Being Naked Online

I saw this tweet from the start of Howard Lindzon's talk in Boulder yesterday:



I don't know exactly what Howard means by "naked" but I feel the opposite way. I have always tried to be naked online. To me that means real, authentic, and who you are.

I suspect that is what Howard is talking about but he will have to stop by and comment to explain his meaning to us.

We've talked about this ad naseum here at AVC, but the blogging revolution is more than a free publishing platform and a new model for media. It is self expression at its core. It is people being who they are, talking the way they talk, and doing it in public.

I have an agenda. I do not hide it. I wear it on my sleeve. I believe in certain things. I want the world to be a certain way. I make investments. I promote them. I want them to be successful. And hopefully everyone knows all of those things when they show up here. I think that is being naked online and that's how I want to be.