Fun Friday: Blogs We Read

I am going with another reader suggestion for fun friday. Blog discovery is still too hard. There are so many great blogs out there and it is still too hard to find them.

So today we will list blogs we read that folks might not know about.

I will start it off with a few that I enjoy:

The Gurgling Cod – written by a friend's brother. It's mostly about food, but also veers into culture and politics from time to time.

Techman's World – written by AVC community member Michael Hazell. It's mostly tech reviews, news, and commentary.

Tracey Talks – written by screenwriter and author Tracey Jackson. Tracey Talks is a wide ranging blog about life, culture, and other interesting stuff.

Arnold's Wine Blog – everyone here knows Arnold. And Arnold knows wine. Enough said.

Becker Posner Blog – written by University of Chicago Professors Richard Posner and Gary Becker. This is the home of serious thought on the web. Amazing stuff. – nobody does the "picture plus a few choice words" thing better than Andy.

So those are a few of my regular reads that folks might not be reading and should. Now we open it up for everyone to chime in with their favorite blogs that folks might now know about.