicks with Lin, Stat, Melo and Chandler on the floor (who cares who the fifth is) is their best team. Critics who say subtracting Melo improves that group are essentially saying taking one of the best offensive players in the league off the floor makes you better…it doesn’t. They just need to play together more.

          1. kidmercury

            siding with john rorick in this beef. melo is the best scorer in the league, subtracting melo is a negative. 

          2. fredwilson

            shump is #5. his athleticism and defense make him the better choice than landry who could thrive in a six man role.

      2. Tom Labus

        They were at their best with Lin and Amare minus Melo.Teams was fired up and played as a unit.

        1. JLM


        2. John Rorick

          Disagree. Melo has put the team on his back in the absence of BOTH Lin and Stat, and returned to being the elite player he can be…and I am a big Lin fan. Knicks are 12-5 with Lin out of the lineup.Three keys: the Knicks (and in particular Stat) can not forget the defensive success that has improved with Woodson as coach. Stat needs to make sure he is rotating and switching on the inside. Second, the one issue I have with ‘Melo is his decision-making at the end of tight games. While he won the Bulls game with his heroics he will also inside of 2 minutes in a one point game bomb a three pointer 5 seconds into the shot clock from near half court sometimes. Drives me nuts. Third, while you have to live or die with JR Smith chucking bombs from outside of MSG, Baron Davis should never take another 3-pointer unless his life depends on it.

          1. Tom Labus

            Hope you’re right for this playoff run!!

    3. Brandon Marker

      Melo will be one of the good ones that just never wins anything. 

      1. Farhan Lalji

        National title.  Basically willed Syracuse to it.

        1. Brandon Marker

          we are talking about the NBA here. Plenty of college athletes win titles and are never remembered.

          1. John Rorick

            Actually only a handful do once a year. Kind of like the NBA. 

  7. Tom Labus

    Yeah they can do it.Knicks have a deeper and much better bench.Don’t shorten rotation for playoffs as usual but play everyone and hope Novak goes crazy!

    1. fredwilson

      we will need a hot hand from Novak, like he had mid season

      1. Tom Bakalis

        And Fields and Jeffries have to step it up. Knicks bench is their advantage. If they perform Miami may be surprised. And don’t forget about Shumpert. He may be the key

        1. Michael Elling

           Just like John Starks of old.  Fun to watch; if a bit impetuous at times.

          1. John Rorick

            JR Smith is like the Starks of old. Woodson screaming from the sidelines, “Don’t take that SHOT, ummm, hey, nice shot…”

          2. LissIsMore

            I like the Starks reference.  Going Old School.  I had not made that connection.

        2. fredwilson

          i’m totally bummed about losing shump. i love that kid’s game.

  8. Nick Tomaino

    Amare is the wild card. Amare and Carmelo have not played well at the same time all year long. If they are able to do so, I think the Knicks can win the series. 

    1. fredwilson

      big if

  9. Rohan

    If it’s Lebron James and Dwayne = Dwayne Wade, then even as a non basketball viewer, it does sound pretty steep for the Knicks.

    1. fredwilson

      he spells his name Dwyane. not sure why, but that’s how he spells it

      1. Rohan

        Ah. Okay.And apologies in advance if the football becomes the longest discussion on the thread… like last time.;-)

        1. Michael Elling

           No apologies!  You just started in true ManU fashion a fast counter-attack on Fred and we are keeping the pressure up relentessly. 

        2. jason wright

          It will suggest that AVC has truly gone international.

  10. kidmercury

    lol…..what next fred? can pigs fly? is the moon made of cheese? was 9/11 pulled off by a bunch of radical cave dwellers in afghanistan?the heat will embarrass the knicks, knicks still don’t pass well. do they lead the league in turnovers? they’re up there…..pfft. sad. heat will run the fast transition offense on these turnovers. knicks will get swept. i think whoever comes out of the west will win the championship…..prolly okc or lakers i’m guessing  

    1. aminTorres

      Haha! I love your ability of bringing 9/11 up into any topic kid. 

      1. Ciaran

        Yes, let’s all chuckle. Personally, I don’t find this sort of thing amusing. Sad, and slightly unpleasant (and I’m not exactly some Dubya cheering neo-con either).

        1. kidmercury

          well, i find the collective ignorance unpleasant. i’m always willing to make a deal: others stop ignoring and i’ll shut up. but if not, let’s see what’s stronger: ignorance or truth……and of course i’m always, always, always in favor of a fact-based intellectual discussion on this topic. in fact we’ve had this numerous times. you’re welcome to put forth your views on 9/11 here, and i will respond accordingly. unless you don’t have a thesis, and are just here to bash those who do……

          1. Ciaran

            I don’t have a ‘thesis’. But, from top level reading of arguments for and against, I tend to go with people who seem to have a lot of clever people and what seems like fact on their side. Two personal opinions I have – people of extreme views (and I’m afraid that’s what I view ‘truthers’ as being) will generally use facts and science until they get in the way, and them discard what doesn’t suit. And, a wider opinion, most conspiracies can be put down to the more common human failings of blindness, distraction and stupidity (on the part of the authorities supposedly involved in these conspiracies)

          2. kidmercury

            of course you don’t have a thesis, because you know absolutely nothing about the topic. you don’t know that there are several hundred top military and intelligence executives from all around the world who believe the same thing i do. in fact it is more correct to say that i believe what they do. http://www.patriotsquestion…like most people, you concern yourself with extreme views and seek only to find something “moderate” — meaning something that is approved. kooks are less concerned with social approval and more concerned with doing what is right. of course you are free to do as you wish and believe what you like. the world’s on the right path, right? so keep it up. 

          3. Ciaran

            Did I say I think the world is on the right path? No. Let’s accept that what neither of us know, is anything about the other. If being the 9/11 guy on AVC is your thing, go for it. I’ll leave you to it, and to making judgements about my entire life and world view.

          4. Ciaran

            Out of interest, if I dig around and find a website with more soldiers, more engineers, more pilots, etc… that don’t believe it was an inside job, do I ‘win’ the argument?

          5. kidmercury

            that is just one piece of evidence i have, i cite that because most people base all their decisions based on expert opinions so i enjoy citing that. i encourage you to present a thesis with supporting evidence. you probably won’t convince me, but the real goal should be to convince yourself. because right now you haven’t done any research and are just believing what is the mainstream view because it is the mainstream view. it is also good to start with a neutral question. meaning, not “did the US government allow 9/11 to happen?” but rather “who is criminally responsible for 9/11?” remember there has never been a criminal trial for 9/11. 

          6. kidmercury

            @Ciaran:disqus i’m not trying to make judgments about your life. i take back my comment implying that you believe the world is on the right path, as i don’t know what you think. you’re always welcome to clarify. what i’m very interested in proving, since you chose to attack me for my 9/11 evangelism, is that you know absolutely nothing about 9/11, and that you decided to attack those who seek to raise awareness about the most important event in human history. then, when it came time to defend your attack, you had nothing to say. because, as we know, you know absolutely nothing about 9/11. you don’t want to do the research, you just want to attack those who do. that’s all i’m saying about you. and it is this type of behavior, not my behavior, that is truly why the world is the messed up place that it is. 

          7. Ciaran

            Ok, a couple of things.Most important event in human history? Not the rise of Islam? The collapse of the Roman empire? Not the Russian revolution? Hiroshima? 1066? 1492? This is why I tend to distrust extreme or evangelical views. IMO, they often lack context. And know nothing about it? Do I keep a dossier? No. Have I read as much as you? Probably not. Have I looked at a number of sources and taken a view that most expert opinion seems to suggest failure on the part of the authorities rather than conspiracy? Yes. It’s entirely possible to believe that the US and UK should never have gone into Iraq without believing they had to blow up a building to do so. It’s hard to keep this up in an iPhone (I miss keypads) and it’s Friday and I need a glass of wine. Happy to return to this tomorrow. Cheers

          8. kidmercury

            @Ciaran:disqus fine, it’s not the most important event in human history. do you think it’s important at all? or no big deal? actually, let’s say that the event itself, and the 3,000 people that died, is no big deal. lots of people die all the time, in bigger numbers, so you can make a strong argument for that. it is what 9/11 led to that is extremely important. CISPA and all the police state garbage is a direct result of it. that is why it is so humorous when people get upset about CISPA and whatever yet refuse to mention 9/11… if they can solve the problem without understanding it. you are still assuming the cause of the event are guys in the cave going into buildings. do you know how many buildings fell on 9/11 in new york? and do you know how many planes were flown into buildings?  

          9. Ciaran

            Actually, yes, I think I do know those things. Just as you think I don’t. It’s amazing what a bit of ‘research’ turns up. http://www.popularmechanicshttp://screwloosechange.blo…As I said earlier, I can find just as many experts who believe that the official version of the events of 911 is the truth, and not the result of some mass conspiracy. Every time I’ve seen one of your posts, I’ve done a little digging into it, and never found anything that convinces me otherwise: you’ll claim that this is because I’m a patsy, or schmuck, or whatever. None of the evidence will convince you otherwise.Like I said, if it makes you feel better to believe that there’s a big secret that you’re in on, and no-one else is, then go for it.

          10. LissIsMore

            Interesting thread.  My summary of this discussion is Knicks in 6:-)

          11. Ciaran

            Never bet against the Dutch (I really know nothing about American sports!) 🙂

          12. kidmercury

            @Ciaran:disqus all you’re doing is citing “experts,” or people that have presented an opposing view. you’re not thinking critically, that’s why you’re not answering the questions, and why you have no thesis but can only drop links. i don’t think i’m the only one in on any secret, as we’ve already established there are hundreds of top military personnel whom i agree with. but you’re entitled to believe whatever you’d like without thinking about it, and can even attack those who present other views if that’s you’re thing, which it clearly is. 

          13. Ciaran

            No. I am thinking about it.I have read a reasonable amount on both sides (I will undoubtedly never have read as much as you, so won’t try to pretend I have). I agree with the ones that make most sense to me, and seem to have a large body of neutral, scientific evidence behind them. So, you would argue, do you. As you admitted, nothing I say will make you change your mind. Your ‘experts’ are, it seems, better than mine (I’d kind of guessed that they might be).Fine.Whatever floats your boat. I’m not trying to attack you. I found your use of 9/11 in the original comment as some sort of gag slightly tasteless. That’s it. If you want to believe what you do, you’re free to. I have nothing against it, other than a differing opinion. But if you could, please, stop accusing me of being incapable of analysis, I’d appreciate it. As I said some time ago, what we should both agree is that neither of us knows anything about the other.Go in peace.

          14. kidmercury

            @Ciaran:disqus all you’re doing is providing links, you already admitted you don’t have a thesis and have refused to answer the most basic questions presented here. that’s fine and certainly you’re choice which you’re entitled to, i just wanted to point all this out since you chose to attack me and by extension the hundreds of military personnel and victims of 9/11 families that are a part of the 9/11 truth movement. 

          15. Ciaran

            I really didn’t think I had attacked you. If I have, I apologise. I’m happy to admit I don’t have a ‘thesis’. I do agree with the expert opinion I’ve read, and have found their rebuttal of many of the points that the ‘truth’ movement makes, convincing.I’m not actually sure what questions you’re referring to, as I haven’t seen you ask me an actual question other than ‘do I have a thesis’. One of my problems with the truth movement is it seems to have so many theses, that range from controlled demolitions to rockets to Jewish involvement, that I’m not sure which I’m meant to answer.Again, I’ll repeat – I don’t agree with you, or your opinions, but really don’t think that makes me some sort of sheep or that I’m attacking you. If you disagree, that’s your look out.Cheers

          16. kidmercury

            @Ciaran:disqus i previously asked you if you knew how many buildings fell on 9/11 in new york, and how many planes crashed into buildings. you didn’t answer those questions. you did criticize a member for enjoying a healthy 9/11 joke. you made this criticism entirely unprovoked. thanks for the apology, it is accepted. 

          17. Ciaran

            4 flights.A lot of buildings (more than just the twin towers) – about 4 fully destroyed, more seriously damaged.You’re welcome. Let’s not get into what I’d consider a ‘healthy’ 9/11 joke, and leave it there.

          18. kidmercury

            @Ciaran:disqus the question was not about flights. the question was how many planes went into how many buildings in new york city (nevermind pentagon attack on 9/11). if you feel comfortable attacking others for their views, views espoused by top military personnel and 9/11 victims’ families, it should be easy to answer. 

    2. Kasi Viswanathan Agilandam

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. ” … coin flip … heads-kid tail-conspirators 

    3. RichardF

       yes it was and they very nearly pulled it off again in 2006 from the UK.

      1. kidmercury

        not sure what you mean…..are you referring to 7/7?

        1. RichardF

          In 2006 MI5 and the Met police prevented a liquid bomb plot being carried out.  

          1. kidmercury

            i’m not too familiar with that one, so sure, maybe the cavemen did it. maybe the cavemen did it with cooperation from select MI5 members. the connection between radical islam and western intelligence agencies goes back far, at least as far as the overthrow of the regime in iran in the 50s spearheaded by the united states’ CIA. there is no evidence suggesting the cave dwellers were solely responsible for 9/11 without any assistance from western intelligence agencies (or if you have please share so we can start a criminal trial, which has never been started) and i’m pretty sure there is an abundance of evidence suggesting the 7/7/2005 london bombings were also conducted by western intelligence agencies. 

          2. JLM

            The Brits created the Middle East caves and all.  Going back to before WWI, they were the guys in charge.Made the countries with a pencil point.  Iraq was simply a mistake, dog ate my homework kind of mistake.Created by a secretary whose boss was feeling ill.The Brits sure regret they lost control of all that as then undiscovered oil.Can you imagine the world if the Brits had not lost America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, S Africa, Caribbean, Hong Kong (hell, China), India and who knows where the hell else.Best real estate buyers in history.  Worst landlords ever.

          3. RichardF

            There’s an abundance of evidence that the 7/7 bombings were carried out by nutters.  I’ll grant you that SIS and MI5 made an error over their assessment of mohammad sidique khan and it wouldn’t surprise me if there were other blunders made that could have prevented the attack.I think there there are probably too many normal people working for the British intelligence services for a conspiracy plot of that size to be orchestrated by them without it being discovered and outed.If you want to believe conspiracy stories about British intelligence services possible involvement in murder then I’d suggest looking at the death of Gareth Williams (currently an inquest being held) and that of David Kelly. 

          4. kidmercury

            @RichardF:twitter  david kelly murder definitely a coverup going on there.all these intelligence agencies have the same modus operandi. they are very compartmentalized so most of the people within the agency are good while an inner core is rotten. same with the CIA, NSA, etc in the US. here is just one story about MI5 ignored tip-off of 7/7 — just like how US intelligence ignored warnings about 9/11.… the honest part of the government is trying to do their job and tip them off, the corrupt part is trying to ignore/suppress the tip offs. tony farrell, british police intelligence analyst, calls 7/7 an inside job.… he gets fired for saying that. 

    4. fredwilson

      i am hoping OKC. I love Durant and Harden and Iblocka. Westbrook and Perkins are solid too.

      1. kidmercury

        i am hoping okc too, for me okc is most fun team to watch

        1. fredwilson

          what a bucket KD hit last night with Marion draped all over him

  11. DonRyan

    My heart wants the Knicks to win (I’m from NE Ohio so of course I hate the Heat) but I don’t see it happening. It would make my day if they did. 

  12. Dan Ramsden

    It will come down to (a) defense, (b) turnovers, (c) rebounding, (d) half-court execution, (e) bench, not necessarily in that order, or not consistently from one game to the next. The Knicks actually have a fighting chance, no kidding, because they can sort of hold their own now in all of these categories. The wild card will be the health of veterans and mental facilities of the youths. Also, if New York can pull out a surprise or two in Miami, look for the Heat to fold up like a tent. They’ve been known to.

    1. JamesHRH

      when does it not come down to that? 😉

      1. Dan Ramsden

        True enough… It’s just that it has been so long, I feel like I have to brush up on my notes. And this year they may just come in handy. To be a Knicks fan is to suffer. 

        1. JamesHRH

          Starts at the top sadly. New owner required.

          1. Dan Ramsden

            Please, don’t get me started. Allow me to enjoy the moment, even if it’s short-lived.

          2. John Rorick

            Rumor has it if they get bounced in the first round Isiah Thomas returns!! I then become a Brooklyn Net fan.

          3. JamesHRH

            This is all I will say – I am a CDN & I played hoops. Raptors were first NBA team to give Isaiah a gig…..

  13. Guest

    Nope, the Knicks will lose today unfortunately. 🙁 Problem with the Knicks is IMO that there are too many heads not synced with the /body/tails of the team. Reason why I like Amare over Carmelo is cause Amare seems to be a much more dynamic player in the sense that he is a head but he can play a tail when needed.Same with Tyson, I think he can be a team player but he is still a head player.(Oddly enough, this is true for Miami but somehow they’ve manage to make it work)In a way, Lindasnity provably would have never happend hadn’t Carmelo been out due to injury. I think the Knicks have lots of work for the next season, much of which is learning to work better as a unit, understand the talent they have and work hard at using it effectively.

    1. Knick

      I don’t think you’ve been watching the Knicks in April.

  14. Andrew Beranbom

    if they steal one in Miami, anything is possible

  15. btrautsc

    On paper – the NYK have to love the matchups…I think for Miami, utilizing Wade has to be a key – he’ll be guarded off and on by a lot of different bodies based on the Knicks personel – he could have major advantages – (Novak/ B Davis/ Bibby) – MIA has to get into the paint and cause problems.On paper – the Knicks have better than a puncher’s chance at the upset.  Melo is playing great, Stat is a great player (whether he can coexist & thrive with Melo is very much up in the air), and Tyson continues to play excellent defense.  Add to that 2 veteran, 3pt shooting PGs (both with size but lacking in speed).  Plus, what I love about the Knicks is the wildcard of “who will be the other guy” – Smith, Novak, Shumpart, Fields are all very solid players – and they each bring a lot of fire power.The Knicks have more depth, if they can utilize that depth to attack the entire game and be mentally focused, they could definitely pull it off.  Spacing will be key, as they can put 2-3 excellent 3pt shooters on the floor for a lot of minutes.  I think it will honestly come down to:A. If Melo & Stat can share the ball & generate enough possessions outside of iso-Melo plays to get the teams’ shooters good looksB. If they can own the paint with Chandler/ Stat & co and make the Heat take jumpshots btw #GoGrizz Clipps heading to the #GRINDHOUSE 

    1. Yalim K. Gerger

      Great Analysis. After reading this my hopes for a Knicks upset have increased. 

    2. fredwilson

      the west will be fun to watch this yeargreat comment. thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts

      1. brian trautschold

        I appreciate you having such diverse advice & commentary, so thank youBest of luck to your NYK – however – if they meet the Grizz in the finals… I will have to boycott avc for a few days

        1. fredwilson

          the grizzlies are so much fun to watch. i had more fun watching OKC Memphis in last year’s playoffs than any other series, including the finals which were pretty awesome too.

  16. Kasi Viswanathan Agilandam

    IPL anybody?

  17. bsoist


  18. JLM

    The New York Knickerbockers are beaten like a red headed step child with a lisp by the vain and prickly millionaires from Miami.Miami after administering the old fashioned west Texas barbed wire enema fold like a cheap suit with Lebron’s face posted on milk cartons up and down the east coast.Further affiant sayeth not.Is this a great country or what?

    1. jason wright

      Knicks = Knickerbockers? I didn’t know that. Sounds funny.

      1. JLM

        The original settlers of New York were Dutch and the Dutch were known as Knickerbockers or Knikkerbakkers.Hence, the New York NBA team (BTW one of only two NBA teams in their original founding location) are known as the Knickerbockers, affectionately shortened to THE Knicks.Fun facts — the name Knickerbocker was used by Washington Irving in 1809 as his nomme de pen for his History of New York.In my lifetime when referring to the landed gentry and social aristocracy of New York City, they were often called “Knickerbockers” in much the same way that a similar chap in Boston might be called a “Brahmin”.A Brahmin is of course taken from the Indian caste system though I must profess knowing nothing more about it other than they all the “proper” ones went to Harvard.The meaningless bull shit I know would fill a thimble to the top.

        1. JamesHRH

          Other original NBA team still in its home town is…..Boston.

        2. jason wright

          The Dutch – yes, the penny drops. New Amsterdam and all that.I’d come across the ‘Brahmin’ epithet for the Old Bostonian elite, but never made the conscious connection with the Indian caste system.I could fill a bath tub to overflowing, so it’s good to have a plug to pull.

        3. Ciaran

          You should read Gore Vidal’s novel Burr (about the infamous Vice President of the same name) – it’s full of references like this, as it describes a New York where people still had discernibly Dutch accents.

    2. fredwilson

      i sure hope you are wrong

      1. JLM

        Don’t get me wrong, I damn sure HOPE the Knicks reverse the beating but alas I am jaded by unmet expectations and disappointment.T shirts?

  19. Michael Elling

    Heat unfortunately.  They have provided good theatre for the first time in years, particularly since there have been so many changes that NO ONE could have predicted.  2 things; it is amazing how switching one player changes the fortunes of 2 teams (Dallas and Knicks); and a quick analysis of who the Knicks beat and lost to and by what margin since the All-star break vs the Heat might give the Knicks a slight edge.  One has to include Amare’s role in all that.  I think others on the thread have pointed to him as the wild card more than anything.

  20. Alex Murphy

    Don’t stop believing that they can.Perhaps the NBA can pull some of the magic that happened in the first round of the NHL playoffs:8 seed LA Kings beat Top Seed Vancouver7 seed Caps beat 2nd seed and defending Champs Boston (This was the closest playoff series in the history of hockey)6 seed Devils beat 3 seed Fl5 seed Flyers beat 4 seed PenguinsSo, the Knicks can do it too.  I think it would be awesome to watch the heat sit down after the first round.Now for the important series …. Go Caps!! couldn’t resist 😉

    1. JamesHRH

      Alex, parity in NHL at an all time high. Not an apt comparison, especially given the importance of goaltending in the VAN / BOS losses (young guys outplayed established stars in Quick/Holtby over Luongo/Thomas).Quick is a freak – Darryl Sutter does something to goalies (see Kipper explosion in CGY in 2004).Kings could be on a deep run this spring – could end up being them against Rinne & Nashville in the West final.

  21. LynneRae

    The Knicks have proven that miracles are possible, and a team with heart and cohesiveness can rally. Even against a super-ego team like the Heat. I’d just personally love to see it. Selfishly, part of this to knock the Heat from the playoffs early, and have a chance at seeing another game between the Knicks and (my team) da Bulls.

  22. William Mougayar

    4-1 Heat.

    1. William Mougayar

      Nuff said. I was right.The 4th game was great for the Knicks, but why didn’t Melo score 35 points in the other games.

      1. fredwilson

        only Melo showed up for the Knicks in this seriesone scorer, no matter how good, cannot beat three

        1. William Mougayar

          True…this series and what preceded it made me love them more than before. Great potential for next year! I’m a fan, more than Raptors unfortunately…until Raptors get their act together, or get sold to a US franchise which will be the end of Canadian NBA again.

  23. falicon

    They can, but not sure they will.After a season like this (and the last decade plus of suffering), just getting there and being competitive in the series should be enough to feel good about the direction of the team for next year…

  24. Richard Glosser

    The key to the series is Shumpert covering Wade. I think that Anthony and Lebron will neutralize (wishing) and Chandler and Bosh wil neutralize (confident), so it comes down to Wade and the ability for Shumpert to stay out of foul trouble and have support from Fields.  Sadly, I think it will be the Heat in 6 in an epic series.

  25. aarondelcohen

    We might also add here that the Rangers are worth watching as well.  I’m only a casual hockey fan, but this has a little 1994 feel to it.  I encourage getting on the bandwagon.As for the Knicks, I will believe they can win this series until they lose.  Feels so good to be a basketball homer again.

    1. fredwilson

      wow, they pulled that out last night!

  26. Matt A. Myers

    Foul ball! The hockey puck is missing!

  27. JamesHRH

    With Melo, you have a puncher’s chance.No deep bench has ever won a playoff series for any team, ever.If my best players play better than your best players, I win.Knicks are not as good a match up as you would think – the secret to beating the Heat in the first round is to get them out of playing as a team: you need a Kobe to get into a mano a mano death match w DWade; that puts LBJ in a funk and Bosh will not say anything b/c that’s who he is.(The Heat will choke under pressure – LBJ is the personality type that has no internal belief. Dominant when it does not matter, disappears when it does.)Can Shumpert, Fields, Davis or anyone get that blind, ego based rise out of DWade? Don’t think so.Heat in 5.

    1. andyswan

      You know why Lebron couldn’t break a dollar?He has no 4th quarter.

      1. kidmercury

        hahahhaa…..nothing like a good lebron joke. thanks andy!

    2. fredwilson

      Shump might

      1. JamesHRH

        I know you are high on him. I have not seen much of him.Big ask from a rookie.And, can Woodson convince Stat & Melo that this is the way to go (rhetorical obviously)?

  28. Jill Stern

    I adore basketball, a pleasure learned straight from dad, and this year I let myself believe in the Knicks!  Although I live in NYC, I haven’t been a Knicks for many years. They have given us a great season; full of excitement, ups and downs, new talents, and just plain fun to watch and root for. (How about the rookie, Iman, gotta admire him)I don’t want to get my hopes up for the post season because this is the best season of Knicks bball in a long time and I am Ok if it stops here. I can’t wait for tomorrow.For the Knicks fans in this community- enjoy, enjoy! jill

    1. fredwilson

      yup, well said

  29. Richard

    How do you neutralize the best and most “ring” focused player on basketball?

    1. fredwilson


    2. John Rorick

      They aren’t playing Kobe…

      1. matthughes


  30. matthughes

    I think the winner of the Knicks/Heat series is bound for the finals.The Knicks definitely have a shot – the pressure is going to crush the Heat.One thing is for sure, MSG will be rockin’.If anyone manages to go to a game at MSG, I want a full report…

    1. fredwilson

      i just scalped tickets to game four. it was costly but i had to do it. i’ve got a 16 year old son who has never been in the garden during a big playoff game.

      1. LissIsMore


      2. matthughes

        That’s awesome!You’ll have to do a post on ‘Garden variety’ playoff basketball later… 

  31. Robert James Collier

    Unfortunately, not gonna happen. You’re right that the Knicks have a *shot* at this series. Under Woodson, Melo has played phenomenally averaging 31 points & 7 rebounds per game. Shumpert has an outside shot of limiting Wade to around 24 points a game, but he won’t be the killer this series: LeBron James will be. Think about it… Amare/Chandler can matchup with Bosh when need be, Shumpert/Fields may be able to slow down a healing Wade a little, but who do they have to match up with LeBron James?  (I’ll allow you to fill in the empty slot which won’t be occupied by a player on the Knicks roster.)On the bright side, Chandler is exactly who they need to compete in this series as a big defender when James and Wade drive to the bucket. If Amare can return to Amare of last season for the first round, they take this to 7 games; however, I don’t think he will and LeBron James continues to be the best season/pre-finals player in the league in a year that he will win the MVP.  Heat 4-2

  32. Spencer Fry

    We don’t have a chance with LeBron playing the way he’s been playing lately. I’ve been a Knicks fan from before I could walk and while they do have me the most excited in years, it’s hard to be optimistic long-term about a team that can’t get out of the first round of the playoffs. Maybe next year with a full season under Mike Woodson.

  33. remotesynth

    They might be able to pull off a game or two but sorry there’s no way they win the series.

  34. rollnak

    its the big money big star big fame incumbent heat versus the startup insurgent knicks with a mind for disruption. go knicks!

  35. snooch

    What’s with all the Melo haters out there?? Are you telling me this team is better with Felton, Chandler, Galo and Mozgov????? Or as currently constituted?It ain’t close folks… Sure, Melo is a black hole sometimes and his defense is shaky, but commanding a double team is what it’s all about in the playoffs. Why do you think Novak gets open looks? Because he beats his man off the dribble? It’s because Melo gets doubled.The Knick problem is no PG. Baron is a shell of himself, Bibby is not an NBA player anymore and Douglas has looked lost for most of the season. Knick fans begged to at least be relevant 2 years ago. Now we are. We love to complain, but it sure is nice having playoff basketball to watch after 10 years of misery. Knicks in 7!!!Kic

    1. LissIsMore

      I agree that the weak link in this series is the PG position.  If JLin was healthy I might give the nod to the Knicks.  But with the current PG-by-committee it will be a long shot to beat the Heat.  But possible.

    2. kidmercury

      haters gonna hate. i prefer to bash and mock the knicks but it is a futile endeavor to bash melo’s talent and capabilities, he is a phenomenal scorer. knick haters are better working other angles.  

    3. fredwilson

      snooch is in the house dropping the truth!i reblogged part of this on my tumblog…

  36. David Semeria

    Which one of the two American sports is this post about?

    1. Dave Pinsen


      1. David Semeria


        1. Dave Pinsen

          De Nada.



        1. William Mougayar

          Can Dinos jump?Actually, that’s a good name for a sports team & with a giant robot dinosaur as a mascot. When Grim does his startup & exits for $1 billion, you can buy a sports team and give them that name.

  37. M Elayan

    Longtime NY fan here. It’s been a painful decade but I’m excited about the future. But let’s be real here. The Heat are great and they play tough defense on the interior. To have a chance, NY needs to be hot shooting from the perimeter and this will be tough to sustain for a seven-game series. That said, glad to hear you’re a NY fan! 

  38. kirklove


    1. fredwilson


      1. kirklove

        Like the Knicks playoff hopes. ;)Just having fun. Good luck to you and your Knicks, even though I hate them.

  39. Farhan Lalji

    Agreed, but the statement was that he’ll “never win anything”, didn’t say never win an NBA title.  Thought that was a bit much.

  40. Farhan Lalji

    As a Knicks fan I want the Knicks to win, as a Toronto native I want Chris Bosh to lose.  As an NBA fan I would love to see what happens to Miami if they lose in the first round.Lebron took his talents to a team that already had signed D Wade and CB4.  Even if the Heat win, I’ll question LBJ as a winner, simply because he’s folded way too many times – look at the Boston game 7 for all the proof you need.Look at how Dallas beat Miami last year, strong defensive presence (Chandler), big time super motivated superstar player (Dirk / Melo), bunch of x factors (jet, J kidd, Deshawn Stevenson etc / Stat, Fields, B diddy).  Think the Knicks should look at what Dallas did and try and do the same thing.  Not impossible.

  41. Max Wendkos

    First, just want to say how much I love seeing sports talk on a tech blog. :)Secondly, and unfortunately on a more sour note, I don’t think that the Knicks stand a chance against the Heat.  In fact, I’d put my money on a 4-0 Heat sweep (though it wouldn’t be shocking to see the Knicks steal a game).  While they have some strong offensive pieces, the reality is that their defense is too weak to handle LeBron, Wade, and Bosh all in playoff-mode at the same time.  Tyson Chandler is obviously very helpful around the rim, but he can only do so much.For the Knicks to contend at the Heat’s level, they’ll need to flip Amare for a PF whose toughness extends beyond the occasional emphatic dunk.  Also, from a purely basketball perspective, I think they’d be wise to trade Jeremy Lin for a more athletic PG.  I doubt that this would happen, as he’s probably too good for business to give up, but his value is through the roof right now and I’d bet they could score a much better talent from a team that isn’t currently close to contending and is looking to boost sales.

    1. fredwilson

      i agree about stat. don’t agree about Lin. we need to see him play a full season surrounded by strong talent. i think Lin, Shump, Melo, Demarcus Cousins, and Chandler could win a championship.

      1. Max Wendkos

        It’d be stronger, that’s for sure, but I still don’t think it could contend in today’s NBA.I don’t mean to bash Lin – he’s clearly a very smart and talented player – but I do think the hype around him right now far exceeds his talent level. He may improve over time and would certainly be a valuable court general with stronger pieces around him, but the reality remains that he’s never going to be able to stop guys like Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Russell Westbrook, Tony Parker, Rajon Rondo, etc. You need more than good fundamentals to be able to contain these guys, and Lin falls short here. When you can’t stop the guy who brings the ball up the court, you’re at a distinct disadvantage on every single play.

  42. jonxlord

    Sorry Fred.  It’s not going to happen.Heat in 5.

  43. gorbachev

    Not a chance in hell.

  44. Frankshuzhi

    70% chance a sweep… 30% chance 4-1…

  45. gleslie

    The NBA is about placing your bet on a couple of stars that you think you can build a championship team around. There are a few guys in the league that you are going to live and die by regardless of what you put around them. In fact, they tend to cap the value of the rest of the people on the court. They demand to be the Alpha dog and they don’t know how to play any other way. Kobe and MJ are the successful examples. Iverson, Tracy McGrady in his prime, and even Stephon Marbury (the worst example) trick you into thinking they can be your alpha dog, but they are just good enough to get you beat.   I hate to say this but I think Carmelo is the type of superstar who is just good enough to get you beat. He is one of the most dominant scorers in the league and as we’ve seen in the last month, he can put a team on his back and carry them. But a 7 game series against Miami, Boston or Chicago? Come on. There are superstars on those teams who make the people around them better.

  46. Ciaran

    Whilst I’m sure that this will be an enjoyable game, I think most of the world has been thrilling to two Champion’s League semi-finals that showed that team work and insane defending (and luck) can make the Spanish giants of Barcelona and Real Madrid look human.… 

  47. Ataub24

    Knicks have a shot. They have heart and the greatest fans in the world behind them. If the Knicks do upset it will be in 6. 

  48. Otto

    Heat in 5. Better luck next year Fred, but at least your team made the playoffs.

  49. LissIsMore

    OK – I will admit to being a Knick Fanboy.  So I will say that it is possible – but not likely – that the Knicks beat the Heat.Comparing the two teams:Center – Edge Knicks (Chandler is a beast)PF – Even (depends on whether STAT plays like he is capable of.  If he does, this is an edge to the Knicks)SF – Even (LeBron and Melo will pretty much cancel each other out)SG – Edge Heat (Wade is an killer.  But he is banged up so we’ll see if he can shake Iman)PG – Edge Heat (small edge – Chalmers is not someone to be feared – and if BD can get some of his Mojo back this could go the other way)Bench – Edge Knicks (JR Smith, Novak, Fields, etc.  ’nuff said)Defense – Edge Heat (Miami can lock down a team when they want to)So, from this analysis it looks like the Heat should win this.  But it is close.  But the Heat have a lot to prove re: the Dream Team and all the hype and could start to feel pressure if the Knicks steal one in Miami.  I think this will be a good series and I would not be surprised to see it go 7 games.

    1. kidmercury

      you forgot the coaching dimension!not like i’m a believer spoelstra but at least he’s not an interim coach. this is a big deal why i think the heat will blow away the knicks. heat won’t start choking until at least conference finals. 

      1. LissIsMore

        Yeah – I realized I left out the coaching category.  Should have put that in.  My thoughts:Spoelstra is a good young coach.  He managed to survive a very tumultuous start to the Dream Team era and got the team playing at high level by playoff time.  He is a defense-first coach, which works well in the playoffs.  But, he has not won a title yet, so it is not clear if he is a game-changer in this analysis.Woodson is a good coach.  He had a good run in Atlanta.  He learned under Bobby Knight, Red Holzman and Larry Brown.  Great pedigree.  He has done a good job taking over in mid-season in a “the ship be sinking” environment.  He has one of the hottest teams in the league going into the playoffs even though he is missing his starting PG and did not have STAT for a long stretch.  He is a defense-first coach and that bodes well for the playoffs.Coaching:  EVENRoll the ball out and let ’em play.  I got next.  🙂

    2. fredwilson

      if Lin was healthy, how would this analysis change?

      1. LissIsMore

        If Lin was healthy I would give the edge to the Knicks at the PG.  Caveat:  I mean he is truly healthy and had been playing, not just coming off rehab.  So that analysis would be:PG – KnicksCenter – KnicksPF – EvenSF – EvenSG – HeatBench – KnicksDefense – HeatCoach – EvenBy this analysis, if the Knicks were at full strength they would have an edge over the Heat.  But, alas, they are not a full strength.

  50. Varun Shetty

    My favorite time of year: NBA Playoffs. I don’t think the Knicks will win the series. I think there will be a series of close games…but the Knicks only win one of them. Maybe the 2nd game at the Garden.It’s an interesting series because the Knicks, for all of their GM blunders, have developed into a pretty cohesive team (so long as STAT and Melo aren’t on the floor at the same time). The Heat on the other hand are 2.5 players deep and are noticeably worse when their two best players are on the floor at the same time. But, even saying all that, I think the Heat win in 5. Wade and James are just too much. And I don’t think LeBron is going to shrink this year. Think the Knicks are a year away from a deep run into the playoffs. 

    1. fredwilson

      we will be at MSG for game 4. i hope you are right about that game.

      1. LissIsMore

        OK, Fred…let’s hear about the game. I watched it on TV and it was a real gut check of a game. They could have packed it in for the summer, but they did not. It must have been electric at the garden.

        1. fredwilson

          it was great. as my son said “the energy at the garden was amazing”it was his first playoff game. i suspect there will be many more in his future. he’s hooked.

          1. William Mougayar

            I remember my first court side Sonics game when I was 18 as if it was yesterday.

  51. Dasher

    Long time Celtics fan. But I root for Landry Fields as a Stanford alum/fan. His story is amazing. He was a bench player at Stanford who grew to be a NBA starter. Linsanity is not the only interesting story on the Knicks team. Beat the Heat!

  52. Spencer Fry

    Some good news for Knicks fans: “Dwyane Wade comes into the series with a dislocated left index finger and Chris Bosh has a problematic hamstring.”

  53. Rudy

    Sorry but the Knicks have absolutely no chance of winning this at all…Miami is a lot deeper than just the big 3 and w/another year together I don’t think anyone stands a chance against them. I’m saying this as a Warrior fan, but I do admire your rooting for the little guy attitude. Having said that I’ll make you a bet, Fred. Next week our lawyer is going to begin getting a hold of some certain VCs in the industry for our product. Honestly, there’s only 2 VC firms from my research that I REALLY want to work with and your one of them. So, this is the deal: If NY wins, you give me the name of the rest. you and your wife want to go to and I’ll make sure and cover it (up to $500) so at the worse, you should enjoy a fabulous meal on us, (don’t worry were in SF and have no plans to stalk you in NY).But if I win, you give me 5 min. of your time. This time is in the form of email or phone but no twitter (believe it or not, but most of the world still does NOT use this method). If in those 5 min. you THINK that I’m absolutely FULL of BS or that our product won’t work, then so be it, but I’m thinking that won’t be the case, esp. since I saw the post about Louis CK on your wall…let me know, my email is: [email protected] thanks rudy cardonaReplyR

    1. fredwilson

      forget the bet. i will give you 5 minutes of my time. send me an email with “you told me to email you” in the subject line

      1. rudy

        Hey Fred, sorry about the Knicks…anyhow, I sent your company AVC an email with a exe. summary of the PeaShakeHouse. I figured if you were still interested I would send you the full business plan, either way I haven’t heard back so I was wondering if you saw it or you just laughed at it..either way you won’t hurt my feelings…thanks..rudy

        1. fredwilson

          i did not. what is peashakehouse?

          1. rudy

            PSH is a concept my partners and I have been working on for over 3 yrs. It is a social platform unlike anything we’ve seen on the internet. It involves social, exclusive content, gamification, and a visual aspect all in one site.I think we’ve learned enough about our competitors to eliminate some of the major burdens being placed on them by the music labels. Our comedy site will NOT have the burdens that ComCast places on Comedy Channel. It is indeed a worldwide market and we plan on being the leader in this market, hopefully with you along 4 the ride. Our test site is up, but if your interested, I would ask you read our business plan first to better comprehend what we are trying to accomplish.Give me a better email address to send the business plan to and I will. If you have any questions, I will answer them to the best of my ability. If you then want to see the development site, I will be happy to give you the http. If you don’t want to post your email address on this forum, use my email address: [email protected] again and looking forward to your response. rudy

          2. fredwilson

            so it is a comedy oriented community?

          3. rudy

            No, that would have be too simplistic and one dimensional. What we built by accident is a platform. What we look for is ‘disorganized talent’. We starting w/a music based format that will evolve into comedy next.You can’t think of PSH as anything on the net today. Honestly, it was/is a very simplistic idea that mushroomed into what we have today. I don’t want to dance around what the PSH is, but I will say this, if we did/do our job correctly, what the end user has is a enjoyable time, enjoying up to date, real time entertainment and what the entertainer has is a built in marketing machine, with the capability of acquiring millions/thouands of fans to their marketing base.We haven’t fully finished the site and I have come to the conclusion (kind of makes it more fun) that we will NEVER finish the site, but we have built enough of website to show what we want to accomplish.I don’t mean to be vague, Fred. I can show the site now and you may understand our concept, or I can show you the business plan first and then visit the site and get a much clearer idea of what we plan to achieve. We have a few meetings set up w/some VC’s later this month but honestly and I think I’ve proven it, I REALLY want to work with you. I’m currently a banker and I know there are more sharks than partners. I want a partner. I want someone that can contribute ideas and that I can trust. As I have said, I read your forums and many of the comments from the contributors, no one seems to have a negative thought about you and THAT is exactly the type of partner I’m looking for. Hopefully, you’ll think the same. rudy cardona

          4. fredwilson

            I am not a fan of business plans. The product tells me more in ten seconds

          5. rudy

            well then, let’s go to the party! I will say, that if we did this correctly (and we haven’t completely finished) you should have three main components for the customer) engagement, content and entertainment. The engagement derives from the people (much like any club) the content, we have a system in place and the entertainment comes from the story lines in which we use video.PS: you have to use google name: rudycpassword: fundingor you can check in by yourself..

          6. fredwilson

            it feels like second life

          7. rudy

            thanks Fred, I’ll take that as a compliment since I think 2nd life is so much ahead of everyone else. If you take it from the component of graphics, then yes. If the end user feels as if we have taken them somewhere else, then yes again. 2nd LIfes’ biggest problem and one of the things we tried to avoid is what I call computer malfunction. 2nd life takes so many CPUs to run that most people end up getting frustrated.We made it easier to run using FACEBOOK as the ideal. Keep it simple, keep changing (goes to retention) AND keep the content fresh. It’s the business model that makes us unique. Very unique in fact. I really think you should read it. It may give you a much better idea of what were about..But again, I appreciate the compliment…rudy

          8. rudy

            also, our product is absolutely about the content. As you mentioned in one of your posts, is the internet like a TV show or something like that. It’s true. Our content is 100% unique. I can assure you, you will NEVER find anything like it ANYWHERE, period. That is what I love about our site, it is totally unique EVERYDAY!Lastly, our marketing. I can 100% guarantee you, the PSH will NEVER do the following to promote itself:1. Use Facebook as “fred wilson is @cea80ec4b47f05a43108d0be67d1fb75:disqus 2. Your friend ‘Fred’ likes PSH.3. Fred listen or watched ___ @ PSH. orSome needless or pointless blogger writing whatever why PSH is going to change the world.Our marketing is completely as unique as our site. I would have NEVER invested the money into this is we DIDN’T have a strong enough marketing plan. rudy

          9. rudy

            btw, i’m referring to articles like this that anyone in this business knows that’s it meant to increase traction..I don’t know about you but it really really annoys me.http://www.businessinsider….

          10. fredwilson

            You just have to ignore that stuff

          11. rudy

            Good morning Fred. I feel as my 5 minutes are up,so I just wanted to thank you for your time. By the way, as far as comments go, this is by far the best comment section I’ve seen..Again, thanks and know I’ll continue reading your columns daily…rudy

  54. Duane @ Chicago Garage Builder

    Stats say heat will take it, but I hope they are only stats.

  55. M Elayan

    Off topic, but can we talk about how awesome this is:…David Stern would never do this.

  56. jason wright

    Ownership of the Knicks is interesting. Vertical integration by a content company. Do fans have zero equity?I see rent-a-vote passed CIPSA today.

  57. Pete Griffiths

    No.  They haven’t got a hope.  Sorry.

  58. NYG27

    You people are jokes, do you even watch basketball. Melo is THE best scorer in the nba, and probably the best offensive player too. He has carried this team all by himself. Taking Melo off of the Knicks is like taking KD off of the Thunder. You don’t see anyone complaining about his D. The Knicks WILL win this series in game 7. Go Knicks !!!!!!!

    1. fredwilson

      KD is my favorite player in the NBA. I love that guy.

  59. Amin

    -Bosh isn’t 100%. -Shumpert can limit Wade. -LeBron isn’t as good a closer as Melo. -Woodson and Tyson have all the Knicks playing D-STAT looks healthier than we could have hoped for a couple weeks ago. -The Heat don’t know who to play at two of five positions.The Heat will probably win in five, but the Knicks have a chance to shock the world.

    1. fredwilson

      i am pumped for 3:30pm today

  60. Yalim K. Gerger

    The second quarter of the first game was brutal for the Knicks. What a total collapse. Sad.

  61. Guiz56

    Exhibit “A”: Today’s rumbleExhibit “B”: Lebron didn’t play the 4thIs not even an especulation…. Heat in 4

  62. fredwilson

    i guess i have to post more about the NBA 🙂